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Derrick Rose: "I didn't sleep last night"

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Rose on his commitment to Memphis...

"Before I made a decision I visited my top three schools," Rose said. "I tried to evaluate the players, the coaches and the environment I'd be living in. I didn't sleep last night. I knew what I was doing and there was just no way I could sleep."

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if Rose wanted to go to school for a year where he'll improve and maybe learn how to be a better player, he would have gone to Illinois. If he wanted to go to a school where the coach wears really nice suits -- maybe Memphis sounds better. It's the UNLV of this decade -- no one from there will ever do anything in the NBA because of the "me-first" culture and won't ever get better for a minute while they're there. Yes, this is sour Illini grapes, but also true.

This just proves the old saying you can't buy class. No matter what Rose eventually gets paid from the NBA he will always be looked at as the guy who for one year could have helped his state school as Eric Gordon finally decided to do. Even thought we in IL disagreed, it made sense for him to support his state school but like I said money can't buy class and it would have been a classy move to stay in IL. Hope your brother continues to make good decisions for you.

You guys want some cheese with that whine? Reggie always had Derrick's best interest at heart. He'll have a great career in the NBA if he prepares for it. Illinios would make him a good college player. Indiana would make him a good college player. Memphis will make him a great NBA player. Don't get upset with a strong program just because yours is on a downswing.

good post gary

To anonymous: Class cannot be defined by the college chosen. I guess in your world, the list of players without class is quite lengthy...and growing. Let's see, there's Jon Scheyer, the kid at North Carolina, the kid going to Arkansas...get my draft? Maybe there should be a law that says the best talent must attend a state school. How absurd!

In the end Bruce Weber is a great coach, horrible recruiter. He let Patrick Beverly slip through his hands and that was the worse mistake he could have made because all of these kids are friends, and they seen how Weber flaked on Beverly. Bad move Bruce!

I'm pretty sure what he meant by class is that when you are going to college for one year you should play at your state school. I'm not condoning the comment, just trying to clarify what he was saying. As an Illini fan, I thought he was still headed to Memphis. They were the obvious frontrunner. However, I would not get too high of hopes because he is bailing after one year with or without a championship, and more than likely it will be without, which could end up hurting a team. I still don't like the age minimum in the NBA because it has now created a tough spot for college coaches, if they were going to create a minimum age, the league should have followed the NFL and made it 3 years after high school. At least then coaches can build around stars and have multiple shots at the big one instead of one.

I'm an Illini fan and I have nothing bad to say about Derrick Rose. He can go wherever he wants, just like Gordon and any other recruit can go wherever they want. As an Illini fan, I want only players that want to go to Illinois and I want the coaching staff at Illinois to recruit honestly, not under the table. Good luck Derrick, I hope it works out for you.

Actually, Scheyer is at Puke. Frasor is at UNC.

Memphis will make him a great NBA player like who???? Nick Anderson, Kendall Gill, Eddie Johnson,
Brian Cook, Deron Williams,
Dee Brown, Roger Powell,
Kenny Battle,Derek Harper,
Jonny Kerr, Luther Head,
Frank williams, Ken Norman
Let's see how he plays in
college before all the NBA
nonsense. Duke is the program that why Scheyer went there. Don't knock
Illinois they will be fine.
We have had a great 10 year
run Check back on Memphis.

Beverly is a joke he wont even qualify academically. Terrible post whoever you are.

You forgot James Augustine.

As a Simeon and Illinois graduate, I wanted Derek to attend Illinois. Things didn't work out this way, but I wish him the best in the future.

As someone who is a fan of Illini sports, Illinois fans tend to drive me up the f-ing wall. As if some kid who grew up in Chicago has a DUTY(?) to pick his state school. How about his desire to provide for himself + his family in the best way possible? But according to some off you, that interest should be subordinate to representing a school whose percentage of CPS students continues to drop. How ridiculous. My guess is derrick will be more comfortable in the urban environment of Memphis, than whitebread, manure-smelling, hickville Champaign. You speak about loyalty to the State School? Asinine. How about the throngs of annoying central illinois residents who choose to root for the Cardinals over the 2 Illinois baseball teams? Would your reaction have been different if Derrick chose SLU or Mizzou? Doubt it.
As for the Memphis program: I don't like Calipari + the academic standards for athletes are lower than U of I, but the Illinois program is surely in the top-25 for DUIs, B+Es + other crimes demonstrating low character + irresponsibility over the last few years. Unfortunately, it'll probably be the only top-25 they touch this year.

