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Rocky Hill Leaves Julian

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Rocky Hill is out at Julian and in at Crete-Monee...

Hill, who coached at Thornton in the '90s and still is employed there, has returned to the South suburbs.

"I'm just a suburban guy," Hill said. "The Public League is different, a different world. I walk away with good memories because we had an outstanding year."

Crete-Monee has had plenty of talent transfer out in recent years (Howard Little to Rich Central and Mustapha Farrakhan to Thornton).

"My biggest task at Crete is keeping that talent at home," Hill said. "I need to convince the kids that we have a good thing going in the community."

The Julian job is bound to attract plenty of interest. Former Westinghouse coach Quitman Dillard would have to be a major contender. Dillard is teaching at Crane and is currently without a coaching position. Henry Cotton has taken over at Westinghouse.

Other names likely to surface include Red Hefferman, Chris Head and Calvin Holiday.

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Same old tired coaches, still on the dusty trail, aspiring to do all the same underhanded stuff that Sonny Cox was doing in the 80's, and William "the wolf" Nelson did in the 90's for a minute at Farragut. When will the administrators get wise and hire new blood that will actually attempt to win with the hands they are dealt with instead of scouring the city in search of the next big ticket? Makes you wanna throw up. Remember the old days when the public league final four was a city get together at the ampitheatre for east side west side south side bragging rights? funny how adults always say its the kids that mess up stuff. In this case, the adults should be arrested.

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