By Michael O'Brien

Can Jon Scheyer Play Point Guard for Duke?

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There's a new vacancy in the Duke backcourt and Scheyer may be the only man for the job.

Duke starting point guard Greg Paulus had surgery on his foot today and is expected to miss 4-6 weeks. The Blue Devils backcourt is short on depth — they don't have a legitimate backup point guard. Scheyer is the favorite to step into the position.

Do you think he's ready to handle the point in his freshman year?

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Hell NO!!! Duke is in trouble!

Jon Scheyer is a traitor to his high school coach and state. I hope he has a horrible career at Duke and never lives up to expectations. HERE'S TO JON SCHEYER SELLING INSURANCE IN FIVE YEARS! Punk.

Typical FIB! Hope Jon Scheyer does well and have a successful career!

Would he ahve been a traitor if he had gone to DePaul or Northwestern? Why does evey big time player from the state HAVE to go to Illinois?

Hell No!!! Ive seen him play a few times and i was not impressed with his ball handling skills. He did the same move over and over. in high school he had an height advantage, but this is college and he will struggle, but coach k will have an assitant spot for him when he graduates

Jon Scheyer is a traitor and will fell miserably not only at point guard. But at Duke does the names: Corey Magette (1999), Michael Thompson (2003-2004), Chris Collins (1993-1996), Weldon Williams (1983-1986) or Sean Dockery (2003-2006). Ring a bell they should they were all either AllState, McDonald All Americans or Mr. Illinois in basketball. Also all with the exception of Corey Maggette NONE amounted to much at DUKE or the NBA.

No!!! He couldn't create a shot in the Chicago suburban leagues. How does Coach K think he can handle the defenses in the ACC?

There are a lot of people who can't spell on this message board.

I saw Scheyer at the Proviso Holiday Tournament over the Chistmas holiday's and I was definitely impressed. However, what impressed me was his shot, not his ball handling skills, unless those have improved over the last 10 months, I don't think he can handle point responsibilities. He will be a contributor to the program. As for the doubters out there, it would have been nice if he stayed in state, but he has a right to go where he wants and I wish him the best of luck.

November 12th we'll all see and i think that a lot of haters will be shut up!!!

They will end up letting McRoberts run alot of PG duties, when it comes to actually handling the ball. He is very gifted, but once they get into set plays, he cant pass it to himself in the post.

How is he going to play point guard when he's nothing but a pure shooter? Can he create offense without shooting? Not from what I've witnessed. A capable PG dictates the offense, micromananges a team, basically an active extension of the coaching staff, which takes a certain kind of instinct or talent that he just simply has not shown in highschool. He's just a scorer in my book and I wish him good luck @ Duke.

This kid can play!! I got to play against him last season in high school and he did take some pg duties. He did a hell of a job i no the ncaa is a whole hell of alot harder but this kid has what it takes.

Hard to believe a program the magnitude of Duke doesn't have a 2nd point guard!

I wish Scheyer luck, but from what I'm reading on here it's going to be a long November if Paulus isn't a fast healer.

The kid's a dagger. He will be a Great two gaurd at Duke. One Gaurd? I wouldn't bet against him. Illinois basketball was a flash in the pan and the flash is over...

Jon will do a great job at Duke no matter what position he plays and will end up in the NBA

he is a great 2 guard a fair point, a great swing man we should hope all our home boys make it unless they go to notredame.

My Grandson was a starter on the GBN football team in 04 and 05 and Jon showed his school sprit by attending all the games. Jon will do well at whatever position Coach K asks him to play!

What hell you guys saying, You guys obivsly dont know how good Coach K is, You say hes a triator by going to Duke (with the best collage coach ever) or go to an average school in Illinios. To all you haters he will show you guys up just watch

Let's see...A lot of ppl doubted MICHAEL JORDAN and i am sure u guyz kno his story and yes he was doubted in every aspect of his game and now look at wat he has done to the NBA! So stop talkin smack if u cant play ball

Good player, very skilled and can handle the ball. But not a high major PG. Particularly not as a true freshman.

