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Simeon coach speaks about Rose's Illinois visit

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"I think it's a great idea for Derrick to go and check out Illinois," Simeon coach Robert Smith said. "I was pleased when they told me they'd decided to do that, but I'll support him wherever he chooses to go."

According to Smith, Rose's Simeon teammates Kevin Johnson and Tim Flowers are ready to go with their college choices. An announcement from all three Simeon players could come as early as next week.

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It would really stick it to those grimey indiana fans if we could get our hands on Rose

Henry..quit it..if you get him more power to the underecruited Illini squad for 2007..will you be the first to whine and cry when he wears cream and crimson..or what?? You fellas and ladies realize our swagger is've had your run..albeit with Self's squad..let's see what the former pu assistant can do..your rght to be fearful..'cause we are bringing a couple Illinois boys this year..anyway y'all deserve a couple but kickin's..I will miss Augustine the most developed player under Weber..glad to see the last of the 3-guards gone to the next level..true UofI legends..really is there any better basketball around?? Really anywhere on this planet!!

IU fans crack me up!!!!
I do have a lot of respect for IU accomplishments in College BB (including the 5 NCs)...
BUT to talk about "getting back our swagger" only after getting an Indiana kid, who grew up an IU fan all his life, to recsind his commitment to UI and pick IU in the last minute (I'm not even gonna get into what Sampson may, or not, have pulled to do so) is laughable and indictive of how low IU fans realize their program gotten...
Whether u like to admit it or not, and UI-IU comparisons aside, IU has not been much of factor/player in college BB since that last NC in 87.
Yeah, Sampson may land few top kids (he did that too in OK), but he is not Knight, and a program is as good as the coach (recruiting AND coaching) running the show...

All things being equal, which they may or may not be, it's not a bad thing for a kid to want to play for his state team.

Indiana, Illinois? Nothing wrong with stayin' home, either way...

I hope that (maybe) Derrick Rose thinks the same way.

Not much of a factor since '87? How about 2 final 4s, incuding a national championship game in 2002. It wasn't until 94-95 that IU's perofrmance started to regress more towards the mean. Just sayin' . . .

Rose is coming to IU and the Illini fans will be crying again..IU Basketball is back!!

Indiana basketball will be in the middle of the pack again this year and next year with Gordon. you really believe Coach Sampson is Indiana's savior jeremy!! LOL, yeah right. the state Illinois is as fertile a basketball recruiting hot bed as there is in the country. We will alway's have top notch blue chippers so the Ilini will start keeping them home. Can't say the same for Indiana. Rose or no Rose, keep your heads up U of I fans, our NC's are coming sooner then you think.

Any blue-chipper going to Indiana is a fool. Sampson has already been in NCAA hot water at Oklahoma, he has recruited high profile players yet not put as many as Illinois into the NBA because he isnt enough of a coach to develop them. Indiana will be put on probation and Sampson will get canned within 3 years. Ya heard it here first. Remember when Indiana had integrity? That Knight was along time ago.

I haven't gotten anything done today. I feel like a fog, but what can I say? I've just been letting everything wash over me lately, not that it matters. Shrug.

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