By Michael O'Brien

Which school will Derrick Rose choose on Saturday?

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Will it be Memphis, Illinois or Indiana?

Sources close to Rose indicate that the decision could go either way. Here's a breakdown of where the three schools stand.

Memphis: The clear leader. Memphis has been there from the beginning. Reggie Rose has seemed the most comfortable with Memphis, however, he has made it clear to all those around him that the decision is up to Derrick.

Illinois: Out of nowhere the Roses decided to visit Champaign last weekend. All indications are that things went well. However, it's a lot of ground for Illinois to make up in a short amount of time. There are rumors that the Illinois coaching staff was encouraging Rose to take a little more time with his decision.

Indiana: Probably a distant third right now, but not out of the picture. All along it has seemed that Eric Gordon wanted to play with Rose in college more than Rose wanted to play with Gordon. Don't overlook the fact that Gordon wasn't considered the top player in the country until he played with Rose. Gordon, not Rose, benefited from the partnership.

So, which school do you think it will be?

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Come on down to UI, Rose!

you won a state title in your home state , now lets go for the ncaa title in your home school , go ILLINI

weber sucks. this guy was at southern illinois 5 years ago. he is the best coach in the world. not. weber will cry like a girl no matter what happens.

Could you be any more of a homer (that means drinking the orange and blue kool aid a little too much)? Eric Gordon wasn't a top player until he played with Rose? So without Rose, EG wasn't as good? Thats really what you are saying. C'mon, do you really believe that? Rose is an outstanding talent, but so is EG. EG didn't help Rose's assist numbers, which therefore helped him? I guarantee if EG has stayed with IL you wouldn't have that take, you would have said that he was the best player on his own and that IL was lucky to have him. Objectivity is a good thing, when you lack it you also lack credibility (and thats all you really have as a writer).

From a totally objective standpoint, I've always felt that Illinois was the best fit for Derrick. First, it's the state school. That's not just a loyalty thing (which is a big deal to some kids, and less of a factor for others). That's television exposure in front of family and friends. Two, Illinois has had a better tradition over the past decade. Their fan support is second to none. I'll never forget the "orange" following during the FF run . . . which still continues. The Assembly Hall is one of the toughest venues to play in the country - and the Illini are one of the leaders in attendance annually. Three, Bruce Weber is regarded as one of the best floor coaches in the country. That's not an opinion - that's a fact. He has a proven track record of developing players. More than that, he's a quality guy . . . he's honest, with integrity. Fourth, the Illini with Derrick will be better than IU or Memphis. Frankly, they might be better without Derrick, but most believe he elevates them from a very good team to an elite team. Randle is a freak of nature. Skilled size abounds. Jamar Smith is one of the best shooters in the country. And with Demitri and other solid guard support (Frazier, Meachum, Holdren) Derrick could lead a three-headed guard attack that would be downright scary. Finally, it's close for Reggie, mom a girlfriend, and friends. I sense that makes a difference.

All things considered, his earlier exclusion of the Illini was a bit of a mystery. It seems like a no-brainer. You just can't make the same logical argument for IU or Memphis. Thus, I'll go out on a short limb and predict he chooses the Illini.


The question is what school will he choose.
So go back to your trailer and please stop stealing oxygen from everybody else.

I'm hoping for UI, but have the feeling that it's too late and he's going to Memphis.

He should go to Indiana so we can see great athletes play together. Not that the other schools are lacking of athletes but I think the combination of he and Eric Gordon would be a match made in heaven.

You can take the loyalty argument to the bathroom too. Rose and Gordon made themselves the players that they are so where exactly does loyalty come into play? What do they owe their perspective states other than to become the best people they can be. These pop-culture etiquette cliches in sports today are completely ridiculous.

Derrick...come to where they win NCAA Championships. Indiana NCAA ALL THE WAY!!!

Someone needs to tell Mike that the phrase NOT went out in the late eighties. The last time you guys had a decent team. Rose will come to Illinois!

Derrick, continue to be the legend you can at Illinois. Just imagine winning an NC for the Illini. Can you imagine anything better. Forget Memphis and Indiana, stay home with the Illini!!!!

You proved what a biased jerk you are with the statements you made. Fool everyone knows Gordon doesnt need Rose to be great. For you to say that makes an ass out of you.

You'll love playing at Illinois!!! Come on down and let's get this party started (AGAIN) Derrick!!!
GO ILLINI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ha ha - Gordon wasnt a top player until he played with Rose over the summer. any credibility you had just got thrown out the window with that rediculous statement.

He should come to Indiana. With Rose and Gordon we would have the best backcourt in the nation.

Give the blogger a break, he said that Gordon wasn't THE top player until after he played with Rose. He did not say that Gordon wasn't A top player before he played with Rose. Please read carefully before making embarrassing yourself.

My family lives near Decatur,Illinois and we Love
watching our fighting ILLINI.
If Derrick comes to Illinois, he will be totally prepared as a great point guard and a very great basketball player if Coach Weber is teaching him what is needed to be a winner with the necessary skills needed for the next level in the NBA. Coach Weber just doesn't make the promises that alot of coaches tell young recruits, he sees in each and every young man his potentials and brings out the best in each player.
Coach Weber is an honest man with an unquestionable
reputation to trust in. That point alone is and should be the greatest selling point to the Rose family. Then you add the fact that he is one of the greatest X and O coaches in the land. Remember all the Coach of the Year honors?
Indiana has not got a HONORABLE coach, I would not want to send my son off to a man that can't play fair and truthful. Plus, Indiana just got done setting the table for Eric Gordan and family with his many new hires. Bad news to start with false promises!
Memphis' coach did not prepare a very gifted young man, Darius Washington in helping him to the next level. Promises, promises not kept. And finally I am speaking from a mother's heart that also had two of my own children recruited by colleges. Stay close enough for your mother and family to be able to watch you and be able to see in person the son that she is so proud of play in college.
Just ask Dee Brown's mother how fantastic it was for her to be able to see her son every game, not just a few.
If Derrick follows his heart with honesty and loyality to family and friends and with his mind for picking the best educator for his future, he will be a future ILLINI!

question to tough talkin' hooiers. does sampson fire the gordon family frds when ej leaves after 1 yr? he's gonna spend a lot of time recruiting staff with that plan to acquire players.

I'll just be honest, the players aren't as happy behind the scenes than you might think. I'll say simply, I am in the Illini Basketball program somehow, and the players aren't thrilled about this prima donna getting all the attention. They were happy Gordon chose IU and are happy Rose is looking more at Memphis.

The answer is obvious: Kansas.

My,we're doing well with the reading comprehension here, aren't we?