But I'm betting that Duke goes with a point guard by committee approach to take some of the load off Jon. Unfortunately, that wasn't their strong suit as a team to begin with.

As other have said, it is pretty amazing that DUKE doesn't have a backup PG.

Selling insurance in 5 years? Come on! Don't be Jealuos, you only made to the High School JV team. This kid has so much talent and you know what is scray? He is only going to get Better. I have watched him the last four years, and every year he has improved his game and has taken it to much higher level. Now under coach "K", I could only Imagine what he will do. There is no way he is a traitor. The kid has more of a shot for the NBA playing for Duke and coach K then any other program. Just sit back and relax, enjoy the talent this kid has.

I've seen about 95% of the games Jon played in over the last 4 years and Jon can definitely handle PG with ease. In his senior year of h.s. he worked on his ball-handling skills and had PG duties a bunch of times and I would actually trust him with the ball more than Greg Paulus. You'll be surprised when you see how good Jon is regarding ball-handling skills. :) Although, he is a lot more fun to watch in the Shooting Guard position.

Guys, as a long time Duke fan, and someone who has watched Coack K's carrer closely, what makes you think that Scheyer will have to do all the PG work. I've seen Duke stuck without a PG before, and K's "point guard by commitee" does an excellent job. Nov 12th will not tell us much. It will be later in the month before a real test.

First of all people, learn how to spell. You get off microsoft works (spell check) for 5 minutes and 18 years of American education go out the drain.
Second of all, except for Coach K and his coaching staff, who knows how good this kid is going to be. We haven't been with him all summer in the gym and in the practices. If Coach K trusts him enough he must be pretty good. Hell, he can't be much worse than Reddick at the 1 gaurd.

Nobody has or will work harder the Scheyer. I would not bet against him. To round out his abilities, Coach K will him throw at PG, this will get him ready for the next level. He was a great role model with younger in kids, the area will miss his touch.

I couldn't be happier about him stiffing Illinois...they suck! ps I saw him break Mucus Liberty's sectional scoring record and he created alot of shots since he was trippled by Waukegan on every play. pps what has anyUniv of Illinois grad done in the NBA?

Here's to both Scheyer and Bobby Frazier, hopefully they'll both be working at Portillo's in 4 years. They left this state out to dry.

You guys have me dying laughing at work. He will at least know how to spell when he leaves Duke to sell insurance.

Degree from Duke or a degree from Illinois? School in Champaign vs. North Carolina? Constant national TV audience vs. Comcast sports? ACC Hoops vs. Big Ten Hoops?

Clearly, Duke wins and it doesn't smell like cows. Illinois probably was not much of a consideration for Schyer, because Duke had heavily recruited him since he was a sophomore.

Now for can he handle the point? Not as well as he could be a SG, but much like some of the other North Shore people chiming in, I've been to Proviso since 94 and seen Schyer for the last 3 years. I've seen him run his team by himself, against good competition. It's not the ACC, but he'll manage and if Dmarcus Nelson can give help, Schyer will do well. The kid scored 20+ points in a you know he can handle pressure and he has skills.

All you lame Illini fans should work on keeping Eric Gordon, not sending him death threats.

Another one Weber let get away.We can't wish everyone bad luck for not feeling good about the IL, maybe it something about the way they are being recuited or lack of by Weber.

Weber recruited Scheyer-- and he did so aggressively. You can't fault a kid for choosing Duke.

BTW, his high school coach (Weber's brother)wasn't "betrayed" by the decision, nor was the state of Illinois.

Scheyer never led anyone on or verbally committed to the Illini.

He could play the point if he got some help and wasn't asked to create as much as the typical Duke PG. I thought his handle was pretty good when I saw him at Proviso last winter.

You people all suck... why do u have to hate on Jon Scheyer.
He choose to go to duke. whats the big deal... if someone wanted me to go there and get out of illinois id be like H yeah! stop hating!

I just saw Scheyer at the Duke Blue/White scrimmage last night and he did a legitimate job. I believe that McRoberts will help bringing up the ball which should free Scheyer up for shots. The kid also rebounds well for a guard.

ya'll need to shut up. jon scheyer didnt win mr basketball for playing bad. coach k saw somthing in him kinda like another great scorer from duke....J.J.

