By Michael O'Brien

A star is born

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Freshman phenom Jereme Richmond lived up to all the hype in his varsity debut...

North Shore Country day defeated Alden-Hebron 54-37.

Richmond, a 6-5 freshman, scored 34 points and grabbed 21 rebounds.

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The kid is good but I don't think he would put up those numbers aganist a half decent varsity team.

Looks like he gave a verbal committment to the Illini today!

It doesn't matter if he is 1A 2A or 10A. Talent and work ethic and interest in getting a quality education are the important factors. He also just needs to say "I am not interested", when the wolves start calling.

Do we really need to have the "quality of competition" arguement again? Just like Rick said, if this kid puts in the work to develop his game in all aspects, the Illini may have a stud in the making.

Hey folks, he'll get all the tougher competition he needs during the summer camps and what have you.

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