By Michael O'Brien

Eason To LSU

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Hope guard Latear Eason made an oral commitment to LSU Sunday night during an official visit.

Easton, a 5-7 guard, averaged 19.3 points last season.

"The coaching staff is great and so is the team chemistry," Eason said. "Ifelt that LSU was the best opportunity for me to get a good education, and on the basketball court, the best place for me to play."

Tina Akouris

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who is this guy? ive never heard of him. He goes to john hope?

Eason is not a guy..It's a girl Eason is her last name

I attend John Hope With Latear Eason. She is an amazing b-ball player. This is her last year at Hope and everyone is going to miss her so much. She is going 2 take LSU by storm. #3 all day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Letear aka tia is a beast. When we played together last year, she led us to many victories. We were all sad when she injured herself
and i wish her well @ LSU.

my big sis is the best on and off the court.....give that spotlight and she will shine

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