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Derrick Rose Will Visit Illinois

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According to his brother Reggie, Derrick will visit Illinois Friday for the Orange and Blue game, a scrimmage of the Illinois basketball team.

"Sometimes you have to step back and re-evaluate the whole process,��? Reggie Rose said. ‘‘We don’t want to look back after it’s all over and too late and realize we made the wrong decision. We have discussed it with some close confidants and believe Illinois is a great place. The school has a great [basketball] program and it is in our home state. And no decision would be valid without giving Illinois a serious look.��?

In August, Rose cut his list to five schools: DePaul, Indiana, Kansas, Memphis, and UCLA. He also mentioned that Notre Dame and Marquette were still in the picture. Since then, Rose has made trips to Notre Dame, Memphis and Indiana.

It was Reggie Rose that reached out to Illinois. Bruce Weber and the Illinois staff did not continue recruiting Rose after he named his final list of five.

Just last week it seemed that Rose was down to Memphis and Indiana. Memphis has been the heavy favorite all along, contrary to a published report on Friday.

Rose's decision is expected very soon. Right now, the smart money is on Memphis, but there must be a reason why the Rose's decided to take one last look at Illinois.

Sources close to Rose insist that the trip to Illinois isn't just a publicity move or a face-saving favor to the Illinois coaching staff. The Rose's are interested in checking out what Illinois has to offer.

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Well!! Well!!! Well!! there is still hope, this would be poetice justice if he could still go to illinois, I knew that Depaul name on the list was smokescreen. Just don't go to Indiana,or Kansas. If he goes to Memphis,Depaul,or Illinois I wish you the best of luck. If he picks Indiana or Kansas there will be plenty of booos coming from this way.

The ibiots have been given a lifeline. Too bad it'll be like Lucy pulling the football away from Charlie Brown. In many ways, the Illini are the Charlie Browns of college basketball. One minute they lead for Rose, the next minute they curse Reggie and Derrick and call him dirty. Guess that adidas thing isn't exactly true, is it? It'll be good to see Illinois lose yet again on a top recruit. Take it to the bank that the Orange Krush will embarass themselves again.

Derrick Rose would ascend to the hero status similar to that of Dee Brown if he chooses Illinois. The world truly is round.

and Illini fan..he will become a Hoosier legend if he decides to attend IU..hero..legend? Really a dilemma..

IU Alum: How does one become a legend playing in the NIT?

Hey IbiotsUnited, why the hate on Illini recruiting? Get a life man.

Hey Illini Fan....NIT? What are you smoking? 5 titles, to 0 titles. Yes, it's been awhile for us, and yes you have been to the NT in the last few years...but also remember, so has IU...last I looked IU and Illinois have a FF to their credit in the last 5 your point mute...

Get ready for death threats if DRose doesn't sign with UI.

actually its "moot."

another reason to choose Illinois:


You could see why Rose and Gordan would want to play at Indiana under Sampson. After all the list of NBA players from Oklahoma is endless. Wait a minute the only pro from Oklahoma is Najara. Better play for Weber and Illinois and give yourself a chance at the NBA.

The spirit of Ben Wilson is speaking to Derrick!

they know the score: EJ decommits, and D.Rose fills the "huge" void and becomes an instant star. Knowing the reaction from EJ decommitting, I truly can't imagine the Roses publicizing their visit and then not signing an LOI with BAM at this point.

Can you imagine the PR and rivalry before these 2 meet for the first time in college?! Unless of course, EJ decides to come back to the Illini.

My money's on the D.Rose in orange and blue.

If Derrick chooses Illinois,I am totally convinced that he never wanted to play with Eric Gordon anyways. People don't forget Derricks makes his cast better, Gordon needs Rose more than Rose needs Gordon.

UI fans were calling this kid all that is wrong with recruiting just last week and now you want to accept him to your family? And yall call IU fans hypocritica and unethical. Rose is saving face here. He is going to Indiana.

I wonder if Sampson has any jobs to give Reggie Rose to secure the deal. Maybe he could be an assistant video recorder. PS IU has had one title in the last 30 years, good thing they have been so dominant the last three decades. You fire a living legend and are now led by a 233 time cheater who cannot educate and lead individuals. If IU and Indiana is so great why do all of your Alums come to Chicago?

Hey Wow, actually Indiana has 3 titles in the last 30 years
76, 81, 87 do your math big shooter, how those illini banners too!! and ethics, i remember sergio mcclains old man getting hired and then the whole high school team coming their, and the name jimmy collins rings some bells!!

