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Rose Will Sign Early

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Three weeks and one day until signing day.
Derrick Rose was in Memphis for Midnight Madness and now the 6-3 Simeon All-American is looking at his options.

One of Rose's three older brothers, Reggie, who was a standout playerr at Hubbard, said that Derrick will sign early. The early signing perriod for basketball starts Nov. 8.
‘‘It is up to Derrick," Reggie said. ‘‘It is his decision. I think he will probably have a press conference [to announce his decision]."

Some sources say that Derrick will pick Memphis or Indiana. Other insist the DePaul is still a player. But Kansas, which was also in his Final Four seems to be out of the picture, at least for now.

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I really wished Reggie would have made it, He was one of the best shooters I had seen in high school. O remember one game against King, when the had Thomas Hamilton and Rashard Griffith, he damn near single handedly beat that team. That's when I just knew he was going to be shaking Sterns hand and putting on a hat one day. Oh well, at least he has his brother to live through.

Can you igagine if Rose teams up with Gardner at IU! They can call Assembley Hall the Rose Garden!

If Derrick Rose goes to IU with Eric Gordon they will have the #1 recruiting class in the country!

Yes they would and isnt that sad that a guy from ILL. would give IND. the #1 class.

Maybe IU can offer jobs to Rose's family as they did for Gordon...

Willis..Sounds a bit like jealousy..and for the record the Gordon's weren't offered a job at IU..a former coach of Gordon's was..UofI has that kinda history..

we need Rose to complete the number 1 class in the USA..and then bring them to the other "assemblyhall" and kick some assembled illini tails..can hardly wait..and good luck..

Sad? Gross!

Derrick Rose needs to go to DePaul for the city of Chicago. He can restore college basketball in Chicago and make DePaul a contender once again!

Why wouldn't Rose go to IU? I have never understood Illinois' insistence on a rivalry with IU. It is a one-sided here certainly don't think of Illinois as a serious contender.

Indiana 5 national basketeball titles. Illinois ??.

indiana braging about titles is like the illini braging about red grange old history , and by the way those titles came on the back of chicago and ohio kids.

I just want to know why it is sooo important for IU fans to keep their best player in Indiana and yet they're just dying for Derrick Rose to leave Illinois. I guess it must be okay for them to want to keep their best players in state, but it's wrong if we want to do the same...

Most kids leave Illinois historically..please tell me why that is..and we have never denied the Illinois-Ohio-Michigan-Indiana connection to IU basktball..we appreciate it then..andif Rose the future..I digress..we also like the public school league in Chicago..talent abounds..and we have a couplekids who will make an immediate impact..thanks again Illinois..

we just want to have the best back court in college next year, what is so wrong with that...........

Please name one school that have won a national championship with its own state players? Geez, get a life people, its only basketball. Schools get spurned all the time, why take this one so personal? Keep in mind, these are kids, and as we all know they change their minds constantly.

chicago kids? ohio kids? what about alford in '87? kent benson and scotty may in '76? get a grip, man. i'll give you isaiah, but c'mon.

I think some of the Illinois kids and resident view Illinois as racist and most of the best players are minority.
I think the Indian mascot and their refusal to do something about it is a big problem for some of the kids and their parents and supporters.
It make for a great way to recruit against Illinois.

Does anyone wonder how big the Addidas contracts will be for Rose and Gordon if they play one year at IU? Weber can only regret encouraging Gordon to try to recruit Rose to play with him.

BG Daddy -

Cute point about Red Grange, but if you can't appreciate IU's history in the NCAA Championships, just stick to the question. How many titles does the Illinois men's basketball program have?

Scottie May actually played HS ball in Ohio IIRC.

Illinois is a racist school because of the Chief? Huh?

I gues that means Chicago Blackhawks, Washington Redskins, Figthing Irish mascots are racist, too.

ncaa has nothing better to do than to admonish schools for their mascots, but cant find the corruption at OSU, UM, for paying players (webber, traylor, taylor, bullock et al, clarrett)big time, nor the sleaze that exists at IU who hired a coach about to be fired for recruiting violations who chaired the ncaa Ethics Committee.

