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Kenny Battle on Rose's visit to Illinois

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Former Illini star Kenny Battle sat next to Reggie and Derrick Rose at the Orange & Blue Scrimmage on Friday...

"I thought everything went really well," Battle said. "Derrick got down there and had a lot of fun. He enjoyed watching the guys play. It was just a great thing for everyone involved, having one of the top players in the country on campus for a visit."

Battle relished the opportunity to help out his former school.

"I've been associated with the program since 1986," Battle said. "I want to see Illinois flourish and bring in the top recruits. We have a big-time program at Illinois. All of the starters from the Final Four team two years ago is in the NBA now. That says a lot about the program."

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Ithink it was great that Kenny Battle was helping to get a fine plaayer like Derrick Rose to come to Ilinois.Perhaps he will be a better player than the young man who went to Indiana.He might have stayed only one year,and really not have beeen that much help.Maybe Rose would stay longer and be of more overall value.Lets hope Kenny helped bring him to Illinois.

Frank Dollinnger

Rose please stay home and help bring a championship to the Illinois.

Lets face the fact, Memphis is the best place for him to go. I would love for him to stay in his home state but who does Illinois have. My point exactly. I think he has a better chance of blossoming at Memphis although he may not stay. Just ask Calvin Brock where to go he went to simeon didn't he?

Who does Memphis have is the real question? Which conference is better? Which conference will be on TV more? Meaning more exposure. Who has the better coach? It all points to Illinois but Derrick may not realize any of this at this point in the game. He likes Calipari because Calipari is a talker. If he wanted to become the best player possible in the one year he will be in college, then Weber would clearly be his choice.

Calvin supposively went to UI for its engineering school, otherwise he should of taken the Illinois State offer if he wanted to play significant minutes. I don't think Rose is majoring in engineering so Memphis probably still has the edge.

It's great to see Kenny back to support Weber and Illinois.

Derrick you should chose Illinois. If you want to be a lottery pick then go with a coach that'll give you the skills needed in the NBA.

We need to stop coddling these kids because they can run and jump. If he wants to go to Memphis, let him. Weber is better than good and his program will do fine with or without Derrick Rose, he has proven that. U of I does not need Derrick Rose and we need to stop making these kids think that way.

Rose will go to the highest bidder which will benefit him and his "handler" Reggie. They already are talking about playing one season before going pro. Why you would already make that decision when you haven't played a minute of college ball is stupid. Chances are this kid will be a bust. Let someone else pay a high price for him.

Oh, now you want to look at us..ok. "Unofficially" by the way, so pay for your own gas smart guy.

Representing West Aurora class of '85!

to Cary ware and binyamin jones, calvin brock is no derrick rose, and if you've watched him in a game at illinois, he just wasn't ready. he made the right choice, no exposure at illinois state, he's still has 3 years to try and make it to the next level by the way!! and Illinois does half a top 5 engineering program in the country. hate when people write blind. Illinois is in my mind the most fertile ground for producing basketball players in the country per population. New york and California may be bigger, we year after year we send blue chippers to schools all across the country!! Now that coach Weber has been at U of I for a few years now, he will start landing our top notch. Recruiting takes building relationships with these kids from 8 grade on, can't expect him to come in when these blue chippers are juniors and seniors in high school, and expect to grab them up. he was at SIU when players like Julian wright and Sharron Collins were freshmen.

The real reason to play at illinois is that he'll be the main star. He'll get to take the big shots and get the press as the focus of the team. Plus, Illinois has a better history of turning out nba players than memphis does. Dujuan Wagner or Deron Williams....

i am from chicago and from the public school system and i have seen the talent in the city for the past 18 years.hand down derrick rose is the best to come out in the last 10 years. its all natural ability. i saw the kid after his freshman year and i was impressed than.Illinois is the place for him. he'll be close to home even though boosters and cheats will pay for his family to attend cames if he choice to attend an out of state school.if you ever get a chance to meet him he is the nicest kid you will ever meet, all this contriversy is being created by his brothers because they felled to be anything other than his brothers handlers.they are sad because they above any school or coach are going to benifit from him more. its sad because this is suppose to be his most memorable season and year of high school and his brothers oops my fault his "handlers" are making it hard for him. Anywhere he attend he going to the nba hes just that good.

How long has Weber been in Illinois? And you think he should now be getting the major recruits? How long has Matta been in Ohio? Sampson in Indiana? Weber has had more than enough time to develop relationships both in and out of state. The excuse making for this guy's lack of recruiting skills is laughable.

Weber is a rube as in, "Hey, Rube." He just doesn't have the polish to land the big ones. Send him back to Carbondale and bring back Bill Self(ish).

Ouch Mike. Guess you were wrong.

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