This is hilarious! Illini fans once again show how ignorant and caddy they really are by getting there hopes up just to come crashing down again when Rose signs with Memphis or IU. Are you gonna start crying foul about this too, then blame the Rose family for being scandalous, then threaten Reggie and Derrick's lives?
Illininut- IU alums go to Chicago because fortune 500 companies know the Kelley School of Business is one of the best in the country. You should be wondering why so many Chicago natives go to IU.

Hey Brad, I think so many Chicago people go to IU because they are the ones who don't get admitted to Illinois. Rose to Champaign.

1 title in 20 years, definite dynasty in the making. IU fans you live basking in past achievements, nothing like the glory days of Neil Reid and Luke Recker. I long for the days to see the General pacing the Big Ten sidelines.

Stop insulting Kelvin Sampson for doing his job. Eric Gordon wanted to get recruited by Indiana, and it was Sampson’s responsibility to recruit him. To be honest, Illinois really doesn't seem like that nice of a place. The campus is ugly and it smells like dead fish. The fans are overzealous and actually threaten recruits lives. The school hasn't won anything and has only been to the final four twice. What does Illinois have? Nothing, except a nice guy coach and a fan base that needs a reality check. Even with your amazing players in 2005, you guys didn't a national championship. With your superstar second round players last season, you guys almost lost to Airforce (that is sad), and were eliminated by the second round. You just lost recruit which you have been bragging about for the past year, and now you have the audacity going start to insulting other schools? How about you guys concentrate on improving your program and creating some tradition before you begin to insult other coaches, players, and fans. Illinois fans are just embarrassing themselves.

All i have to say is that Derrick Rose is Very overratted and for the most part most high school athletes are overrated. How did every body forget about OJ Mayo!? where is her going. GO Duke! We stole jon!

Last post, go back to Hoosierland. You live in the past , nothing in a quarter century. Great tradition, look at the bright side, you are guaranteed yet another top ten finish in the big ten.

You Illini are so bitter and angry. When you hang a banner then you might be able to formulate an intelligent argument (Big Daddy), but I doubt that will ever happen.
Ike- Wrong again. They go to IU because they know that they won't be able to get a job with an Illinois degree.
Are you all still upset over IU beating UI in football 2 years in a row too??

Now i will be shocked if Rose chooses Memphis. It all comes down to Illinois and Indiana. The only question here is if Rose wants to play with or against Gordon. The funny thing is both give their home states a final look. I just hope they both play for their home schools.

Rose thought Benadict Gordon was going to be an Illini, that is why he dropped them months ago. Now that Osama Bin Gordon is going to be a Loosier, Rose is back in with Weber and the Illini. Rose never wanted to play with Gordon.

Actually, the UI campus doesn't smell like dead fish, it smells like cow manure. You'd think an Indiana fan would recognize the smell...

Big Daddy. Wake up FOOL. Illinois has more wins in the past 6 years than any school in the NCAA except Duke.

IU went to the national championship in 2002, just like Illinois did in 2005. Both of us have had similar success recently. Fine Indiana had a bad coach who couldn’t teach the game of basketball much less recruit. We had to two years in the cellar, but we are back. We went just as far as U of I last year, so you can’t rag on us about that. In addition, we are going to have the best recruiting class in the nation, so our future is looking better than U of I. For real, Illinois hasn’t done anything that special recently, except choke like the Cubs on getting a perfect season and put up a sad performance in the national championship game.

i realize this is about recruiting, but i just can't get over all of the misspelled words and misuse of grammar by iu grads/fans/dropouts/WT. regardless of where rose attends, this won't change the fact that your coach is an admitted cheater who was caught in the act. or that your biggest nba star recently is jared jeffries. good luck in the near future. it should be a battle over the next few years.

Hey D Nebs, get back to work! IU fans, you may want to rent a great movie called Blue Chips.

As I said last Time,lets let the Kids Play & enjoy the Games.I'd like for D.Rose to go to IU,but I wish him the Best.As for IU knowing the difference between the Fish smell and the smell of Cow manure,you have us confussed with Purdue.I do have one question,wasn't Weber at Purdue when they where put on Probation for giving a Loan to a Player? Probally wasn't involded,right,but I bet he knew......Should have made the Calls....

The only reason UI campus would smell like dead fish is probably some IU fans stepped on campus. This is how smart IU guys are, you managed to fire the only 2 coaches to take you to NCAA title game, and get a cheater who will ensure that they will be on probation for the next 5 years.