And if I remember, the KKK originated in Indiana. Go figure.

I grew up in Chicago and am an Illini fan. Like most, I would like to see Illinois get some of these top 10 players, but you can't be mad at these kids for choosing schools other than Illinois. The criticism and hate mail they receive is absolutely ridiculous. Get a grip people, these are just kids.

This could work to Weber's advantage. Rose, like Gordon will probably be one and off to the NBA if they are as good as advertised. Weber will not have to worry about replacing them after one year in the program. Weber should concentrate on the 2nd tier type kids(25-50 rank)who in a lot of cases are just as good as the top-10, just without the media hype. Weber is an excellent coach and by all accounts an even better person. He will get his share of recruits and they will contend for a NCAA once again.

Depaul is the obvious choice for several reasons: it's close to home, an easy transition from high school to college, argueably the finest conference in the country, and an excellent supporting cast.

I feel bad for Webber. He seems like a great coach and a decent person. recruiting is a tough business and when you're dealing with kid's deciding their would be difficult enough for an adult...let alone a 17 or 18 year old. I think Sampson did what he could do in a short recruiting season for him. Obviously Gordon and family were willing to open up communication after I.U. finally got rid of Davis.

How can any Indiana fan feel good about Sampson--he is a CHEATER--He is on probation right now for being caught CHEATING!

The University of Illinois is definitely racist. I know it for a fact because I was born and raised in Champaign. All the way down from their hiring practices to the campus police to the ridiculous Chief. And to hell with tradition. Times change and institutions can and should respect that.

Much like the Cubs, U of I won't win anything until they do right by the rest of the world. Also, Bruce Weber is a good coach but unproven as a recruiter. He needs to stop the Illinois basketball cycle of trying to run a big-time program with players from Illinois exclusively. The best player to come out of the school in 15 years was a late bloomer from Texas (Deron Williams). Everyone else wins with players from all over. Why can't Illinois do the same? So what players leave the state consistently. It's clear to me that high profile players from disadvantaged backgrounds need to get away from their hometowns (states) so that they can grow and develop without interference. U of I needs to start recruiting players from Compton, Little Rock and Baltimore, etc... Players from other states who may need to get away.

Just my humble opinion.

As a DePaul alum, I want no part of this guy. He's a 1 year college player. Save the scholarships for the 3 to 4 year guys. Who needs the 'will he stay or go' drama?

All you IU fans should be really proud, excited and happy. Kelvin Sampson has already been found guilty of seriously violating NCAA rules and now he recruits the likes of Jamarcus Ellis and Derrick Rose (he gets Reggie in the deal). The Bob knight lovers who so piously espoused academic integrity and great academics must be really proud!!

Nothing more pathetic than whining Illini fans. it's definitely the Mascot's fault that Scheyer picked Duke. That being said, I dont know why any inner-city player would want to go to school in Bloomington (speaking of racist townies + a bunk campus). IU sucks as well.
Go Badgers!

Indiana will give him more money.. Ask Gordon

The KKK originated in Pulaski, TN just outside Nashville jerk. Then its stronghold moved to Stone Mountain, GA. The Grand Wizard of the KKK did live in Indiana at one point though but the South = racism

Is there any truth to the rumors that Reggie Rose has been hired to be Indiana's Ethics Compliance probation officer and that O.J. Mayo's sister in law is now working as the dorm cafeteria food planner?

OK, just to clear a couple of things up. Deron Williams was not from Illinois. He's from The Colony, TX, like Bracey Wright. You probably don't remember who that is. As for the IU person that said the state of Illinois had no talent...look at Luther Head, Brian Cook, Dee Brown, and Frank Williams just to name a few that went to UofI. Also, I'm from Southern Indiana. Hoosiers shouldn't be pulling the racist card.

Hey U of I fan, you should be happy now, BAW can turn 2 and 3 star players into NBA talent, you should be good cause that is all that is left for you now that KS has TAKEN OVER IU.

