By Michael O'Brien

Derrick Rose commits to Memphis

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Kevin Johnson and Tim Flowers both commit to Wisconsin-Milwaukee. More to come soon, sorry about the overloaded servers.

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i tell u one thing hambric would have never let this mess happened i think derrick is a good kid but the way his brother is handling the recruitment process is crazy and adds a lot of pressure to a 17yr old kid that plays the game for fun i wish derrick all the best in college were ever he goes. go illini

What a sell out. This is a joke, everyone knew he was going there.

In a seperate announcement; Meanstreet has changed shoe affiliations from Nike to Addidas. Reggie Rose seen buying new cars for the whole family..........


I told everybody on here where Derrick Rose was going all along.
He committed to Memphis.He announced it a couple hrs ago.Everybody in Memphis knew it too.You could tell by just looking at him at midnight Madness.He knew where he was going all along.
Derrick made the right choice when its all said & done.And yall can talk all of that nonsense about Memphis is in a small market & a weak conference all you want to.But so was UNLV back in the day & Tarkanian set up a powerhouse while everybody critcized them for playing in the WCC.Calipari has been setting up a powerhouse down here since he was hired back in 2000.But it was unfortunate that most of his top recruits went to the NBA & skipped college.
But this past year,'05-'06, he showed the whole country what could happen when "ALL" of his recruits showed up.33-4,a #1 seed in the tournament & Elite 8 is all i got say on that subject.Rose is only staying 1 year & if everybody that thinks we want make any noise better think again.We return every starter for '07-'08 along with a heralded recruiting class with Rose leading the way!!If last year didnt wake yall up about where our program is headed,you had better start paying attention!!

now the fiasco is over,good luck to the rose family i hate the way it went but now is time for ROB to get his program back and win it again.Don't hate derrik because THATS AMERICA!

It was probably the ribs and the music. That would sway me anyway.

Derrick made a excellent decision in selecting the M-town.

Derrick Rose
Antonio anderson
Chris Douglas-Roberts
Robert Dozier
Joey Dorsey

Shots out to the men and women in the Armed Forces, especially Orange Mound own Ziggy Boo. who is home from Iraq.

Champs nexts season, and Rose and Dorsey will leave in style

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