By Michael O'Brien

Rumors about Washington guard DeAndre Liggins Unfounded

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The top prospect in the class of 2008 will be able to play his senior season.

Rumors have circled around the Public League that Liggins, a 6-6 junior, would be too old to play his senior season.

According to IHSA rules, a player is ineligible to play a sport if he turns 20 during the season. A source with Chicago Public Schools has confirmed that Liggins will not turn 20 during the basketball season.

Liggins attended Midnight Madness at Illinois on Friday night and played in the Hawkeye Classic in Iowa City on Saturday.

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Why would such a talented guard ever want to go play for Iowa? Illinois has a much better program and coach. Liggins would be better served if he played at Illinois.

Have not heard of this kid, but Bruce Webber definitely needs to pick up the best the state has to offer. The last two years, the best players have gone to Kansas and Duke. Weber will not survive if he keeps letting these Chicago area kids go elsewhere. Remember what happened to DePaul when the Chicago kids stopped coming.

Remember what happened to DePaul when the Chicago kids STARTED coming? Under Pat Kennedy, all the top Chicago boys signed with DePaul and they flamed out every season.

I just love that the fact this kid will be 19 and a senior is not even a concern amongst anyone. I was 17 when I graduated high school thanks to a summer birthday.

CPS is so messed up. That this is actually a rule that requires attention is crazy. I understand students can be held back, I am a teacher, but it is yet another example that this city is failing its youth...even the few lucky ones who can hoop. And those few will always receive special treatment.

Why would he want to go to Iowa? ONly because they are assembling one of the best classes for 2008: Beas Hamga 7-0, Matt Gatens 6-5 already committed and #1 on the list of both Emmanuel Negedu 6-8, who everone wants and #1 on PG Lewis Jacksons list. That is why. Illinois is heading backwards JOHN!

Deandre will be in a razorback uniform almost a lock.

i think hes goin to be in a wildcats UNI!!!!!!!!!!!

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