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Chris Head Returns

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Former Westinghouse and Proviso West coach Chris Head, who led the Warriors to the Class AA state title in 2002, has been named head coach at Brooks.

“It feels great to be back,��? Head said. “I want to thank Dr. (Dushon) Brown for giving me this opportunity.��?

“I’m happy to have him,��? Brooks athletic director Ron Ragsdale said. “We have a new principal that is willing to take a chance. We’re looking forward to building a basketball program.��?

Julian has named a replacement for Rocky Hill. According to Julian athletic director Wesley Yates, D’arcy Steinbeck is the new head coach.

“He helped out with a team in Indianapolis last year and was previously at Chicago State,��? Yates said.

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good to see chris head back,I just hope he can contain his temper. just pull back a little,but still have his team play with his trademark discipline.

Hey,Chris is a great coach!! Should have went back to help at his alma-mata Farragut


I'm happy that Chris Head got another opportunity to coach in the Public League. He is one of the best fundamental teachers around. I hope he controls his temper because Calvin Davis and the Chicago Board of Education officials are watching very closely, and will enforce the zero tolerance rule if violations occur. He needs to be a model citizen, but I hope he can keep his fire as well. It will certainly be a challenge for him.

Chris will do fine.
I am confident that Head will do what he needs to do to maintain stability and win games.

I'm glad that we finally have a coach that has dedicated his time and into a real basketball program. I believe that with the help of coach Chris Head and his staff we will be the best in our conference. I believe that with him individually we all will get mentally and physically stronger.

Michael Clark Chiago Collins very own has really been an impact in the CPS league for over 20 years. Clark who is one of the respected coaches across the city has overcame alot of being one of hose chosen to the coaches Hall of Fame. This season Clark has a pretty good team at Collins H.S which is led by a host of seniors and sophmore sensation Jerome Harris who ranks among the top Sophmores in the State and Nationally. Clark who will be a big impact on the Cobras next season is really expected to win the red division next season have doubts about how his team will perform next year but really expect them to be great.

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