There's a huge difference between saying that EG was not considered *a* top player and that he was not considered *the* top player in the country.

Suggest you go back and reread what was actually written, instead of shaping the blogger's words into something that will allow you to have your beef.


Let's be objective, shall we? Derrick is likely to spend a short time in college in pursuit of an NBA career. On what NBA roster can you find Terrell Everett? How about Darius Washington, Jr? Sampson and Calipari do a good job putting guards in the NBA, don't they? How about other players? I don't see Kevin Bookout anywhere in the NBA either. At least Calipari has Rodney Carney and Shawne Williams to his credit. Last I checked, Deron Williams, Dee Brown, Luther Head, James Augustine and Roger Powell are all on NBA rosters. Seems like a no brainer to me. And as a bonus, its a program with class, integrity and a short drive. Easy choice Derrick. Good luck.

Well Derrick,as they say the balls in Your Court..I wish you the Best wherever you decide to enroll.
But I have one question for you..Remember how Good Dee Brown was as a Junior,playing along side Williams..Final Game...NCAA Championship....Well,think about how it can be with Gordon playing along side of You...Scary Thought...Wish You the Best.

Where will Rose go? I don't know.

The decision is a simple one:
1.) DR can go to Memphis and have an easy road to becoming a 2008 lottery pick.
2.) DR can be the hero of his home state for a year and possibly help in further recruiting efforts in Chicago and become a lottery pick in the 2008 draft.
3.) DR can go to IU an be a part of the best backcourt in the history of college bball; have a legitimate shot at a final four, and become a household name across the country before he becomes a 2008 lottery pick.
All three are good options, but one is clearly a step above the others.

[in case my last comment didn't get past the censors]

Rose will have the spot light all to himself at Memphis and UI, so I doubt he'll go to IU

I wonder how it will play out in memphis or indiana when the bears win the superbowl.

It will be a great day in Illinois.... and a great day in champaign who supports chicago and their teams and our heritage.

I wonder how much Memphis and tenn. indiana and the hoosires support chicago and Illinois .

I bleed orange and blue but we need to stop being so blind. Dee, luther, deron and james would have ALL been NBA players under Bill Self. My honest opinion is that in a few years after weber continues to pull in middle of the pack recruits that we will all be impatient and call for his head after the Illini fall to the middle of the big ten. I think IU fans know what im talking about since the same thing just happened with mike davis.

It doesn't really matter if these hotshots come to Illinois or not. Coach Weber will take what he has and make them into a great team.

As far as Indiana goes, remember the old saying "you reap what you sow"? I give that program two years and then the "crap will hit the fan". It's really too bad because even with the loveable Bobby Knight at the helm, at least they had a reputation as a reputable athletic department. They have really dragged the bottom with Sampson. But hey, you get the good with the bad when you deal with people like him. They knew what they were getting when they signed him on.

He should have choosen kansas, that would have been the best place for him to play along side with sheron collins, C.J miles, julian wright, brandon rush, darrell arthur, and the rest of those all stars. But from what it seems like, he might be choosing memphis. They have been incontact with him for the longest and he attend there midnight madness. The only way he is going to choose IU is if he really wants to play with Eric Gordon. Illinois might be his third choice because they came in to his recruitment kinda of late and since they lost eric gordon.The only reasons why he would choose illinois is because they are close to home and they have produced good players over the last two years. i have watched derrick for three years and were ever he goes he is going to make that team so much better. Im pretty sure that he will choose memphis and stay there for one year. Aftert that one year he will be gone.

"Don't overlook the fact that Gordon wasn't considered the top player in the country until he played with Rose. Gordon, not Rose, benefited from the partnership."

"ha ha - Gordon wasnt a top player until he played with Rose over the summer. any credibility you had just got thrown out the window with that rediculous statement."

"You proved what a biased jerk you are with the statements you made. Fool everyone knows Gordon doesnt need Rose to be great. For you to say that makes an ass out of you."

Seems some Hoosier fans have reading comprehension issues.


look what coach weber has done for guards, he made deron, dee, and luther into great player when they were just good before. calipari and sampson use dirty recruiting tactics, its only a matter of time before they get busted. you don't want to be linked to that, do the right thing, bring a championship to illinois!

WELCOME HOME DERRICK ROSE!!!!YES Derrick will be a MEMPHIS TIGER next season,So please dont start crying,just go out and get some better scouts!!Im from Memphis and we have the right basketball program for Derrick.We Run and Gun!! We Run a 12 man Rotation.We have a NBA COACH(Calipari) and a FORMER NBA PLAYER(Rod Strickland) as an assistant Coach..Oh yeah i forgot..LARRY BROWN is at almost every Tiger Parctice they have.What im saying is Calipari gets you ready for the NBA.We know Rose wont stay all 4 years,but if he chooses Illinois,He will be a late 2nd round pick like Dee Brown.He will be in the NIT tourney next season if he chooses Indiana.But if he chooses MEMPHIS (which he will).He will be apart of our FINAL FOUR team next season and a early first round pick in the NBA Draft..If You checked the top 25 IU or Illinois isnt in the top 25 nor top 30.We have 5 big men that can play the PF or the Center position and the other players can play PG,SG,or SF.WE GOT TALENT.I WANT TO KNOW WHERE WAS IU AT SELECTION SUNDAY LAST SEASON!!HOW FAR DID ILLINOIS GO!! We went Elite 8 with freshman and sophmores,We had 2 first round draft picks and weve reloaded with top high school players!! Weve got what he wants and what he needs and He will be a success when he's in WHITE and BLUE next Season..ALL I HAVE TO SAY IS,JUST DONT PUT US ON YOUR SCHEDULE!!!

Hold The Bus,
1st) name one 18 yr old 6'3"-6'4" lottery pick
2nd)frosh are rarely instant successes (FF?!!)
3rd) Luther Head under Self would not have even been on a college roster
4th) DW in the high-low was awful
5th) BB is a game to be played and then analyzed, I'll talk to you in 2 years

Besides the fact that Scott is an idiot...

There is little question that EG is the better prospect. HOWEVER, there is also little argument that he was a better player when playing alongside Rose this summer. And that's the point he was trying to make here.

Gordon needs Rose a lot worse than Rose needs Gordon. Who do you think EG would rather play alongside - Derrick Rose or Armon Bassett? It's a no brainer. On the other side, Rose (should he choose UI) would have a seasoned Jamar Smith next to him and a Deron Williams clone in Demetri McCamey backing them up.

I'd love to see this -- Rose choose Illinois and then go ahead of Gordon in the 2008 NBA draft...further illustrating Weber's gift as a coach and developer/refiner of talent. And EG and family can think of all the money they cost themselves!!!