As for hiring friends of recruits, I think IU and KS will wait for U of I to get a verbal then go after them, seems to be working REALLY GOOD so far......


why do we as a society think it is OK for kids to go back on their words. Gordon committed to Illinois and then left them out in the cold and re-choose IU. I would like to see kids stand by their words and commitments. Rose should go where he wants but once he commits, stay committed. Gordon not standing by his word has affected Illinois basketball for years. A commitment is a commitment. Sampson should have been more ethical and not recruited him but, oh yeah, he is a criminal. He broke the rules at OklaHOMO!!

my fellow illinois fans what happened happened, thats why we actually have to sign things to make them concrete, our coach Weber knew that gordon was taking intrest in IU months ago, they even discussed it, all of you keep talking about how kids should stay commited, people transfer all the time, and for goodness sake quit calling Sampson a criminal, the dude made phone calls, he didnt pay people , gordon is ment to go to IU, unfortuantley for us, i have a feeling Rose will to :(

I agree with Katie....I don't believe any true IU fan views U of I as a
"rival". There are very few schools IU feels passionate about (Duke, Kentucky, UNC, Purdue all come to mind).

Also, posters suggesting improprieties.....your imagination is running away from!

Anyway, get over it and let's play ball! Go Hoosiers and Coach Sampson! We are still a year away from any impact a Gordon (and possibly Rose) committment will have on this team. Let's enjoy the season and support the 14 that are working to win the Big Ten in 2007!

Regardless of Bobby Knight's shortcomings, at least he had principles regarding recruiting. With the current AD and coach, it's all about money, which makes the reasons for the Knight firing )and Davis firing) seem transparent and clearly hypocritical to their stated reasons.

I am a close friend with a lot of college and high school atheletes. And what U of I has to understand is that its so call fans and mascot are not good recruiting tools. Recruits do read things like this and its discourages them from attending U of I. Look at U of I's history, they have never been able to recruit the top athletes in any sport from the state and especially the Chicago land area. When I was in High School U of I was known for not being honest with athelets! Maybe IU is just a better recruiter of Chicago atheletes!

We are all focused on so call ethics of players, but what about the coaches. Don't forget U of I stole Weber from SIU with money. So why can't a player go where he is most happy. Obviously U of I is not making kids happy. And talk about hiring people, what about the old coach McClain from Peoria Central that had his whole high shcool team play at U of I. Now that sounds a lil fishy to me! And the playes U Of I get from the Chicago area are 2nd rate players! So all you cry baby fans stop crying and get better coaches. Especially that Zok, he has to be the dumbest coach in Div 1A football. He get's outcoached every week!

What's the difference? They will both goto the pros in a year or 2.

Kelvin Sampson is a cheater. 577 times and more.

He cheated while calling for the formation of a coaches ethics committee

He cheated while president of the coaches' association, the same one that just sanctioned him, the only coach that's every happened to.

He cheated while he and Myles BrandX called for a national coaches' meeting to address, cheating.

He lied about his cheating.

He later said he didn't know the rules, but they found out he and his coaches met on weekends and hit the records of their cheating. Why would you do that if you didn't know you were cheating?

I know many, many IU fans who disagreed with Knight on many things, but they're sick of what has happened to the once respected Indiana program.

UNLV - Fresno State - Indiana.

Not much difference anymore.

Wow people. These are just kids. Let him choose what's best for him and his family, and leave it at that. Teams win championships, not individuals.

Also, lets clear up a few thinks. The Illini mascot should stay, I don't hear the same cries over the FSU mascot.

Depaul does not play in the finest basketball confernece either. Whoever said that is a biased alum, which is ok to think, but its not true. Conference USA is the top 2nd tier conference. Admit it.

And finally, for someone who has lived in IN for my entire life, I will let you know who IU's rivals are: 1. Purdue (in-state rivalry always wins) 2. Kentucky (two hick states that are known for country and basketball), that's it. IU v. U of I is a good game, but not a chief rival. I think U of I has a better rivalry with MSU than IU.

Take care.

If he goes to Indiana; I hope he tears his ACL and never plays again.

Stop crying, IL stop letting people come in an take Chi-town players.Weber how did you loose a player your bother coached.How can a Coach put players in the pros (Weber 4 \ Sampson 0 ) an not recuit well. Hopefully Rose will consider Depaul. Weber take care of home first.