Let's get real people!! Jamie Brandon, Ronnie Fields and numerous others, neither one have proven a thing on the big scale and may never do that. Let them go where they think is best and do not worry, there are plenty of unheard of players that will stay the course and be better in the end.

Wayne McClain was hired after Serge, Frank Williams, and Marcus Griffin all graduated. He was not coaching at Illinois while he son and friends were being recruited and playing there. IU sucks

I can't believe Im saying this, but as probably the die hardest of all Illini Fans, I have to side with the "enemy" for once. I will be the first to admit of my displeasure that EG decommitted and that I can't stand Sampson. I'll also admit that I claimed foul on Reggie Rose and his alleged "adidas earnest money".. having said all that, Derrick Rose can do what he wants. The ultimate decision, no matter what kind of influence his brother has on his recruiting, is up to Derrick Rose. No one else. As much as I would love to see Illinois grab a marquee name such as Rose, I also have in recent years come to the realization that the beloved Illini more often than not lose the recruiting battle. Remember, players like Augustine, Deron Williams, etc. were all 2nd tier high school recruits. Remember that Bracey Wright was a 5-star high school recruit... I mean, of all players, how can we not get Jon Scheyer? That should have been a lock.

And the bantering about who has the better level of higher education, lets be adults here. Illinois is a great academic institution, but so is Indiana. They require the same standards (minus Illinois' Engineering program... I believe even a Hoosier alum would attest to that) as Illinois does... Just remember this, at least we're not arguing academic prowess with Michigan State and Iowa (okay, low blow).

All in all, maybe all this hype is stricly smoke and mirrors, but it at least gives up hope... and thats all I can ask for.

As a die hard Illini fan, i had to endure the seasons with the Notrees, the Griffins, the Archibalds, the Krupalijias, the Frank Williams, etc.... as "good" as we were on paper, we really have never accomplished the main goal... cutting the nets with that "one shining moment"....Indiana has. We have no leg to stand on...

Sad but true...

But through it all, holding on to that hope that one day the Illini will be crowned the National Champion will be priceless. We will appreciate it more when and if the Illini tear down the nets... so until that day comes into fruition, lets not argue about petty things... we're fighting over High School Kids....

Having said all that, who's ready for some College Basketball now?

Sorry it was so long of a post, but I had to put my thoughts on this ordeal out there for the world to see...

IU major accomplishments in the last 25 years:
Fire a living legend
Hire a 233 time cheater
Hire EJ's dads best freind as a coach
Hire EJ's AAU coach as video coordinator
Luke Recker- enough said, I know he is ok, what happened to the girl?
Minimal impact in the NBA
Former alumni Steve Alford supports a convicted felon Pierre Pierce

Is U of I jealous? Despite having one of the worst looking campuses in the country and also smelling of horses, U of I does have a great accounting program. Great for students who will top out at 200k a year and work for IU alum.

Anyone see a similarity between Illini fans and Cubs fans? Overly optimistic and zero championships in the past century...

Regardless of what D. Rose does, I think the future for UI vs. IU is bright. Two flagship state schools relatively similar. We both suck at football and rock at hoops. We needed something to fan the flames a bit. Sampson will bring in the bigger names, but Weber's system is better. Should reignite the old Knight/Henson wars from the 80's.

Get real. Derrick Rose is gonna go to Illinois!?! WHY would he do that? They just lost their hotshot recruit. He's toying with your emotions and, in 2 weeks, it'll be another heartbreaker for you.
Memphis is clearly in the driver's seat and Indiana is the only other team with a shot.
As for recruiting "violations" that's a joke. First of all, you're talking about the NCAA who has done NOTHING about Reggie Bush who was caught red-handed accepting 500K+!!!!!! Would you be happier if IU's coach had texted to initiate those phone calls instead of dialed the phone? What a crock, the vast majority of coaches use texting to skirt that rule EVERYDAY!!!!
Let's get real. In all honestly, a dose of reality would do you good. least better than the sour grapes you've been chewing on.

Since Knight was run out of town, Texas Tech has a better winning % than the Hoosiers. LOL!

Enjoy Sampson and his 44 points per game style of BB. Gordon will probably follow in the footsteps of that other great that baller Sampson developed....Hollis Price!

Top 5 reasons why Rose should choose Indiana.

