By Michael O'Brien

Do You Believe That Eric Gordon Received Death Threats?

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A number of Illini fans have emailed me today, skeptical about Eric Gordon Sr.'s claims that his son has received some death threats on his MySpace page.

A story on the threats ran in today's Sun-Times,CST-SPT-eric20.article

What's your take on the situation?

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If the Gordons are receving death threats, that is a serious matter that should be handled through legal/law enforcement channels, not the press.

Agreed. Just because a couple idiots from Illinois make death threats doesn't mean that Indiana idiots wouldn't have done done the same thing if he went to Illinois. This story has absolutely no point and should not have been printed.

If these threats were actually made, that's too bad because that reflects very poorly on our entire fanbase and school. That being said, I share the skepticism of some Illini fans as to Mr. Gordon's public statements.

Sadly, there are some truly pathetic people in this world. Those idiots, however, are not reflective of true Illini fans. I agree with the previous poster that those types of issues should be handled through law enforcement and not the press. All that said, I examine anything I read coming fom the "Gordon circle" with very large degree of skepticism.

Skeptical is right, if this really happened it should have gone through law enforcement. Unfortunately, without seeing the threats for myself, I have a hard time believing anything that comes from the Gordan familt now.

I think the Gordons should shut up already. Your kid screwed over an entire basketball program, so just shut up, play your senior year, get to Bloomington for your fourth or fifth-place Big Ten finish and go pro. And then shut up.

If its on myspace it must be true. It was probably one of his teammates on his HSBB team. Even George Bush recieved death threats on myspace.

Wow. The Gordon's are now the "victims" in this whole story.

Unbelieveable. But many things in this whole story are unbelieveable like the commitment to Illinois by EJ and he and his father's continued reinforcement of that commitment to Illinois and the media all summer and fall.

The truth is a cheap commodity at IU and with the Gordon family.

So what how can we believe them now?

Instead of being mad at Gordon maybe someone should look at Weber. This will make him 0-3. He can coach but can't recuit an ant to a picnic.

no, I think it was a ploy by his father to try and engender some sympathy and better press. The victim complex always seems to work, and ES played his hand as best he could.

Went to EJ's myspace page (and why did reporters not do that???), and saw some juvenile and crass things (like F bombs and other such nattering) but nothing close to a threat

From the North Central High School newspaper:

'...the media has recently exaggerated the content of the hate mail Gordon
has been receiving. "It wasn't really death threats, but it was threatening
in that they didn't want me to be successful," Gordon said.'

So basically, there were no death threats.

yo was up yall

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