Let me tell everybody on here something about this Derrick Rose recruiting guys are crazy if u think he's going to indiana,kansas or all fail to realize that John Calipari has been recruiting this kid since he was going into his 10th grade year when no one but Illinois & Memphis was paying attention to him & plus if Derrick Rose comes to Memphis he stands a better chance of winning a national championship here. Memphis will be returning everybody for the 07-08 basketball year!! If u add Derrick Rose along with sophomores,juniors & seniors with the rest of the class of '07 Memphis recruits,Memphis will flat out run teams off the floor!! Memphis plays that run & gun uptempo offense that Derrick Rose loves & they play suffocating pressing defense..They look like they have 8 guys out there playing defense because every player out there have those long wingspans & its hard to get past guys like that..And on top of that Calipari is one of the only coaches in the nation that rotates 10-11 players in & out the whole 40 minutes...Thats how they were able to wear teams down last year....And think about this too Calipari almost got to the Final Four(Memphis was an elite 8 team--lost to UCLA) with 6 freshmen on the team this year that none of you all had ever heard of!! And if yall think Derrick & Reggie Rose were'nt paying attention to the the style of play Memphis displayed last year then you guys got another thing coming!!!He will absolutely flourish in that NBA style offense Calipari installed last year! Memphis was ranked in the top 5 almost the entire year('05-'06) with freshmen leading the way...Calipari is a master of recruiting & putting the right mix of players together.Amare Stoudamire,Kendrick Perkins,Qyntel Woods were all headed here but they skipped college & now they're in the NBA...if any of those guys had've stayed around,Memphis would've most definitely made some noise!!You guys better do your homework & look beyond Indiana & Depaul!!! Rose was at midnight madness in Memphis(not Kansas,Indy,or Depaul) & plus he stuck around the next day & watched both practices on the campus! Then some of Memphis' players took him out to eat afterwards...Let's face it Derrick Rose is only staying 1 yr of college & when he goes to Memphis they will win it all! Mark my word on that....


Depaul does not play in the finest basketball confernece either. Whoever said that is a biased alum, which is ok to think, but its not true. Conference USA is the top 2nd tier conference. Admit it.

Scott May was from Sandusky, Ohio. Benson and Alford were from Indiana.

The Florida State mascot stays because FSU has more testicular fortitude than the Illini faithful. It also helps to have a lot of powerful alumni in the state legislature on both sides of the aisle that refuse to take "No" for an answer.

The thought that any player from the state of Illinois would even consider playing for a program that relies on such dubious tactics, is incomprehesible. There are great programs within the state and any one of these would be a better option.

Thank you for pointing that out. I forgot they moved from Conference USA play to the Big East. Depaul is still nowhere near the level of IU, U of I, or even Memphis for that matter. That's the point.

And a coach who has who six straight seasons with twenty wins sucks, that I don't buy. You can call him a cheater if you want (but what he did has nothing to do with the Xs and Ox of the game).

There is no rivalry here to speak of now that Knight and Henson are gone. The question is not why did Gordon change his mind and go to Indiana. The question is "How many players has Indiana lost in the last 5 years because they had Terry Bevington as their Head Coach.

Kinda get sick of the Illini whiners..Rose should be the next recruit from your great state..not said with tongue in cheek..we appreciate all the talent you have forwarded our way..and why would a kid wanna stick around for all the bs that comes from these types of places..he and brother Reggie understand the national exposure he will receive while playing at IU..and the history Sampson has had with his guards's a matter of the best fit..and Rose will fit in well in Bloomington, IN..hopefully he will be back in state in about a year..wearing cream and crimson..kicking some UofI behind..can hardly wait..DePaul still has a team? Memphis..the city with the worst crime rate in the country..Coach Cap..good guy though..

That is that old Simeon pride,This kid is Truly talented I went Simeon from 87-91 When we had Deon Thomas best fudamentally sound big man to come out of city of chicago.His brothers are dealing with the situation very well keeping the recruiting wars away from him i wish the younmg man the best cause he is the best.go wolverines

X Hoosier - learn your facts jackass. Coach McClain was from Peoria Manual. Three players from that team were recruited by Lon Kruger. AFTER they left school, the University hired Coach McClain. Don't let facts get in the way of your story hick.