These post bashing a 17 year old kid because of the school he chose under his own free will is ridiculous. I am a huge college b-ball fan, not just a homer. Why would you be upset because your team couldn't rent a player. High school success is in no way an indicator on the college or pro careers of most kids, especially guards(see S. Telfair, D.Wagner) and unless you have credit card receipts or other proof you shouldn't be slandering his family. Why shouldn't they benefit from his choices. The school that rents him certainly will. The Illini fans that are on their high horse about this kid need to take a long look in the rear view mirror. The bottom line is college athletics are terribly flawed, until these kids are paid it will continue to be. Why not wish Rose good riddance and look forward to facing his team in the NCAA's in '07. There's nothing wrong with being die-hard, but grow up and give this kid a break.

It's a shame all of this rhetoric is being displayed and discussed about the future of a young poor kid from the urban streets of gang-filled Chicago. Derrick is still a kid and his choices about his future have been his, but those too of his beloved family memebers who are all pushing for him to succeed, including his brother Reggie. Bare in mind, Reggie played, but like so many others in the city of Chicago, he fell short of the illustrious hoop dream and now vacariously lives through the hoops hysteria of his younger brother. Derrick is a dream child and gifted with talent most kids will only imagine, with blazing ball speed 4.2 40yd. Uncanny court-vision, a 43 inch verticle leap confidence beond his years, with a court-savvy that we have not seen since Lebron, not to mention a calmness only displayed by the greats of the game. He chose Memphis because this is the best place for him to be for 1 year. The guaranteed him a starting role, which was important to him and his family and they told him they will allow him to be the general as a freshman and lead the team the way he is capable of doing. Bruce Weber couldn't promise that, nor could Kevin Sampson, at least not to a freshman. John Calipari can, has and did do. I year is all D-Rose has to give and Memphis would liek for that one year to be with them. After that year, he has a slew of family members to take care of, some of which are on goverment assistance. Then there is his brother Reggie, who taught him, coached him in the summer and has been there every step of the way, this also guarantees his future, or brings him back to where he always wanted to the NBA, but as a manager/agent of his brother who is most certainly has riches just two years away. Let's wish the young man well and allthe success to the Memphis program for landing him. Bruce Weber can pick his face up and start over by focusing on the CPL. There is allot of talnet here and some would love the chance, but you have to recruit them first. Dont overlook them like you did Patrick Beverly. He is eliglble byt he way and scored 22 in his first exhibition game for Arkansas.

FYI Patrick Beverly is currently on the Arkansas active roster so he did qualify academically, and even if he didn't UI could have saved face and just redshirted him! You must be one of Weber's recruiting advisors :( Step your game up!


Do your homework, had to take 4 summer school courses to qualify in the "Head Start" program at Arkansas. He could not qualify at IL, Michigan and Marquette. Do your homework before you talk trash about something you know nothing about.

Since when is it wrong for a high school kid to go to college where HE wants to go. I don't think all the Illinois alumni were forced to go there, it was your choice. As hard as it is to belive for some of you, there are other schools besides Illinois for a kid to enroll in.

Since when is Frank Williams considered a great NBA player

Congrats Derrick. You not only did good for your school, but for the whole city of Chicago. Its not often a City teenager can choose where he wants to go to school anywhere in the US. You had this opportunity and chose what was best for you. Your HS not only produced the top BB player in the state, but the best FB player as well. Hopefully you can pass on what you learned to Martez and he can make a decision like you did for your future, and hopefully he will choose MIAMI. Good Luck again and represent Chicago to the fullest.

Wow, if tears and whining were goals, you guys might just get somewhere this year.

One correction on Illinois' recruitment of Patrick Beverly -- Weber asked for the kids' transcript and never received it.