I'm a 32 yr old die hard college basketball fan from the Chicago area & i've pretty much lived in Memphis also.
I have to agree & disagree with some of you guys.
I watched Memphis play in that so-called new "nba-attack-style" offense installed this past year & I can kind of understand if Derrick Rose chose Memphis he would thrive in that offense.They really do "run & gun" & are athletic as hell.They were the 3rd ranked defense in the nation also & averaged 90 points a game.Derrick Rose fits right in.Did anybody pay attention to the way Memphis played this year??
How do you go from not being ranked in no categories in a year's time to being ranked in the top 10 in every statistic you can name--with freshmen & sophomores?And plus they were ranked in the top 5 all year & went to the elite 8.That was not a fluke.They had 6 freshmen.6 freshmen!!4 sophomores.Only 1 senior started.They rotate 11 guys in & out the entire game.Thats how they stayed fresh the whole game. Derrick Rose is not the only star recruit that "wants" to play for calipari.It's a lot more.Simply because he's an ex-nba coach that prepares you for the next level.It's not a lot of coaches in college basketball that can say they've coached in the "League".
Darius Washington never got the hang of playing the point position in college after playing shooting guard in high school.He made the choice of trying to go pro after two years so dont blame the coaching staff for that.Rose is a true point guard that will be coming to a team that will bring back every player for the '07-'08 year.
I'm an Illini fan but lets face it,the alex guy kind of has a good point.He has a better chance of going to the final four down there in Memphis simply because they have a lot of experience to mix with the caliber of player D.Rose is.Why would he rid UCLA & Kansas off of his list,2 of the most respected & successful college basketball schools in the nation? To go to Memphis!? Are you joking? Reggie Rose must've been analyzing Memphis like I did this past year.No,they dont have the tradition of Indiana,Ucla,Kansas or Illinois.But the reason he has Memphis at the top is because of everything I've said before.I mean what other reason could it be other than Calipari selling the idea of winning it all with D.Rose being in the mix with a team thats basically missing that one piece.I dont know.Sometimes I wonder is he getting paid to go there or what? But Rose is only staying a year & I hate to be brutally honest but he seems to stand a better chance of getting to a final four with them.

Now on the other hand i want to see Rose stay here in his hometown & make Smith & McCamey better than they already are.I mean gee-whiz,who wouldnt love to see this kid in the orange!!? Weber can coach his ass off with the best of them & he would be seen a little bit more on tv if he stayed here in BIG 10 nation!Pleeeeeeasssse stay DERRICK!!!!I know Memphis looks good but c'mon man,do this for the hometown!!

As far as Indiana,I really think he is'nt going there.Gordon & Rose in the same backcourt?? Good Lord pick your poison.They would be the best in the country no doubt.If he picks them,I still dont think they go to the final four.If Indiana had a front line like Florida or UCLA then I would change my mind on that one.The only reason he goes there is for exposure.Coach Sampson doesnt play an uptempo offense the way Gordon & Rose pushed it in AAU in the summer.I mean look at how the guy coached at Oklahoma for CHRIST sakes! I dont see how EG ended up there in the 1st place.I wouldve stayed at Ill.I cant wait to see how Sampson uses this guy in that boring half-court crap.

Illini fans dont get your hopes up for Rose.He's only staying a year anyway.We wish you nothing but the best on wherever you go Mr.Rose.But dream BLUE & ORANGE for us before you make your choice on Saturday!!GOD BLESS

Hey, Losers from Hoosier land. Can you even read? The writer did not say Osama Bin Gordon wasn't a top player. He said he was not considered THE top player, until he paired up with Rose. Which is true. Most serviced had him ranked around #5. Now he is #1 on at least one or two of them. That is all because of his performance over the summer playing with Rose.
Enjoy being being on probation with Coach Cellphone and please tell us how you like his 40 points and a cloud of dust offense he runs. Osama Bin Gordon could not have picked a better coach in the nation. LOL! Maybe if Osama Bin Gordon is as good as everyone thinks, Cellphone can develope him into the next Hollis Price?

Wherever Rose goes, he will be one and done. Even so, I would love to see him at Memphis. Calipari is great at getting guys ready for the next level. The kids at Memphis get a lot of exposure to people connected with the NBA. The Tigers also play a style that would really allow Rose to showcase his abilities. Wherever you go Derrick, best of luck.

Does this really deserve this much energy? Wherever Rose goes he will only stay one year so what difference does it make? None!

Gotta chime in one more time, because I'm so tired of hearing how Weber won with Self's players. Why is it Self couldn't win with Roy Williams' players? Let's compare, so we can end this once and for all:

Bill Self:

1) Inherited a Kansas program coming off a national championship game appearance

2) Has landed a bevy of blue chip recruits

3) Has finished Elite Eight, 1st round, 1st round in the NCAAs

4) Despite the wealth of talent, has had more transfers (6) leave KU than NBA players produced (1 - Wayne Simien, who fell from a possible lottery pick to late 1st rounder after one year with Self)

Bruce Weber:

1) Inherited an Illinois team coming off a 2nd round NCAA exit (courtesy Self)

2) Has successfully recruited one top 50 player (Brian Carlwell) in his Illinois tenure

3) Has finished Sweet 16, National runnerup, 2nd round in NCAAs

4) Has sent 5 players to the NBA, all initially Self recruits, but only one (Dee Brown) was a top 50 prospect

Any questions?? Bill Self is a very charming recruiter who could talk an arthritis sufferer out of his pain medication. But an excellent coach he is not.

There is a reason C.J. Giles is out of the Kansas program and very likely there will be another player leave this season as well. That would make 8 defections (9 if you count Moulaye Niang's mysterious medical ailment after his junior year) in 4 seasons, and none of these players left early for the NBA. Self needs to make scholarship room for new recruits, because he doesn't know how to develop talent and build a program. Thus, the cycle is underway - he makes a splash in the fall with the arrival of big name prepsters, then can blame youth and experience when expectations aren't met in the spring.

Let's leave Weber alone and let him do what he does best: win!

Memphis who? When is the last time Memphis has done anything? Tennessee is known for football not basketball. Memphis is a 2nd level program that produces very few NBA players if you don't believe me look at any NBA roster and find me somebody from the memphis tigers compared to the fighting Illini, the memephis coach could care less if his players go to NBA or graduates from College Look on any NBA roster teams are full of players from the CHICAGO land area.

EG was the top SG before playng with Rose. After playing with Rose, he's still the top SG. The top player was and still is Michael Beasley. All playing with Rose did for Gordon, is made him realize how good a college team would be if they played together.

GREAT point, L.S.

