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Will The Gordon Decision Influence Derrick Rose?

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Eric Gordon and Derrick Rose played together this summer, then last month they visited Indiana together. Now that Gordon has given Indiana coach Kelvin Sampson an oral commitment, will Rose follow?

"It's not out of the realm of possibility," Roy Schmidt of Illinois Prep Bulls-Eye Report said. "I have always thought that Rose's final decision would be more dependent on what Gordon did. I think that's why Rose has waited as long as he has."

Rose would have plenty of Public League company at Indiana. Former Westinghouse guard Jamarcus Ellis, a Public League legend, is heading to IU after this season at Chipola (Fla.) Junior College and Crane forward Brandon McGee committed to IU two months ago.

Rose is currently in Memphis for Midnight Madness. There are rumors that UCLA is now out of the picture, that Rose wants to stay closer to home. That leaves Memphis, DePaul, Indiana and Kansas as possibilities.

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C'mon, UCLA was never in the picture. No one even connected the two until Rose released his "list", which all just coincidentally happened to be Adidas schools. UCLA was included to keep the national press interested just as DePaul was included to keep the local press interested.

How much more of the Bruce Webber Let downs do we have to Take? Webber let another player get away. I blame webber the for the recent lost of Eric Gordon. Webber's recruiting hasn't been great since he gotten here to Illinois. He lived off self's recruits since arriving, and now that that well is dry, what does he have to replace it. I'm not knocking the current players because most of the guys i like, but they are all role players, there is no Home Run Hitters. Webber does not play guard Calvin Brock, He didn't Want Patrick Beverley, he lost the 6'9 center from Boys to men academy along with Derrick Rose and now Eric Gordon! Someone needs to let webber know this isn't SIU. It's Illinois, the Big Ten, a power Conference He's needs to be able to recruit at this level if he want to coach at this level! If not step down!

Final four team and recruiting rankings:

Deron Williams ~50
Dee Brown ~25 or so
Augustine 75-100
Powell 75-100
Head not ranked

From the bench
Ingram walkon
McBride 50-75

Bill Self, in fact, missed out on the higher profile recruits while at Illinois: Bookout (OU), Shelden Williams (Duke), Diogu (ASU), Ere (OU), Novak (Marquette) just to name a few. Dee Brown was his one high profile recruit and the third best guard on the final four team.

That was a great team, because Weber (not Webber) can coach. Not because Bill Self recruited the players.

My first comment is that Webber needs a better recruiting assistant. There are a number of underclass basketball phenoms in Chicago that are worth recruiting. SEcondly, Michael Haynes, the recent high profile basketball transfer from Corliss to Washington will not be ruled on by Cyrus McGinnis, the CPS basketball coordinator as you mentioned in today's paper. The Director of CPS Sports, Calvin Davis makes all eligibility rulings in all sports for the Chicago Public League.

Bruce Weber is working his way out of favor with the public league and Chicago land area, by sitting guys like Calvin Brock(Former Chicago Sun-Times player of the year) and passing on Beverly(Arkansas recruit). He has to establish credit with the Chicago area players first, before he can land the national level recruits. Its called building a local base.

steve bardo assisitant to athletic director, kindal gil recrutin coordinater,kenny battle assistant coach

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