This kid obviously has amazing skills if Coach K recruited him. For all you haters that didn't make the high school ball squad that are hoping Jon sucks it up badly at Duke, guess again because he will be a phenom. You can't hate on the kid because he wanted to go to a powerhouse school rather than Illinois where they had two good seasons back to back. You haters should stop hoping for the worst cause you know if you were given the choice to go to Duke you would take it... so lay off the kid and enjoy the show. Oh and did you guys forget he scored 21 points in 75 seconds at Proviso? Shattered 5 records in that same again? Scored a combined 148 points in the post season? Ya those stats right there really proves he sucks.

You people don't know what you're in for. Scheyer is going to take over the blue devils like Jordan took over the bulls. I can't wait for all you haters and doubters to shut the fuck up and to cream yourselves when you see this white boy play. Peace out

Jon Scheyer is one of the best players that I have seen in a long time. He can shoot, he can pass, and he can deffinatley rebound. But in my mind he is a little bit of a ball hog, and is constantly looking to shoot first and pass second. I don't think Coach K needs a point guard like that in his program. And it is really retarded when I am hearing that he doesn't have a backup point guard in his program. That is unecceptable.

I believe Jon will do well at Duke...if you are able to go to Duke you are obvisiously awesome! Alot of people shouldn't judge him just because he didn't want to go play for Bruce Weber...anyway Illinois sucks!:)

If you dont think a tall pure shooter can make it in the ACC clearly you didnt watch College basketball last year. What does JJ redick have that Scheyer doesn't. Who cares if he couldnt score in the CPS i doubt jj could either. They will do the same stuff they did with JJ with Jon and he will just as if not more sucessful

remember he is a pure freshman being asked to play point guard for the #11 ranked team in the country.

this kid is a natural and performs well under pressure. he'll prove it on the court but give him time to learn and adjust.

calling him a traitor is foolish. a better defination of a fool would be someone who gets recruited by coach K and says "no thanks".

good luck jon, we're out here rooting as hard as we can! Go DUKE!

im a duke fan...why would jon want to go to illinois when u could go to one dreams of playin for "illinois",many kids out there say i wanna play for coach k, the best coach in the country...duke is a huge name name school and if u have the oppertunity to get in..why would you not? jon made the right choice and is going to have a great career at duke

There are a lot of bitter Illini posting here.

Wow. I'm ashamed by some of you people's bitterness. I reside in Illinois, half an hour from Scheyer's home town. I'm a huge Illini supporter, and I hope to go there next year (I'm a senior in high school). But I'm in no way bitter about Scheyer going to Duke rather than Illinois. Anybody that is given the opportunity to play for Duke and Coach K and turns it down is a moron - I'm glad he went to Duke. They have a great team, a great coach, and I really hope he'll do well... actually, I know he'll do well. Sure, Illinois would've done well with him, but for him personally, Duke was the best choice.
Right now, for me, I think it's hard to tell if Scheyer's not doing a good job replacing Paulus at point guard, or if the team's off because they don't have the chemistry yet. I think he can make the transition, but trying to make it while attempting to find the chemistry is a bit harder. It'll be interesting to see how it plays out, but judging by last night's game where Paulus and Scheyer stepped it up and McRoberts helped, they'll be great once that chemistry's there.

Jon Schyer is awesome and you all know it. Just because he didn’t go play for Coach Webber’s brother down at Illinois doesn’t mean he is a sell out. If someone didn’t go to Duke who had the chance they are retarded. Coach K is one of the best coaches and will turn him into a great player. All you doubters need to watch out he is going to break JJ’s scoring record.

People need to quit hating on Jon. He's an amazing player and definately not a traitor. He chose to go to Duke - What is wrong with that? I'd choose Duke over Illinois any day. He'll play an amazing point guard. Coach K wouldn't choose him if he didn't seem confident now would he?

i love jon scheyer and he is amazing and will have an awesome basketball career at duke!

Jon is a great player and all but he is not JJ.

He is great but not JJ Redick great.