"Osama Bin Gordon"



Excuse me Calipari fans, I like him myself too, but besides Marcus Camby what players has Calipari really gotten "ready for the next level." and please don't say Dejuan Wagner or the other two unproven guys this year.

My point is none of these coaches or schools for that matter are true basketball factories like some of the other big schools.

Rose should go to Indiana if he cares about winning a championship. I love all the "Hoosier Hating" going on now over Gordon. Oh yeah, sorry about ruining your homecoming this year as well.

Indiana, consider this: after Gordon announces he's going to IU, Rose makes a surprise visit to Illinois. Why is that? My guess is that playing with Gordon is a very minor consideration, and that he'd really prefer to go somewhere where he can be the star. Having said that, I hope he comes to Illinois and Weber benches him. If it's a foregone conclusion that he's leaving after one year, isn't he just going to try to rack up points, team be damned? Who'd want that? It's one thing to have a great freshmen year and then decide to go pro, but to already be planning to ditch the team after one year makes me think we'll see a lot of selfish play. What good does it do him to be a team player? On second thought, you can have him IU. You'll put a nice little season together, maybe make some noise in the tourney, then suffer for three years as your team tries to rebuild chemistry after the departure of Gordon and Rose.

Ya know, some of you guys are next level in how you view the prospective recruitment of these KIDS. Now the working word in that last sentence was KIDS. Yes, Indiana basketball is rich in winning tradition... but none in recent memory. i consider Calipari's Memphis program to be up and coming much in that because of his NBA experience, his style really is suited a lot of these one and done kids that are coming into college today. No matter what school young Mr. Rose chooses, I hope he acts like a sponge and works on his game... both the mental and physical aspects so that we can all sit back and laugh about these extreme posts we are reading here ;-)

Isn't he going to choose the school that gives him the best education. HAHA

You guys who compared Eric Gordon to Osama ought to be ashamed of yourselves. Bin Laden murdered thousands of innocent people for no real reason. Gordon is a teen-ager who changed his mind about where he wanted to go to college. I've got two daughters who are seniors in high school and they've changed their minds several times about where they want to go to college. Just like Gordon, hey, it's their choice. They don't owe it to me or anyone else, to decide where they want to go. And Gordon doesn't either. That doesn't make him the equivalent of an international murdering terrorist. Get some perspective.

Maybe Gordon aspires to be the next Bracey Wright?

To Scott: ok I understand where you're coming from with that.But anytime a kid like Amare Stoudamire(which eventually skipped college & went pro & won rookie of the year) chooses Memphis over the likes of Duke,Syracuse,North Carolina,Kansas,etc then hey that Calipari guy has gotta be doing something right.Everytime they interviewed him he just kept saying,"I'm going to play for Coach Cal when I'm done with high school"! I'm like what the hell?!!
And it's some others that never made it to Memphis but went straight to the NBA. Earl Barron played at Memphis for four years & I saw him walk on the court last night to recieve his ring for the Miami Heat.He's in his 3rd year there.Rodney Carney & Shawne Williams were'nt highly recruited players but they went in the 1st round in this year's draft.If you're not getting coached right,you're not going to go to the LEAGUE.
It's that simple Scott.I'm not a Memphis fan by no account.I'm a college basketball fanatic that keeps up with just about everybody & I have to say Calipari is a master of putting the right mix of players together.He's setting up a powerhouse down there & people are constantly overlooking them.Just because they dont have the big name tradition like the other schools absolutely means nothing nowadays.
Rose is a 1 & done guy so really its no need of getting worked up over him.If he comes to my team,THE FIGHTING ILLINI,I'd be glad but if he does'nt oh well good luck Derrick...
And to the guy that said Memphis was a second level program?! Dude you dont know college basketball at all. 2nd level programs are not ranked in the top 5 the whole year with freshman running the team & get to the elite 8.Duke only beat them by 3 points in the NIT Championship in M.S.G.last November.They went 33-4 for CHRIST sakes& only lost 2 road games with freshmen & sophomores! And now they are ranked again this year in the top 15 despite.
losing 3 starters! 2nd level programs dont do that sir.I'm sorry.I watched them play a lot on TV this year & was very impressed.
And you cant forget Memphis State did produce Penny Hardaway.A four-time all-star.It's not too many players that played @Illinois that can say they were on that level.Im a BIG 10 MAN til the day I die but facts are facts.

There are a few points that I need to comment on:

1. Bruce Weber won with Bill Self's players. That is correct. Must we not forget that Bill Self won with Lon Kruger's players then parlayed that success he had to land the Kansas job. He never stuck around to get "his" players bounced in the first round in two consecutive years like he did at Kansas.

2. All this talk of Gordon being a lottery pick? Is he a point guard? If not good luck being drafted that high as a shooting guard when you are only 6'3". It happens just like here with Ben Gordon who is an undersized shooting guard but NBA teams want shooting guards in that 6'5" and up range. He is in that classic tweener category. Isn't a pure point guard and is undersized for shooting guard in the NBA. We'll see what happens with that. Rose has a much better chance of being drafted higher in the lottery. He is a pure point guard and they are always in high demand. Look at last year, Chris Paul, Deron Williams, Raymond Felton.


First off, good luck on your decision. I didn't play basketball and wasn't under this much pressure, but when I had to choose between two colleges, I made the wrong choice. I went out of state instead of Illinois. Now, it sucks being away from home so far.

Anyway, I believe Bruce Weber is a coach for any style of guards. With Dee, Deron, and Luther, he took speed, shooting, and athleticism and molded the perfect offense together for those traits. With you at the point position, you will definitely be surrounded by talent that will make you guys winners and moreso, you will definitely be credited, as the point guard, for making guys like Jamar and Demetri stars. In turn, you will be the superstar.

I have no doubt that being at Memphis with such raw, amazing, freak athlete talents or being at IU with EJG that either of those teams will have success in the college game. However, I feel that a Derrick Rose at UI will make par level players into star level players. The limelight will be on you, Derrick.

You will be extremely well prepared for the NBA game with a coach and program like Illinois' and I have no doubt that you will beat out these other schools whenever they show up for a game.

Good luck with your decision and even though you are set to make that decision this Saturday, you still have many months before you have to show up to school and start playing. Take your time, and have no regrets about college. College is the best time of your life. Best wishes, take care.

If you want to play for a team that has a coach that cheats and a player that lies as well as a player that will be the focal point instead of you then pick Indiana.

If you want to play in a mediocre conferenc with little competition in a town and at a school with little tradition or history of basketball then go to Memphis.