1) Striped warm-up bottoms equals clown suits
2) Fill the shoes of Damon Bailey
3) First hand look at NCAA violations
4) The best player on the basketball team plays WR for the football team
5) Chance to play alongside Robert Vaden...oh, wait...sorry...

Dear Derrick,

Congratulations on your decision to make the short trip down to Champaign for one last look at the Illini. I think you’ll be impressed.

Yes, all the regulars from the legendary Final Four team are gone. Judging by the internet critics and even some alleged basketball experts, this is a program on the decline. Bruce Weber can’t recruit, blah blah blah…you’ve heard it all. But you will quickly see that, in reality, this is a highly respected top 25 program with Big Ten title aspirations and beyond.

You’ll see an improved Brian Randle who credits the Illinois coaches for taking him from a raw top 100 recruit to a candidate for the John Wooden Award. In case you didn’t know, the initial Wooden list includes only 50 players. Top 50. Not bad, eh?

You’ll see a buffed-up Jamar Smith who is morphing from one of the top long-range shooters in the nation into perhaps one of the best sophomores in the country, period.

And then there’s Shaun Pruitt, who has better footwork and is more aggressive than ever. Funny how quickly everyone has forgotten that he too was a top 100 recruit who Michigan State’s Tom Izzo wanted badly.

You’ll also get a glance at how Brian Carlwell’s game has improved in just a matter of months on campus. And remember the name Richard Semrau. You might think it’s James Augustine who is AWOL from the Orlando Magic and is back on campus just for kicks, but Semrau is actually an Augustine clone…with a jump shot!

I mention these five because they all will be the core of the Illini a year from now. And with Demetri McCamey ready to run as a freshman…this suddenly gets pretty interesting, don’t you think?

Look, I know you talk to Eric Gordon and you know the real story behind what happened. He REALLY needs you at Indiana and you’ll understand why once you watch the Orange and Blue scrimmage. Will Eric have THIS much to work with next year? In addition to the talent on the floor, Illinois has one of the top home courts in the nation. A coach who wins 25 games a year and puts his players in the NBA. (Let’s face it - Jack Ingram was a stiff and even HE is playing pro ball overseas! Is there any other school that has put FIVE players in the NBA over the past 2 years? Bill Self can’t do that with a roster full of blue chippers.) A couple of NBA-caliber upperclassmen and some developing big men underneath. Major national TV exposure - CBS LOVES the Illini! A trip to Hawaii and the Maui Invitational (more exposure).

What’s more is the Illinois coaches never gave up on you. You were a freshman in high school - and they were there. You left them off your final list - and they still took your call. There is loyalty; there is proximity; there is success; there is prestige; there is Illinois.

I wish you well on your decision. You are a special talent of whom we all are proud. But I am confident that choosing Illinois would be a decision you would never regret.

Safe travels.


An Illini Fan

P.S. - Beware of the speed trap around Pontiac on I-57!

Mr. Rose belongs with Mr. Gordon to form the most dynamic and explosive backcourt in the Big Ten in years. DJ White and the other players will now get the chance to play for a real coach who is not Terry Bevington in disguise. Gordon simly realized that with Mike Davis gone, there was no reason to go anywhere but home. Bruce Weber is a fine game coash but cannot recruit blue chippers in his own State. These are facts not opinions.

I'm not going to pitch anything to you. I can't tell you anything you already know! I'm a big fan of yours Derrick. All I got to say is good luck with your decision wherever that may be. I'm an Illinois fan but I understand the pressures of a young man making the biggest decision in their life. Follow your heart Pooh.

Illinois needs to win a few national championships before they start whining when they don't get top 10 recruits! How can you hate on IU? They have like five championship banners hanging from the rafters at the REAL assembly hall!

All those 5 indiana banners don't mean anything when they all came in the last century before any of us were born.

Yeah, Indiana has five championship banners, thanks to a guy they ran out of town.

Please spare me your sanctimonious routine about how Gordon wanted Indiana to recruit him. If that is the case, why did they need to offer the jobs?

Steve, one since a quarter of a century, the IU fans logic is what is expected of people who could not get into U of I. Look at the bright side, when your kids cant get into U of I, they always have IU and Iowa as plan B.

As Tom Cruise said in Risky Business, "It looks like the University of Illinois".

In other words, every Illinois kid fall back, safety net school. Most people here aspire to the Ivy League.

We are talking basketball here, and basketball players (at least good ones) don't aspire to the Ivy League, even if they can get in. So, I am not really sure what the Tom Cruise poster meant.

