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Joliet's Roger Powell and Proviso East's Dee Brown make the Utah Jazz

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Two former area prep stars, Joliet's Roger Powell and Proviso East's Dee Brown, have made it through the final cuts with the Utah Jazz. Both players were starters for the Illinois team that made the NCAA championship game in 2005.

Brown was a second round pick by the Jazz in 2006. Powell was undrafted last year, but won Rookie of the Year honors in the CBA. George Mikan, who retired in 1956, was the last Joliet-born NBA player.

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Congratulation to Roger Powell. I don't think there was any question Dee Brown was going to make the team, but Powell is an example of hard work and dedication making up for the lack of natural talent. I would bet Powell's career follows a path similar to that of Tyrone Corbin.

Now that means there are 3 players from the illini final 4 team Now the Utah Jazz should add Luther Head and James Augustine lol

Let me guess, you want Bruce Weber to take over for Jerry Sloan also.

Is it true Doug Altenberger was also signed by the Jazz?

Yea...i think dat james and luther should go for the Utah Jazz 2....and we'd have another Good basketball team,wit all them fine ass

I really believed the Suns should have drafted Dee Brown, talking about starting the fast break!! Would have been a perfect fit for the Suns up tempo style. but i'm glad he stuck.

i hope the illinois lineup from 2005 either plays for the utah jazz or the houston rockets

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