If you want to play for the winningest coach in the last 5 years who also has put 5 players in the NBA and made it to the title game 2 years ago then choose Illinois Also if you want to play just 2 hours away from home and play in the best conference with the most TV exposure and against the best competition then choose Illinois.
If you want to be a hero in your home state and in Chicago then choose Illinois.

hey to:wish i went to UI: I can see that you want Rose to stay home & go to Illinois but to say Memphis is a mediocre town & school is stupid! If we're so mediocre then why the hell do we have a NBA team with Jerry west as GM?! As far as the competition, we had the 3rd toughest schedule in the nation last year & plus we went to the elite 8 & were ranked in the top 5 all year with freshmen.And on top of all of that we were a number 1 seed in the Oakland region. Mediocre teams dont recieve #1 seeds if they're not winning a lot of games & playing a weak schedule sir. We lost 3 starters and we're still ranked #14 in the preseason polls.But still in yet you fail to mention that.But you know what,you people up north just keep on sleeping on us & I guarantee you we will shake things up again this year
Fact#1: Derrick Rose eliminated a Pac 10 school in UCLA & a Big 12 school in Kansas from his recruiting list!! If he really cared about this so-called tradition-championship junk, Memphis would've been the 1st school off the list sir.If you watched Memphis play this past year,you can understand why he wants to come here.Everybody & I do mean EVERYBODY can flat out run, jump,& defend.The stats dont lie.All you gotta do is look at the stats from last year.They were in the top 10 in every category.
And Derrick Rose fits that offense to the tee. Dont blame us if he is still considering Memphis.He wants to come here because apparently we fit his style. And I'm not knocking Ill Or Indy but dont disrespect Memphis if you dont know what you're talking about sir. If he comes here then good & if he dont then who cares.He's a one & out dude anyway. We go 11 deep-meaning everybody can flat out play!
We play Oklahoma in the Maui Classic in the 1st Round in a couple of weeks on ESPN. If you think we're a oky-doke team then pay attention to the ass whippin' OKlahoma is about to recieve..peace

Tony, get your facts right. Shawne Williams was a top 15 player in the Nation!!!! not highly obviously pay no attention to college basketball or didn't hear dick vitale raving about him before he even stepped foot on the court for memphis. Not to mention that Memphis plays in the budget conference usa. If you want exposure derrick come to indiana where the hoosiers are on national tv an minimum of 15 times this year!!!!!

"I'll just be honest, the players aren't as happy behind the scenes than you might think. I'll say simply, I am in the Illini Basketball program somehow, and the players aren't thrilled about this prima donna getting all the attention."

I think you are a liar that has absolutely nothing to do with the Illini...nice back to Peegs!

As an SIU fan I have been watching Coach Weber for a number of years and believe him to be a very good B-Ball coach.

But more importantly he has always been a class act.

His teams don't need the egos and that's why they play so well. He'll do just fine without the head case to distract the team.

Its better to find out now that the kid thinks he's too good to get a college education and let him go.

Maurice Claritt Book 2 is not worth it.

hey i take that back you're right shawne williams was a top 15 player.i want argue that.he went to a prep school for a year so i totally

Check out the URL above. The WPGU radio station in Champaign has a show called the Illini Drive at 5. Yesterday, they basically read this story verbatim and it sounded like they weren't giving any credit to the Chicago Sun Times. I may have missed them referring to where they got the story, but if not.....

I think the best player to use as a comparison of Bill Self and Bruce Weber as coaches, is Frank Williams.

Coming out of H.S., Frank Williams was as good a player as any that we have had over the last 20 years. However, Self could not prepare him for the pros like Weber did with Deron Williams, Dee and Luther.

Derrick, being a very talented guard already, I would still want to be as prepared as I could be for the next level, especially with only 1 year of college.

As a Hoosier Alum, I'm embarrased of what our fans have become. We no longer stand for what we used to. How did we even consider hiring a coach being investigated by the NCAA? Are we this desperate? We used to win with pride and integrity. Now we're banking our hopes on two high school players.

Derrick is a very talented guard and is a future lottery pick, i hope to see the you man go to U of I and bring home a ship for the state, and be name as one of the top player to play at U of I, like Marcus Libery, Kenny Battle and that class, but good luck kid, hope to see you wearing blue and orange.....

Mempho daddy!

For those who say Memphis has no tradition in basketball, they might not on the level of Illinois or Indiana, but they DO have multiple trips to the Final Four as well as one to the national championship game. Moreover, they have EXACTLY as many championships as Illinois.
Memphis has produced several NBA players, including several under Cal, many of whom were NOT highly recruited (Carney, Burks, Barron). Memphis is on national TV about three times less during the season than Indiana, not sure about Illinois. However, considering where each team is currently ranked, and looking at the current rosters, Memphis is poised to make another deep run in the big dance, which would put them on tv more. It really doesn't matter WHERE Rose goes. Memphis would obviously LOVE to have him, but will be a top 10-15 team regardless. Once again, we only have one senior who will see any real playing time. We're loaded for years to come.

A number of your readers have made a serious error in judgement. All the "Hoosier hating going on" does not really have all that much to do with Eric Gordon. We have alwayd disliked the Hoosiers. What is a Hoosier anyway? crk

It's amazing all the people that talk about IU not having any titles in recent memory, but how many does Illinois have? Zero. IU has 5. You guys can recruit all you want, and talk about a "storied" program, but you never have really won a thing. Are you still hanging onto the Kenny Battle days? Seriously? People don't really remember who came in second. (Remember IU against Maryland in the NC game?)

Second, Eric Gordon called IU. When he found out Davis was out, he called IU. Get that? He called THEM. Kids in the state of Indiana are different than Illinois kids. They want to play in-state. That passion really doesn't exist in many places.

As much as Illinois wants a rival, no one really cares about you guys as a rival. IU has Purdue, and Memphis has Conference USA.

Rose isn't coming to UI. He's going to Memphis, stop getting your hopes up. UI wouldn't win a NC with Rose anyway; do you really think the guy is going to be more than a one-and-done prep? Weber still has much to prove about recruiting. All he's shown thus far is that he's a good coach, but that alone won't cut it in the Big Ten.

First off, i'm a die hard Illini fan, since i could remember, but our chances of landing D rose are slim, here's why; If Mr Rose was seriously thinking of an NCAA Championship, he would have chose another school, my guess North carolina or Kansas, only because they have a little bit more talent then U of I at this point, but clearly he's one and done, John C(Memphis) has a pretty good idea of what NBA teams are looking for having coached an NBA team. why else would he even consider playing in C-USA. not taking anything away from Bruce, Whose a better college coach then Coach Self, Coach Sampson and Coach Calipari put together, Remeber that over achieving SIU team few years back? he's a great X's and O's guy. He had to give us a visit out of respect for his home state, bottom line he will do what's best for his family, in two years he'll be a very rich kid. good luck Mr Rose.