Again, BAM's taking the blame for this, but why go recruit and possibly offer to a kid who is an academic risk? It embarrasses the kid in the end, and leaves the program with a hole. If Beverly wanted to go to UI that bad, why not provide the paperwork that would make it happen?

Hey Chris,U named a lot of NOBODYS ON DAT got 13 so im going to name 13 known players...Andre Turner.William Bedford,Elliot Perry,Penny Hardaway,David Vaughn,Chris Gardner,Cedric Henderson,Earl Barron,Antonio Burks,DaJuan Wagner,Shawne Williams,Rodney Carney,Lorenzen Wright.Thats 13 Man i got more...Better yet can u please find me a 1st round draft pick on your list please..Dee Brown(NO!!)I just hope Illinois put us on the schedule so i can pass you some tissue to clean you tears after the game...(MEMPHIS TIGERS)2007 and 2008 NCAA CHAMPIONS

people people people, if you haven't noticed, College B-ball is about to start, the D rose and Eric Gordon thing is over. my Illini squad still has 1 scholarship left for next year, Bruce will come up with something. But for now let's concentrate on the season at hand, we're still talented enough to make some noise in the Big Ten. by the way, I believe that Jamarcus ellis and Deandre Thomas Couple of all staters from Westinghouse couple years back were looking for a home this year. what happen with that.

Sam you are a tool
Luther and Deron
Nick Anderson
Kendal Gil

you are the perfect example as to why I am proud to call myself a u of i alumni. Feel free to send your resume over, i see potential in you!

What in the hell did Kendall Gill do? For crying out loud you gotta be joking "diddy"!!! Nick Anderson?!lol.dude,get real!Yall are so wrapped up in what goes on in Illinois that you dont even know whats beyond that.Dont none of them have a NBA ring.But I saw Earl Barron(U Of M) walk out on the court on NBA opening day to recieve his championship ring with the Miami Heat!!! Illinois are a bunch of losers.Those four fools could'nt fill up Penny Hardaway's junior high gym shoes!!You can name 500 more players that went to Illinois & aint none of'em did nothing on the collegiate or NBA level!They are not champions.
Stop being mad at Memphis because we recruited your hometown hero Derrick Rose.It's silly!You're putting another program down all because the kid chose our city to come to school! It's flat out stupid!
Like I said before Memphis is setting up a powerhouse down here whether you Big Ten folks like it or not.We could care less.You better do your homework on us before you criticize.Calipari has been landing big time recruits forever!Umass was'nt on the map til he got there.They went to the final four in 1996.We went to the elite 8,earned a #1 seed in the Oakland Region, & were ranked in the top 5 all year.You wanna know why?! Cause every player Calipari recruited showed up this year.Nobody went straight to the draft like in previous years.Amare Stoudemire was on his way but went to the NBA.Kendrick Perkins & Qyntel Woods were too.But right now in the present tense SIR we ARE setting up a powerhouse down here just like Tarkanian did at UNLV back in the day.Tark could recruit his ass off just like Calipari.If we got Rose to leave his homestate school what does that say!? Im not about to name all of the talent Memphis State has produced in the past because it doesnt matter to prove anything to you guys up there.I wished Dick Vitale was on this blog.He would tell you our basketball history SIR!!
But we're talking about NOW!! If you think what happened last year was luck,you had better start paying attention to whats going on down this way SIR!!Everytime we're on TV this year,I advise you to check out why Derrick Rose chose us every chance you get SIR!!We had the 3rd hardest schedule in the NCAA last year & we went 33-4!! Thats how we got the #1 seed.And we did this with FRESHMAN & SOPHOMORES!!! Do you understand where I'm coming from.Memphis installed an NBA style offense where we spread you out & we just flat out attack the rim & shoot threes relentlessly! We averaged 90 points a game-4th in the nation!!
Everybody in the city knew D.Rose was coming here to begin with.He was here on several occasions with the team from last year & this year.We got the run & gun style he likes!Hey, you know what, i'm through with this blogging crap!! who cares what an Illini fan thinks..Coach Weber is a good coach but he cant recruit worth a damn! And everybody thats reading this know its the truth!He want be there long if he cant get some high regarded players there.Please stop being angry & get over it!lol..Just pray yall make the NIT!!HAHAHA