Scheyer can and HAS been the main guard for duke, leading them to wins over conference foes, Wake and NC State. He was the leading scorer in both. To all you haters and doubters: He's the real deal and he'll only get better with time.

Jon Scheyer is awesome. lets check his name out for instance

jonathan james [j.j.]
jonathan clay redick [j.j]

see the reseblemce?
scheyer is the next redick
look at his jumpshot and hes a better defenseman

does this make Derrick Rose a traitor for going to Memphis?

Illinois is a joke....they would finish 6th in the missouri valley. The kid made the right choice!!!

Jon Scheyer is a great player. I might not be that old and seen alot of players. But as we have all seen that watches DUKE he's going to be a great one.

if you guys knew about Duke you would know that Demarcus Nelson will take over at point gaurd. Scheyer will go to SG and Henderson to wing.

i know jon and i'm so happy he decided to go to duke. i think it is challenging and great for him being away from his family and home (which he loves) and trying to be successful somewhere bigger. he is a really hard worker and loves what he does, so i don't think anyone has the right to tell him he doesn't. he was a local legend around here and a great inspiration for young kids, high school students, and adults. playing such a demanding position and so far being quite successful in my opinion, really shows that he was meant to do this. hopefully he can play where he really thrives and be able to give the initial impression he didn't really have the chance to. good luck jon!

scheyer is soft
K is fading
cameron indoor is getting quieter
duke is slowly sinking

...don't worry K, you will have a new assistant in 4 years...if you are still around....

that kid is amazing. he's a great duke guard and has a bright future!

man, all u people that think that scheyer doesnt know what hes doing and on top of that coach k!? man wut the hell do you think you are saying??? Jon is my idol and if u guys didnt think that he would survive in the ACC well... eat it!!! he just happens to be a starter!

Ay, Scheyer is the real deal, not many freshman can put up 26 against North Carolina. I said ever since I saw him play for the first time at Duke he was the next Redick

Jon scheyer is the greatest thing since redick.
paulus and mcroberts have their off days and scheyers always there to step up.
26 against carolina?

in four years this kids jersey will be right up there next to number 4 and 21. look for it in 2010.

Jon is such a great basketball player.

and if you think not.
then you are UNC or Maryland fan.

by the way.

i think he's a great player. he can shoot and move with the ball.for a young guy and a team that's to always used having seniors in the line up.he'll be a great player and he will even better in the future.
and he's hot

if you dont like him then you are just a UNC fan not something to be proud of

I think you are all jealous. Scheyer is kicking tail at Duke. The whole team is freshmen and sophomores and they are still ranked in the top 25. i believe next year they will be unstopable. for those of you that want scheyer to lose, or have a bad career then you are just a tar heel fan and are scared.


Yeah, I can't wait for next year, as long as Josh doesn't leave. We haven't been so hot this year, but think about it... Next year, we are going to have all these guys back (parying they won't be tempted by mutlti-millionaire offers), and new Diaper dandies to fill in the little holes we'll have in our season. I am so looking forward to next years season, but for now I am going to go look at Tyler "Mental not Physco" Hansbrough's funny mask. (Gerald Henderson - my new hero. Bye bye JJ, Josh, Greg and Marty "precious" Pocius and hello freshman who whooped up on Mental boy! Yay!)

Jon scheyer is a GREAT player. No he's not J.J yet but he will be!And to anyone who dosen't like him,your just mad he isn't on the team you like. dont be mad;)

Scheyer is a great player!And being at duke just makes him look better!So all yall haters,stop being mad cause he didnt go to the school you like! GO DUKE!!!!!!!!!!!! oh,yeah and scheyer is the best freshman i've ever seen!!!!!!

seems like Scheyer at the point has worked out well! HAHAHA you losers!

As I read these older posts it is extremely ironic... Jon Scheyer is a fantastic ball player. This year he was moved to point guard (this goes to all you haters on his ball handling skills) since in this position Duke has improved its record and now moved into the Sweet 16. He is a great all-around player and has proved you wrong. Thank you Jon Scheyer for coming to Duke; it was the right choice!! GO DUKE!

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