You have lost your mind if you think Indiana's chief rival is Purdue. To be a rival you might want to have a team that can actually beat you. If you are thinking about pointing out games where Purdue has beat Indiana, you might want to stop before you embarass yourself. Consistently beating the crap out of a team does not make a rival. I'll tell you though, the Illini's rivalry with Chicago State is awesome, maybe that one with Northwestern. The entire Big Ten is full of rivalries and that is what makes it great. Trying to put down a team by saying they have no rival is just ridiculous. To get to the point of this blog, it seems to me that Rose is choosing between Illinois and Memphis. It's strange that Illinois was off the list until Gordon reneged, then suddenly back on. I think two one and done players cannot co-exist. I hope Weber can do some quick work, but we'll see. I'm remaining cynical until it's over.

For Kmac, sam and everyone else that has memphis as a world beater last year with all the stats and this and that. Memphis play's in C-USA, all their teams were in the Big East last year, not hard to dominate when your playing SMU and S. Florida all year!!! had Memphis played in the Big Ten believe me them stat would not be what they were.

As far as Coach Weber and recruiting, it takes 4 years fellas, he was at SIU and wasn't recruiting blue chippers because well, he was at SIU. you have to build relationships with these young kids from 8 grade on. Our guy's will start staying in-state mark my words. as far as winning with Coach Self's kids, Coach Weber took them further then Bill would have any day, Bill was running the High Low offense while he had 3 great guards at illinois, you see where that got kansas the last two years.

And spare me the IU 5 Championship bit, let's talk recent history here please.

Ryan, have you ever been to an IU/Purdue game? Have you ever watched ESPN or CBS when they show the Purdue/IU game? Why is the Purdue game the last game of the football season every year? Have you ever been to Indiana?Rivals are built through time. Purdue back in the day was quite a powerhouse. You know who has the most Big 10 titles? Purdue. In Indiana these two schools always faught over recruits/games/etc... and they beat up upon each other regularly. As of late, I will give it to you that Indiana has won more times than lost, but Purdue is still it. That's what makes a rival, not one recruit going to another school and their fans complaining about it.

I think Rose would be dumb not to come to Indiana or Illinois just for the press alone. The Big 10 draws more fans than anyone else...

Better check my post again Kevin G....I did not even mention Memphis in my post let alone talk about how good they are. I agree...C-USA is an inferior league with inferior competition. Not that Memphis could not win in a major conference but playing South Florida, SMU, TCU, East Carolina, Rice, Southern Miss, etc. in half empty arenas wouldn't get my juices flowing. Try a league like the Big 10 that year in and year out leads in attendance and gets much better national TV coverage. Isn't that what these guys are looking for. Really in one year how much can a coach...even a really good one..develop a one year and out player?

to everybody on here talking about memphis plays in a weak conference-thats true but UNLV did too back in the 80's & 90's! And you know what,everybody said the exact things yall are saying..we were a #1 seed this year!!!!! if the committee gives you a one seed then that means your rpi & strength of schedule had to be a monster! Calipari always schedule Memphis to play a tough non-conference schedule because yes,c-usa is weak so he plays against top level competition to help their rpi in March & it worked!
If derrick Rose comes here,do you really think CBS & ESPN wouldnt put Memphis on TV more than they do now?? Rose can almost go to any school in the country & he's going to get that exposure anyway.
And can everybody please stop talking about the past!! Indiana won it all in 1987!! 1987!? That is sooooooo long ago. Do you really think these kids care about stuff a school has done in the past!? Give me a break! Illinois has never won it all! Never!!! Jerry Tarkanian went through this same crap at UNLV before they won it all. People were saying they were in a weak conf. & couldnt play against top competition but he proved them wrong. We're setting up a powerhouse down here in Memphis whether yall like it or not...Pleeeeeeeease keep sleeping on us! We want yall to keep doing that!
Let me break this down to ya: George Mason beat Uconn,North carolina,etc & went to the final four
Bradley beat Kansas & Pitt & advanced to play us in the Sweet 16. And there were other mid-major schools that's been making noise over the last couple of years.
Do you understand where I'm coming from with this.
It doesnt matter what name is on the front of the jersey no more. If you can play then you can play.PERIOD! D.Rose is coming to a school that fits his style of play! We run & gun & lock you down defensively! Just like he does! And to anybody that saw us play last year know that I'm not lying! You dont average 90 points a game if you're not a high powered team! Coach Cal gets you ready for the "league" whether yall wanna admit it or not.He's coached in the NBA. Something that Sampson & Weber have'nt done. If he's considering coming to Memphis apparently he doesnt care about the home school or the Big 10. I'm through with this D.Rose stuff for now.
But on Saturday afternoon D.Rose will be putting on that blue & gray hat for the U of M Tigers! I'll be back on here on Saturday so til then yall just keep praying that he goes to Indiana or Illinois all you want to. haha good luck!

My fault Kmac, just alot of short sighted individual's on here sometimes. your right, you can't develope one and done players in a year, just look at all the straight to the pro guy's in the league now, the majority of them guy's took 3 or 4 year's in the league, unless your an extreme talent like a kobe, or K-G, even they had to learn how to really play the game. I'll settle for a roster full of 4 star athletes for coach weber to mold into winners any day. at least they will be around for 3 or more years.


You are correct - GK has lost his mind. He is a typical Indiana fan who wants to talk about the 5 NCAA titles because to think/talk about the nearly two decades since is way too painful.

I've spent this week beating up a Hoosier fan on the 'derrick rose will visit illinois' space on the Sun Times blog spot. Only using facts in three separate posts, I leave no question that Illinois has DOMINATED Indiana in the past decade. In addition, I illustrate why it is so painful for Indiana fans to compare themselves against college basketball's elite. I won't bother repeating them here, but it's worth any Illini fans time to take a look. When they are losing an argument and fall back on their 5 NCAAs, I will show you how to put them back in their proper present-day place!

I agree with the poster who thinks Rose will go to either Memphis or Illinois. Unfortunately - even though I can't think of a single reason why a future NBA wannabe would not want to spend time under Weber - I think the Tigers remain in the lead...I do hope I am wrong.

Just one comment for Alex: The Illini are ranked #30 in the polls and to be honest they should be a lot higher around #18 to start the season. I hope Rose picks the Illini but the facts are if you recruit a guy like Rose or Gordon then they usually leave after a year. Colleges should start recruiting kids that want to stay for 3 or 4 years to make the collge game even better.

MEMPHIS TIGERS NCAA CHAMPS and D.Rose is apart of our CHAMPIONSHIP TEAM...To all you illinois fans,I just gave Derrick the Tigers Hat to wear at the press tomorrow..So if you put us on you schedule,DONT WATCH THE GAME BECAUSE ITS GOING TO BE A BLOWOUT!!!!!