You are a joke in the weakest conference of them all. No one is talking down about memphis, just pointing out illinois is a quality program. Another great example of how memphis can educate people, you can send over your resume to, I have a spot for you after I waitlist Samm. I guess I misse dthe ACC- C-use challenge on espn

ummm,Diddy!? Tell me what the hell has any team did in the Big 10?! Please answer that.I'm curious.What school last won it all in the Big 10 since yall are so superior than everybody else? Just answer the question SIR? Illinois is just another school! We're a quality program also.It doesnt matter what name is on the jersey.Man, grow up!The BIG 10 is so overrated its ridiculous.MEMPHIS TIGERS for life!Believe It!

C-USA is a joke. Last time I checked Louisville was in the final four with Illinois, not Memphis. When was the last time you went to a final four? Easy to pad stats and have big records in a weak conference. Memphis Man this is to easy, I dominate you!

Illini fans still whining..get over it..wish the kid well..he deserves to make whatever choice is best for him and his gotta wonder why a kid would consider UofI considering all the whiners..and those idiots who consider threats for not choosing their's a sad state of affairs for many of the comments made in this forum..pathetic!

patrick beverly scored 29 pts in his frosh debut for the hogs. pig soooie

Mr. Memphis,
If yall were ranked top 5 all year and got a 1 seed. Whatb the f happened if you lost in the round of 8. Outcoached? Overrated? Overconfident? Huh? Also, you hype the overrated calipari by saying he took u.mass to the final 4, but you shoot down anybody else who uses final 4 apperances to hype a team. I will tell you right know that the big 10 will have more ncaa bids than that so-called conference that your boys play in and that the big 10 will send a team deeper into the tourney than c-usa. you say that amare stoud was ready to come to memphis before he jumped, well he changed his mind cause he realized that it would have been career suicide to go to a school with a track record of loosing big games and of not developing talent and producing flops. Finally, compare kendall gill´s career nba stats to penny´s. You might be surprised.

umm mr. leo: how in the hell can you fix your mouth to even mention kendall gill's name with Penny Hardaway??! Dude,you're not even worth it..You're a joke!lol.Penny had 5 or 6 knee surgeries what was Kendall Gill's excuse? Did he ever make it to an all-star game? Was he ever on the Olympic basketball team? Hell NO he was'nt.Man, you're talking real crazy now.
As far as C-USA:who cares about the other teams thats in it.Did UNLV care about what PEOPLE LIKE YOU thought of them when they were in that conf. they dominated for so long?
We're talking about Illinois & Memphis!If Illinois is supposed to be so big & bad then how come after all of these years they have'nt won the big game,sir??!! Please dont talk about Memphis flopping?!lol.Are you serious!? How many times have we seen Illinois on TV choking in big games? That school is a total joke.Weber cant recruit worth a damn! Can we say N-I-T!! Yall lost Derrick Rose to us so suck it up & be quiet man!!Lol..HAHAHAHA

Memphis Man and IU Alum 76

First let me congratulate IU on their big win against AJ GRaves' squad last night.

Memphis man you and your conference are a joke. Pad stats against the likes of...wait who is in the conference other than Louisville??? Sorry, I am done you are a waste of oxygen. Play some consistent real competition, make it to a final four or win a title and then you get your posting rights back. Until then continue to dominate the likes of mid majors in a second tier league that sends 2 teams annually to post season. Unfortunate for you one goes to the NCAA and the other goes to the NIT. You are weak and I dominate you!!!!!

Love Diddy and the rest of big ten. As much as the Big Ten talks trash to each other it is far superior top to bottom from the CUSA.

I heard someone named Diddy had an abundance of bitterness they were selling real cheap in here?

The bottom line is Derrick Rose owes no one anything except his FAMILY. If he was your son or brother you would make sure that he picked the school that he wanted to attend. Illinois was not it, so get over it.