The only thing that Reggie and Derrick is "show me the money", and Indiana has been throwing it around like counterfeit bills to anyone associated with recruits (E. Gordon's father's coach, Eric's AAU coach, Derrick's sister's boyfriend), etc, and in Sampson, Indiana has found someone that will do whatever it takes.

Illinois won't go that far to recruit someone.


Yet another Bruce Weber recruiting miss...the guy is a buffoon!

Bill Clinton went after Joe Camel, ignored UBL.

Myles Brand ignores "Big Shoe" money, goes after Chief Illiniwek.

"Indiana has been throwing it around like counterfeit bills to anyone associated with recruits (E. Gordon's father's coach, Eric's AAU coach, Derrick's sister's boyfriend), etc, and in Sampson, Indiana has found someone that will do whatever it takes.

Illinois won't go that far to recruit someone."
Do you feel better after making up bold face lies .. there is no money being tossed around by anybody ... the only thing being thrown around is sour grapes!

Quit gripping about Weber..his best qualities are his Indiana many years in West Lafayette..really he is a great coach..and will get some quality a BigTen guy..we have got to have a strong conference top to bottom..and as long as we(IU)get the best recruits from IL and beyond..we hope UofI..can pick from th best of the rest..just a thought..

Recruiting is just a means to field a better team on the court. Schools earn respect by their play, and by that measure IU doesn't deserve much lately. Did anybody notice that U of I has owned the Big Ten over the last five years? And we have beaten IU so badly recently that we don't see them as a rival, either. Our rivals actual make the NCAA tournament.

I don't have much of an opinion on Rose (he's already lost integrity points, he won't be playing college ball long, etc) so UIUC will not be going down the toilet because of this. However, I am compelled to share with you my opinion of Indiana.
I'm not going to limit this diatribe to Indiana University either.
You see, Indiana is a terrible, terrible, state. It isn't only because of the rural landscapes (rural is great sometimes), its because they are definately missing out on what the rest of the world has already discovered and implemented, the idea of a city. Maybe Indiana rubs me the wrong way because of the way some of the IU fans claim glory in past success, as if we had through their behaviour a magical insight into how Duke fans of today will be 20 years from now. Perhaps I'm jumping to conlcusions here, but Indiana also has more police officers than not. I'm not dissing these keepers of the peace, their loyalty to their duty of owning a shotgun, a badge, aviators, and diligently patrolling the rough streets filled with other Hoosiers who also found their calling on the force, in their aviators and their shotguns. I'm just saying, Indiana has the highest per capita employment in the police, and I just don't understand how giving %60 of a states population a badge makes any sense at all (note- %60 is an inflated, completely made up number to describe what it's like seeing 12 police cruisers over a 3 block drive, not a one of them doing anything, probably because that is what everyone in Indian does- nothing). Some other things to consider when deciding how much you hate Indiana:
-Its grandma pinky-toe shape
-Steve Alford
-The Pacers w/ Reggie
-Stealing IL city names
-the shape of your lips when pronouncing "Hoosiers"
-The "IN" postal code should be "OUT"
-Colts choke-jobs
-*Edit* its Peyton-Manning's-Head shape
-Its lattitude
-Hoosiers who deny KKK started in IN
-Pacers without Reggie
-Okay, this ROSE thing is now bugging me....add it to the list

"If he goes to Indiana; I hope he tears his ACL and never plays again."

Come on Brent. There is no need to attack the kid personally. Let's not forget he is a 17-year-old kid with loads of talent and seemingly plenty of pressure on him. Remember how you felt when you were a Senior in high school and I guarantee your pressure was miniscule compared to what a high-profile athlete has to go through. Whatever the case, it's never appropriate to wish ill-will on anyone, let alone a kid.

I apologize Brent, it looks as though it was Hollywood who made that comment.

i think that eveybody is entitled to there own opition but this is derrick rose decison. where ever he decides to play should'nt matter, long as he gets a education out of it at the end. Now i have seen him play he is a spectacular basketball player, it would be nice to see him paly for Depaul,or Illinois

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