I'm not an Indiana fan or an Indiana fan but I will side with Illinois. How can we believe your story that Sampson didn't violate anything with Gordon, when you look at his track record. Go Purdue!!!!

Yea jk, last century? You weren't around in 87'? What are you 12? The point I was making is Indiana Basketball is a tradition. Gordon told the indy star that it had been his dream as a child to grow up and play for IU becuase he had grown up watching them... And last time i checked Sampson isn't the one who chose for Gordon to verbal at IU. I believe Gordon and his family made the choice! What type of tradition does Illinois have? 0 NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS? WOO HOO!! Illinois fans have no reason to complain. They didn't do a good job of recruiting and Gordon probably didn't want to go to a school that NEVER won the big game! And that includes the last century or quarter century!

Not really sure what the Ivy League has to do with anything discussed here, but why don't you try searching public ivies and you'll notice Illinois on that list. Gordon was allowed to change his mind, just like Rose is. People who threaten high schoolers trying to decide things like this should seek help, that's a given. Both schools offer great fan bases and great academics. Keep the predictions until Nov. 4. By the way, Champaign assembly hall opened 9 years prior to Bloomington's. I hope he chooses the Illini, but I have no idea what his criteria for deciding is now. Maybe playing with Gordon is not as appealing to him as some had thought. We'll see in a week. Good luck to him in his decision.

Ryan, thanks for passing along the info regarding when the two Assembly Halls were built.

I've grown tired of hearing IU fans proclaim theirs as the REAL A.H. Now we all know the deal.

Besides, have you BEEN to IU's Assembly Hall? What a dump! I'll take Illinois' any day.

Yea L.S but Indiana's Assembly Hall has five things U of I's A.H. is missing... You know those banners you get when you win a national title... oh wait i guess you wouldn't know.

Newsflash #1: 17 year old recruits don't care what IU won before they were born. (BTW, If you were so great, why'd you run your coach out of town for Mike Davis?)

Newsflash #2: When you hire a guy on the heels of a major cheating scandal, people are going to scrutinize every shady move he makes.

Oh!! Is that what they were?

Thanks for the heads-up, Steve. They were so dusty I thought they were some kind of sentimental decoration kept around from the Everett Dean era.

I bet you're looking forward to the holidays, when your dad and his brothers and the "old" folk will get together and wax fondly about the glory years of Indiana basketball. Back when the Hoosiers won NCAA Championships and Big Ten crowns and were a basketball powerhouse to be feared! An era when Branch McCracken and a young Bobby Knight ruled their domains. Back when Indiana basketball mattered on the court, well beyond today's muck of idiot bloggers and rumors of questionable recruiting. times have changed, eh? These days, Texas Tech merchandise outsells Hoosiers garb in the IU bookstore. (how is that even possible?!) An IU 20-win season is reason to celebrate. A Top 10 ranking is so rare that it's met with surprise glee. And a generation of young Hoosiers fans whose only glimpse of IU glory was one shared Big 10 title and a Final Four trip both by a coach everyone in the state hated.

Congratulations on your 5 NCAA championships and all of your past glory. You and Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Dodgers fans must get along well together. You have that whole ancient history thing in common.

I only hope that you had at least graduated to wearing big boy pants in 1987 so that you have some personal recollection of the end of an era.

L.S., you are so clever! From your amazingly witty comments about IU's glory days to your dave chapelle like humor and sarcasim. WOW!

The only thing you forgot to address is the fact the Illinois can't even look back in the past at the "glory days" there were no "glory days". lol... Came close with Kendall Gill in 89' and how can you forget that "magical" group in 05'... Wow they lost one game all year, but somehow managed to flop in the national championship game. I bet campus morale was way up after that! Too bad...

Did illinois even have a basketball team before 1989?

Tell me though, how do things work in Champaign? Do all the rowdy youngsters gather around the tube in some piece of crap bar and watch their beloved fighting illini lose the big game time after time? Man that must suck!

Do the "old" guys get together and talk about all the coaches at illinois who never won anything and the years illinois was playing in the NIT?

If i lived in Illinois, I'd be rooting for the Saluki's. At least they overachieve!

I hate to keep saying the same thing, but i mean how can you talk trash on Indiana if your team has no banners? I mean seriously. Come on. You're making this too easy for me. Eric Gordon and Derrick Rose are gonna come into Champagine next year and dunk all over you... Good luck!

Steve, first things first...spell check.