I think that this puts it in perspective.It´s about developing talent!
read the following blog:::
A week ago Monday,reader named "Rodney" used my blog to add his voice to the chorus of critics ripping the recruiting prowess of University of Illinois basketball coach Bruce Weber.

"... Bruce Weber has lost every high profile athlete he has recruited for the basketball team," Rodney wrote after prep superstars Eric Gordon of Indianapolis and Derrick Rose of Chicago Simeon both spurned the Illini, the latest in a series of highly-publicized setbacks for Weber.

"When a coach can't bring in a recruit from his brother's high school team [Glenbrook North's Jon Scheyer, now a freshman at Duke], what makes you think he can recruit from Indiana?" Rodney continued, before taking his criticisms to another level ...

"... Also, as far as the players who are in the pros from Weber's team, they were all recruited by Bill Self," he wrote. "Bruce Weber is a coach, not a recruiter. Now that Self's recruits [have] gone to the pros and graduated, let's see what happens to the Illini program."

I laughed out loud when I read that last week.

And after seeing Self's star-studded No. 3 Kansas Jayhawks lose (at home, to Oral Roberts) on Wednesday night, while Weber's unranked Illini won handily (over Jackson State, despite missing three starters), I'm laughing again right now.

Because Rodney, you're right, Bruce Weber is a coach.

Not a "recruiter."

And thank goodness for it.

Earlier this month, when Simeon's Rose -- the top-ranked point guard in the nation -- announced that he would sign with the University of Memphis instead of Illinois, a good friend of mine and fellow Illinois alum told me it was getting "embarrassing" with the Illini losing so many highly-ranked players.

I reminded him that it's a lot more embarrassing to lose to Bucknell and Bradley in the first round of the NCAA Tournament, as Self has done the past two seasons.

And I told my friend that when Weber starts pulling stunts like that, then we should get concerned.

Until then, don't.

But on Wednesday afternoon, there was my same buddy shooting me an e-mail that read: "I'm really nervous about our program ... I'm probably overreacting, but I am nervous."

Once again, he shouldn't be.

And neither should all those other Illini fans who, for some reason, seem to put more value on basketball recruiting victories than they do on actual basketball victories.

Really, it's OK to stop worrying about dodging pieces of sky when you drive through Champaign.

Because, with Bruce Weber, it's not falling.

Even if likely one-and-done players such as Eric Gordon and Derrick Rose aren't coming to campus.

Now, that's not to say that Weber doesn't need to sign some big-time recruits in the future to keep Illinois in the upper echelon of college basketball.

He certainly does. And I think he will.

In the meantime, though, I'm confident that Weber will continue to build a program by developing the lesser-ranked, but still-talented players that he does get, which is what coaching is all about.

Something that Bill Self, who has all the sizzle, but none of the steak, knows precious little about.

Because, while all five starters on Weber's 2004-05 Final Four team -- Dee Brown, Deron Williams, Luther Head, James Augustine and Roger Powell -- are now playing in the NBA, I'm not certain any of them would be there if Self was still Illinois' coach.

And, yes, that includes Williams, the No. 3 pick in the 2005 NBA Draft and budding Utah Jazz star, who struggled mightily with his offense during his one year under Self's tutelage.

If you don't believe that, keep in mind that when Self arrived at Kansas, sophomore guards Keith Langford and Aaron Miles appeared to be surefire future NBA picks.

Two seasons later, they weren't.

Last Friday night, I told a group of my college buddies that because of its favorable schedule (single games against Ohio State and Wisconsin, both at home), underrated talent (Warren Carter, Chester Frazier, etc.) and great coaching (read: Bruce Weber) that I think Illinois will win the Big 10 this season.

If the Illini get healthy, I still do.

Now, maybe I'm right. Or maybe I'm wrong.

Either way, though, I know I'll enjoy watching the Illini win games with a coach on the sidelines.

Rather than lose them with a "recruiter."

thank you. i hope that shuts up all those dumb-ass memphis fans.

Perkins being out changes the whole dynamic of the Celtics. They can win, no doubt, but just at a bigger disadvantage. Perkins may not have scored alot but he gave Bynum problems and in game 7 he wouldn't have to worry about his final technical allowing him to really open up.

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