Obviously we agree that the conference he should be in is the Big Ten because the competition is just better. I believe L.S. (and I've seen you beating up on Steve in the other blog) is absolutely right that Memphis is the clubhouse leader. I still believe it is coming down to the Illini or Memphis. His about face back to the Illini after the Gordon fiasco just seems strange. To answer your questions. Yes, I have been to Indiana and I had a good time. No, I don't know why Indiana/Purdue football game is the last of the year. Of course, this is a basketball post so I won't venture a guess, and finally, yes, I have seen the games on CBS and I can't remember the last time Purdue was ranked. Success fuels rivalries. That's why, in my opinion, Duke/UNC remains the best in college basketball. My point is this, rivals can develop through time as much as they can change through time. I'm not claiming it is the greatest rivalry, but there are many throughout the Big Ten. Rose will be surrounded with a great atmosphere in every game, and that is because the Illini's recent success has created new or more fierce rivalries with the elite of the Big Ten.

Tony, and why did georg mason and bradly make it deep into the NCAAs? because, like i said, give me the 3 and 4 yr guys any day, it's called experience!! you can have the one and done guy's, a team full of seniors and juniors are tough to beat come tourney time, that's why i don't know why everyone is up in arms about rose or gordon, yeah its great to have that superstar, but look at the teams that have won it over the last six years, besides florida? and maybe cuse, even though the had carmalo, they had a bunch of juniors. my point, don't need 5 star blue chippers, give me a squad full of 4 star players and we could go a long way!!! Go Illini!!!

If Reggie is running the show, you're probably right. He obviously has Memphis as the lead school. With Memphis' coach, Reggie probably feels Derrick would have a better chance to make it in the NBA and go much higher in the draft. I think Derrick has alot of interest in staying close to home though. He's still a kid, remember and not used to being away. Probably just all depends on how much influence Reggie has on him.

Seems like a lot of chatter for a player that says he is only going to a school for 1 year then the pros. All of these schools would be better off trying to recruit players that want to play at their school for more than 1 year. None of the teams in question are 1 player away from a national title next year. If that was the case, he should be going to Kansas or a school like that that is alerady loaded with good players. Wherever he goes it will likely not matter much in the long run if he really is planning to leave.

I just wish Illinois would get over the Gordon all think it is the end of the world.....get over it babies....Derrick...Memphis is in a horrible conferance...Illinois is a bunch of cry babies.....Indiana is great in tradition and a great basketball program....The choice is clear....but if not Indiana i would definitly rather you go to Memphis then Illinois!

"He came rollin' into Mempho, TWA ..."

Learn how to spell. It's not really Mempho, it's Mofo.

Just saw D Rose buying a memphis hat and an illini hat, did not see an IU hat at Ford City Mall. No joke, media was all over him. IU looks out at this point.

The last star point guard at Memphis - Darius Washington Jr. - was a 1st round draft pick this year...OF THE D-LEAGUE!

Derrick...don't do it!!

Oh im sure hell go to indiana because Sampson has lined his pockets too like EG

I so sick about hearing about the "REGGIE ROSE TRAVELING SALVATION SHOW." This guy can't be the brightest star in the sky if he is advising his Brother to go to a third tier type of market...Memphis, for his brothers school instead of Illinois where he would be associated with the third largest market in the USA. Yes, Memphis Coach is a former Pro Coach.....but the emphasis is on FORMER. And, Indiana's Coach is just one step away from being a FELON. Every where this guys has been and goes...there are always troubles and problems. Why is that? Yes, maybe Coach Weber is not the SLICKSTER type of COACH that seems to get all of the BIG TIME RECRUITS. He just put 5 guys into the NBA and only one of them ---DEE BROWN, was a TOP 50 recruit. HE COACHED THEM TO SUCCESS. BUT, the REGGIE ROSE's of the world don't take that into consideration. THEY LOOK FOR ALL OF THE FLASH AND THUNDER.....NOT THE REAL WORLD. IMAGINE DERRICK ROSE COMING TO THE ILLINI AND THE ILLINI HAVE A TOP NOTCH YEAR. He would make his mark in CHICAGOLAND OVERNIGHT. Let's say that he does not make the NBA. He still will be a bigshot in the 3rd largest market in the USA. Not a 3rd tier market like Memphis, or a 2nd tier market like INDIANA.

On top of all of that, Academically speaking, there is not one shadow of a doubt that Illinois is by far a superior University in terms of Prestige. BIG TEN, 1st Tier Market, Chicago ties, Best true Coach out of the three of them, and Closer to home for his family. Geez....why would there even be a question?

Your friends at the Pontiac Holiday Tournament really hope you make the best decision for you.
Personally I think you could give U of I in Urbana just as much pleasure as you have given us here in Pontiac.

Uh, Jim Morris.....bitter much?

Come Derrick, Do you really want to play for a CROOKED coach like Sampson!! What happens after the NCAA busts IU like it did in Okey state huh? Make the right choice and go to U of I. Help us bring home that championship trophy!!!

I've been watching this kid since he has been in 6th grade. He has won at every level. Here in Chicago he lead is his team to the city championship and won it! He lead his freshman team to city championship and won it! Obviously, he lead the Wolverines to state championship last year that knocked off GBN and won it! He plays in one of the most competitives H.S. leagues(Chicago Public League)in the country that has produced more than twenty NBA players. There is no doubt his team will repeat as state champion. Derrick's choice should be based on what team has a better chance of making to the ncaa championship game.

darius washington was a shooting guard trying to be a point guard...he never figured how to play the position & plus he left after only his sophomore year...thats his fault! he could've,i cant til ROSE puts that U of M hat on tonite!

I really hope D.Rose comes to UI. However, if he doesn't, think about this : Sean Dockery was more highly touted than Luther Head when they came out of high school. Dockery went to Duke. Head stayed home and went to UI. Where are they today? Head has done much better for himself after all the success and preparation at UI. On the other hand, I have not heard anything about Dockery in the NBA. So where am I going with this? Even if Rose doesn't come to UI, we apparently have a very talented and capable guard in Demetri McCamey committed. Though he is not as highly touted as Rose, perhaps he may blossom under Weber and in the end, go farther for UI and for himself.
But still, it would be nice to land Rose.


peaour, well said!

I wish Derrick luck at Memphis, but I really hate this for Bruce Weber. The idiots will again trash him for the next several months, while he goes out and AGAIN contends for the Big Ten title with a group that has no business contending for anything.

If Weber can survive the idiot mob mentality, I'm confident he will win out in the end.