Now, I feel better. More corrections:

-I'm not an Illinois alum
-I've never lived in Champaign

For all you know, I could be a generous financial supporter of IU, sitting right here on the Gold Coast.

Did I ever diminish or try to discount Indiana basketball's great legacy? On the contrary, I congratulated the program's great history..."history" being the operative word.

I love diggin' on IU fans because you're so easy to p*** off! I work with a recent Indiana grad who was so pumped that the Hoosiers might win 20 games last year. I told him that Indiana basketball should be greater than that - it WAS greater than that not too long ago.

But you kids really can't understand that. I doubt you even know who Everett Dean was nor understand his place in basketball history, and you probably had to ask someone about Branch McCracken. All you see are 5 banners and you hear the stories of glory passed down through generations. And therefore you think you know something. But you don't.

You can rag on Illinois all you want and I hope it makes you feel better. When it comes to basketball history, I agree - there is little comparison. But in ignoring the past 15 years in everything you write, you prove my point. Indiana basketball is NOTHING these days and has been NOTHING for the better part of the past dozen years. The reason the Gordon switch is such a big deal is because you FINALLY beat those guys in hoops...even if it doesn't count in the win column. I don't know how many Big Ten titles Illinois has won over the past decade or how its NCAA record compares with IU's, but I'd bet they're beating the Hoosiers in both.

Sorry if the truth offends you. Indiana's best days are well in the past. Even Knight's final years didn't measure up. You can't deny that. Are there brighter days ahead? Perhaps. But you've got 10,000 underclassmen in Bloomington to which Keith Smart's shot in New Orleans is but a nice piece of Hoosier history and not much has happened since.

Hey junior, one more tidbit, since you love history so much. When Indiana first the NCAA in 1940, the NIT was the premier event. Go ask your dad and his brothers about it.

wow, just wow. Im a fledgling Illini fan, but truly besides like 3 ppl in this place everyone here is acting like children. This is supposed to be about speculating on Derrick Rose, not arguing about Illinois vs Indiana. Get a grip. Personally I want Rose at Illinois, I dont know anything about what happened with him and Illinois previously but hell hes a good talent and it seems like a good guy. I was pissed when I read Eric Gordon left but he made his decision, I just hate that he went back on his verbal He should stick to his word.


Hey L.S. thanks for the grammar and history lessons.

But let me update you on the last 15 years... I know you are probably getting senile.

Tourney Wins:
Indiana - 19
Illinois - 18

I mean isnt that how success is measured in college basketball? sure illinois has been the better club the last couple years, but it looks like they are gonna be NIT bound this year, and if players keep backing out of their commitments, illinois may never win the big one!

So please check your facts and come up with something better next time!

DJ White Big Ten POY!!

Steve, my sincere congratulations on the correct stats. I applaud you (really, I do) on bringing substance to the discussion.

However, all of my facts are also correct. My question was how the two programs compared over the past decade. And those numbers are:

Illinois - 17 NCAA wins
Indiana - 10 NCAA wins

I'm not sure the exact count of Big Ten titles, but since I know Indiana shared one in that time and Illinois has least four there is no need to count any further.

Make no mistake, there are five great championship histories in college basketball: UCLA, Kentucky, Indiana, UNC, and Duke...the only schools to have won at least 3 NCAA crowns.

To me, Indiana should be compared to those programs. It almost seems silly for Hoosier fans to bicker with Illinois faithful. But comparing IU against the ultra elite hurts too much. Here are the NCAA records of that "super" group over your 15 year period:

Kentucky 44-13
Duke 41-12
UNC 35-11
UCLA 26-12

All won titles except Indiana. And you can't place all blame on Mike Davis...9 years are under Knight's watch.

Much to everyone's glee, I'm done on this subject. Indiana fans - best of luck with your new coach. Illinois fans - hold your heads high. Only you and Duke have won at least 25 games 6 years running. And just because you lose out on a recruit or two doesn't mean that will change. If Randle is healthy, you'll make another run at 25 this season.

Good luck in the Rose sweepstakes. As much as I'd like to see him stay in-state, until he otherwise signs on the dotted LOI line I have to think he's going to Memphis.

I would wager more than half of u clowns are not allumni in the first place!
Just a bunch of rednecks with nothing better to do than bust on high school kids trying to make the best decision for THEMSELVES! That said I think he'll go to Indiana!

Derrick Rose M-Town Bound Baby!

D-Rose def made the right decision. Calipari is the best in the business and he has memphis on the national scene now. With Rose we are ganna be top 5 next year.

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