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Eric Gordon's Coach Defends Weber's Recruiting Abilities

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Indianapolis North Central basketball coach Doug Mitchell has nothing but positive things to say about the Illinois coaching staff...

"I hate to see what is happening to Bruce (Weber)," Mitchell said. "He and his staff are outstanding. They did a terrific job recruiting Eric. He just lost out to home. A kid can only go to one school. The state of Illinois should be so happy to have a coach like him."

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Well if he really liked our coaches then why didn't he tell Eric that leading them on is bad ethics. To little to late in my book. Gordons are doing damage control now because they know they are wrong.

This is more than about losing out to the home state school: It's about right and wrong.

No one has a problem with the kid choosing Indiana. However, they do have a problem in the manner in which this played out.

Had Gordon verbaled to Indiana 3 months ago, Illinois fans would have been disappointed, but we would have moved on, and our program would have been in a much better position to find another recruit.

The state of Illinois is very happy to have a coach like him. Has there really been any indication otherwise, Doug?

I'm glad to hear you only have positive things to say about Weber.

The question is: What to the Illinois fans and coaches have to say about Gordon Senior and Junior.

I'm tired of seeing this presented as a simple recruiting loss. This is about a kid and his Dad repeatedly lying and in the end going back on their word. It is about integrity.

"A kid can only go to one school." But it seems he can commit to two. Therein lies the problem.

Here are a few key words for you Doug:
1) honesty
2) integrity
3) commitment

Bruce Weber has these qualities in spades. Can you say the same for the Gordons?

Illini fans, stop whining!!! In the eyes of basketball fans and the national media you are making your beloved school look pathetic and caddy. A 17 year old decided to follow his dream of playing for IU, nothing more. Get over yourselves and have some dignity!

"The state of Illinois should be so happy to have a coach like him"

Hee hee hee.

Hope the State of Indiana can say the same about their coach.

Not to speak about their pressure touting die-hard BB fans.

Sleep well coach, EJ and Sr. All is well in Illini Land. DMac will also play in the NBA. And, he will have a degree.


If you are an IU fan you know nothing about "dignity". Your coach is a proven cheater and you hired while under an investigation that says all that needs to be said about the IU administration and fanbase's win at all costs philosophy. But then again you do have your boy Myles running the show so we all know he will look the other way.

Mike Davis went to the title game and within 3 years was out of a job.

His performance mirrors Weber in so many ways. He got to the title game but lost it. He got there on someone else's players. He can't keep his home state players home and he has not been able to reap the benefits of his Final Four year into a solid recruiting class. Several other B10 teams have better classes than Illinois AND they did not get have seasons like Illinois in the NCAA.
Instead Weber settles on taking questionable talent from central IL big men while other better players were available and he loses others who at one time shown interest in Illinois.

Why would top 25 talent want to play at IL when the rest of the roster is barely top 100?

Weber does not have a handle on the future of Illinois program when it comes to replacing lost talent and he like Davis will wither away as Illini nation's fan base expects/demands post-season excellence.

All these Indiana people are being ridiculous. (1) Most Illini fans understand the draw to Indiana U, the manner in which it was handled is what we find objectionable. (2) I recall plenty of vitriol directed at Mike Davis, Sean May, Luke Recker; the list goes on. Don't act like saints, you're just as big of fanatics. I don't think any of these guys maintained a lie for 11 months, ruining an entire recruiting class, like the Gordon family did.

Comparing Davis to Weber??? Are you kidding me? Davis had never been a head coach prior to Indiana and I don't ever remember anyone ever saying that Davis made his players better or had any ability to actually coach.
Like what was also stated in an earlier comment, Illinois fans should just quit whining. It is over, focus on the kids we do have and be supportive, life goes on and one player will not make or break a program. Last I heard, its a five on five game with 7 reserves and it is called a team.

More placating BS from the Gordon circle. Keep it. We don't need the smell.

Sr. tried his luck at damage control.