Funny how Calipari's former status as an NBA coach is a supposed feather in his cap. His career NBA coaching record: 72-112. He didn't exactly set the world on fire!

Memphisman, a correction for you: Darius Washington Jr. is 6'0" soaking wet and was the #6 rated POINT GUARD coming out of high school. He left college early...just like Rose is going to do. While Rose would be a lottery pick tomorrow, playing for a year under Calipari won't make him infinitely better for the pros.

L.S. You're correct. Calipari wouldn't make him infinitely better for the pros. Just significantly better than he would have been prepared at Illinois or Indiana.

I told everybody on here where Derrick Rose was going all along.
He committed to Memphis.He announced it a couple hrs ago.Everybody in Memphis knew it too.You could tell by just looking at him at midnight Madness.He knew where he was going all along.
Derrick made the right choice when its all said & done.And yall can talk all of that nonsense about Memphis is in a small market & a weak conference all you want to.But so was UNLV back in the day & Tarkanian set up a powerhouse while everybody critcized them for playing in the WCC.Calipari has been setting up a powerhouse down here since he was hired back in 2000.But it was unfortunate that most of his top recruits went to the NBA & skipped college.
But this past year,'05-'06, he showed the whole country what could happen when "ALL" of his recruits showed up.33-4,a #1 seed in the tournament & Elite 8 is all i got say on that subject.Rose is only staying 1 year & if everybody that thinks we want make any noise better think again.We return every starter for '07-'08 along with a heralded recruiting class with Rose leading the way!!If last year didnt wake yall up about where our program is headed,you had better start paying attention!!

Gary, we can agree to disagree and that's why I brought up Darius Washington's situation to prove my point.

Talking about guards here...Calipari has sent only one to the NBA and, thanks in part to injuries, the jury remains out on Dujuan Wagner. Two years under his tutelage didn't help Washington.

Deron Williams wasn't even the best guard on his high school team and Luther Head wasn't a top recruit either. But it was Weber - and only Weber - who molded them into 1st round picks. And it was Weber who corrected Dee Brown's shot and turned him into an All-American, Cousy Award winner, and now Utah Jazz rookie.

As I said before, no one would argue that Rose is more talented at this stage than any of the above. But a quote from Reggie Rose on another website is telling. He says Derrick was treated like a rock star everywhere but Illinois, where they treated him like every other recruit. Derrick has even been promised a starting job upon his arrival at Memphis.

Weber never puts one player above the program, and if that means the bluest of chippers go elsewhere, so be it! He shouldn't have promised Rose or Gordon or anyone a starting position. If someone else wants to do that, more power to them. But Illinois fans should remain proud that Weber is a stand-up guy instead of bashing him and saying he needs to do anything (be careful -- that's a pretty wide-open request) to land the big fish.

Just a few teams off of Memphis' Non-Con schedule last year...



To L.S.: you made the comment about Calipari in the NBA...All i got to say is this.Derrick Rose is in a NBA city with a former NBA coach,former assistant under Larry Brown while his tenure at Philly & also he will be playing & practicing in front of NBA scouts on a regular! And what better way to get you prepared for the pros when the grizzlies owner is JERRY WEST!!He is at damn near every Tiger game during the season.And Larry Brown also.
As far as Darius Washington goes HE MADE THE DECISION TO GO PRO EARLY!!!Nobody stopped him,he already had his mind made up. HE NEVER FIGURED OUT HOW TO PLAY THE POINT POSITION SIR!!!!He was a shooting guard in H.S...the kid didnt even know how to pass the ball when he got here.Our back up point guard was actually better than he was & Washington is not on Rose's level anyway.And you know that! If Rose had've played with Carney,Williams,Anderson & Company we wouldve ran everybody off the floor this past year.

Coach Weber is'nt Calipari sir! He can't recruit like Cal...If he could he would've landed Rose!Period.Hey I'm through with this Derrick Rose stuff.He's at Memphis next fall & thats too bad for Illinois.

I told you so!!Haha...D. Rose is coming to the South babeeeeee!

Congratulations to Memphis on landing Rose, although I believe he made the wrong decision. Coaching-wise, Calipari is a Bill Self clone or vice-versa. None of them can hold a candle to Weber. However, until Weber lands the big time national recruit, he will continue to be a regional player in recruiting. Illinois will be shunned by Illinois big time players who don't need to develop connections to land future jobs, since they will be at NBA. Memphis will continue to do well recruiting-wise as will Kansas, but both of them will be a revolving door for players and not develop any continuity in chemistry and not go to any Final Four, and the players coming out will not develop as nicely or be as prepared for the NBA as less talented but better coached Illinois players.

Lots of bitterness on this board is clouding perspective. That's understandable. Reggie studied this issue very hard and discovered to, apparently, only your dismay that Calipari is a better coach for Rose. Better development coach, more contacts, better understanding of the higher level of play. Illinois will be fine. Don't get upset with players who want to go where they can learn more. It'll be tough being a fan if you do.

I submit! Tony, you are right, my friend. Weber doesn't have the $tuff to recruit like Calipari. And thank God he doesn't!!

And Gary, you are SO on the money. The Tigers and Calipari have shared a building with the Grizzlies for 5 years...and the NBA types who can't wait to watch Memphis basketball saw fit to draft THREE players from the program during that time.

Darius Washington was such a bad point guard that he holds the Memphis school record for minutes played in a season! That's some great coaching by your boy!!

Clearly Calipari is superior to all in recruiting and talent development. After all, THREE draft picks in 6 years at Memphis -- wow! What a hotbed! And a chance to play in an NIT Final Four, where the Tigers have gone 3 times in 6 years...where do I sign up?!?!?

You are right on this point - Illinois WILL be fine! Another 25-win season is on the way (that would be 7 in a row, for those of you who can count that high!) for a guy who just wins HIS way. Those who work the hardest will play; no promises of starting jobs to prima donnas. There are FIVE NBA Illini who have benefitted the past two years.

SAMM is funny as hell!!!

Congratulations Derrick and to Memphis. You'd think it was an election with all this negativity here. I just wish the best for Mr. Rose and please watch those corners down in Memphis.

P.S. U of I lost out but they'll be back. I think they need to expand their recruiting efforts (like other big programs) and quit trying to win a title with just Illinois players. I say this and I was born and raised in Champaign.

Either way all of these teams will be in the tourney. I am from Memphis and I know that Illinois has a great national program. I really think that you people should stop worrying about one SUPERSTAR from ILL. that chose Memphis. There is a reason that he chose Memphis over Illinois.And its probably pretty good like our BBQ and high crime rate. Welcome to WAR ZONE derrick. Cant wait for next year.

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