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Public League playoffs are set; CVS a big winner

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The Chicago Public League football playoffs begin this week and with a twist.
Since only the top four teams in the Illini Conferences make the playoffs for the Prep Bowl, a Week 9 game was added for all of the schools.
The big winner is Vocational, which is 4-4 but based on its playoff points figures to earn a berth in the state playoffs if it can beat Taft this week.
Only teams from the four Illini Conferences are eligible for the state tournamet field that will be announced on Saturday night.

Here's a look at the Public League schedule for this week


Includes top four Illini Conference finishers and Chicago Conference winners. Games Thursday and Friday. Times and sites TBA

Phillips vs. Robeson
Hyde Park vs. Lane
Harlan vs. Brooks
Steinmetz vs. Hubbard
Corliss vs. King
Manley vs. Marshall
Young vs. Morgan Park
Dunbar vs. Curie
Harper vs. Simeon
Carver vs. Mather


Lincoln Park vs. Julian
Taft vs. Vocational
Prosser vs. Hope
Fenger vs. Crane


Science vs. Schurz
Washington vs. Lake View
South Shore vs. Collins
Bogan vs. Amundsen


Foreman vs. Kelly
Clemente vs. Roosevelt
Kelvyn Park vs. Gage Park
Kenwood vs. Dyett
Bowen vs. Payton
Sullivan vs. Englewood


Du Sable vs. Austin
Orr vs. Bronzeville
Calumet vs. Clark
Senn vs. Juarez

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The Officiating at the Morgan Park vs. Plainfield South game Saturday nite was a travisty !! The Game was stolen from Plainfield by the ref's with a blatant disregard fair play and a Missed Holding call against Morgan Park! MP won't go far as their lack of talent will prove, and I hope the Ref's are happy with their incompetence as well. Watch the tapes and see your errors!

just trying to find out who won the Dunbar Vocational game thursday

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