Now it is EJ's coach!

Sampson, AAU Coach, Sr. Coach - yet to come? Just wondering.

"A 17 year old decided to follow his dream of playing for IU, nothing more." --Brad

No Brad, there is something more. A 17 year old and his Dad lied for months, and went back on their word and commitment. And in so doing, they gave Illinois the shaft.

"Weber does not have a handle on the future of Illinois program when it comes to replacing lost talent and he like Davis will wither away..." --panther22

Bruce Weber consistently took SIU to the NCAA tournament with players far inferior to the talent he has at Illinois. YOu will not find a knowledgable basketball person (including the Gordons) who doesn't acknowledge that Weber is a great teacher and a great X's and O's coach. Mike Davis was a joke.

Brian Carlwell (C), Jamar Smith (SG) and Demetri McCamey (PG) are (1) all from Illinois; (2) all Weber recruits; and (3) likely to be among the best at their positions in the Big Ten. Toss in a couple of talented out of state recruits (e.g. Semrau) and Illinois will be competing for a Big Ten championship for the next couple of years and advance far into the tourney.

Can IU say the same? Gordon or no Gordon, IU will have a very tough time beating Illinois the next two years.

Umm, panther, Weber has put more guards into the pros than your guys Davis and Sampson PUT TOGETHER.

Can't wait to see how far Gordon's stock drops after Sampson gets done coaching him up.

The one thing everyone doesn't know about is what Eric has told Coach Weber during the time that he was looking at IU.Weber can't talk about it and we all assume different lets go on with our lifes and games & play the hand we're dealt.
Kids will always disappoint you....If you try to Live your life through them...

Now this is a classic line: "I don't think any of these guys maintained a lie for 11 months, ruining an entire recruiting class, like the Gordon family did."

I apologize for the reality check here guys, but you DID have a verbal from Gordon for 11-months.. and, what exactly did it get you? Did you reel in tons of elite talent?? No. The fact he de-committed now did NOT affect your class. Yes, you no longer have Eric, and you need to find another spot for him, but the fact you had his verbal for a year and got nothing for it just shows that Bruce isn't an elite recruiter.

As far as integrity goes, you have no idea what Gordon told Webber. However, we ALL have known for months that Eric WAS LOOKING AT IU! That was stated publicly, so I love how you seem to forget that this happened out of the blue. God, this is so sweet!

"God this is sweet"-- Dan. How lame. Seems like Indiana basketball has gone sleazy in their attempt to reclaim the glories of the past. I and many Illini fans will be laughing hard when, and it is only a matter of time, the penalties and sanctions for recruiting violations or worse will come down hard on all these Kelvin Sampson lovers. Say what you will about the General, he didn't pursue high school athletes in an unethical fashion with no regard for common standards of ethics. At least when the program is barred from post season play other Big Ten fans around the league won't have to be emberrased by another weak showing by the Hoosiers.

For the information of all the bloggers, Gordon is not the problem. You have no clue how these coaches lie to recruits. Weber and his staff are not very good recruiters, its just a fact. U Of I can not get the best players in its own state, so what makes you guys believe they can steal players from other states, especially basketball rich Indiana!What top recruit from IL is considering U of I..We have the best point guard in the country, in Rose and he has never even mentionde U of I!

everyone is worried about one kid let him go someone has to tell self to find his players elsewhere if he wanted to spend 75%of his recruit visits in chicago he should have stayed in ilinois he would already have adleast one national championship

Didn't Weber steal that Meacham kid from Dayton? What goes around, comes around. Don't worry you'll get over it.

Meacham is from Champaign Central High School. Not sure Weber stole him.



Weber is a buffoon. I deal with him all the time, and he is clearly in over his head. I really think that his time with Illinois may be coming to an end soon.

Bruce Weber is the biggest cry baby that I have ever seen. Maybe if he would stop crying and change his diaper, he would be able to recruit some semi-decent players since he can't get shit.

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