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Bob Gibbons: So Much For Ethics

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Taylor Bell talks to Bob Gibbons about the Gordon decision.

Nationally known recruiting analyst Bob Gibbons of Lenoir, N.C., on the
impact of Eric Gordon's decision to attend Indiana rather than Illinois:

"How devastating is it to lose the nation's No. 1 prospect who has been
committed to you for over a year, who you built future plans around and
haven't recruited another player comparable to him? Where do you go? What
does Illinois do to find a replacement? It is totally devastating to
Illinois recruiting. They had hoped to sign Eric Gordon and (Simeon's)
Derrick Rose at one time. Now Illinois has lost them both. The impact is
unfortunate because (Illinois coach) Bruce Weber is a good guy who does
things the right way. All he could do was hope (Gordon) would stick to his
word. So much for ethics."

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Bob, Us Illini fans need your help. We need support from the media for someone who does it with integrity.

Go after the kid. Classy.

Classy? Kind of like the Gordon family stringing the Illini along for 11 months?

F classy!!!!! I hope this turns into a BIG mistake for Gordon. I would love nothing more for Gordon to end up toiling around the CBA in a few years.

A coach can take a buyout of his contract and leave his team behind, and that's ok. How many years was on Weber's contract when he left SIU. A kid make a commitment and changes his mind and he's the Devil.

It's not Sampson's fault, as his job is to keep Indiana's talent in Indiana. The kid never had to return his phone call, but he did. Bruce Weber is a mediocre recruiter, and Illini fans have to face it. Right now DePaul is even a far better destination for a recruit than Illinois.

Sampson is on the ethics board for the NCAA , he knows the right from wrong and he has NO Class and should be investigated along with the other shoe companies.

I cant believe that U of I and BW didnt see this coming, everyone else has. Yes I feel bad for them but come on, its not like it came out of nowhere. When KS took over at IU he took a look and liked what he saw, nothing more, nothing less. I really dont think ETHICS has anything to do with it. There was a change at IU and EJ looked at it and felt it was the best place for him. BW and U of I had in houses with Dar Tucker and another top recruit because they knew this could happen and it did. Im sorry but so goes life, when things change, things change..........Good luck to U of I and BW.....

Bleeding Hoosier Red in upstate ny

The kid isn't the devil, no one here said that. The recruiting process was poor from the Gordon camp. They should have decommited and opened up his recruitment when Sampson was hired, instead they maintained their UI committment until as late as 2 weeks ago. That is what hurt Illinois.

I agree. Absolutely classless to go after the kid. Think about ethics in journalism before attacking a minor.

DePaul a better destination for basketball recruits than Illinois? You've got to be joking! It's a great school, but the Blue Demons haven't been relevant in basketball for several years now. BAM may need a little help recruiting, but there is no arguing he knows his x's and o's.

The majority of the blame should fall on the father for not only bringing his kid up as a liar, but encouraging him to be a liar.

IU fans keep trying to justify this because their sanctioned coach pulled one out of the hat despite not being able to visit or call the recruit on the phone. Wait until the howling starts from them once the rest of the Big Ten uses those limitations against them and start stealing IU recruits. You reap what you sow.

Illinois is 89-16 under Bruce Weber. DePaul is a better destination for a recruit than Illinois? Yeah, right.

It was like swerving to miss a tree. should he have gone down the path for disaster as long as he did? No, but the tree's not going anywhere with or without the car hitting it. However, gordon got on a bright and promising road and avoiding a sinking ship. Good Luck finding another sub-par filler for the scholarship to continue the Illini's trend of playing mediocre basketball (with the only bright days growing ever further back). Gordon will move on to re-establish an elite program and possibly win a national title in the process. I personally don't care about Gibbon's opinion (like the rest of the world), but Illini fans, keep up the venting and jealousy, and we'll be seeing you come Big 10 season.

Well over a year ago Mr Gordon indicated if Mike Davis was gone his sone would reconsider.

He is learning from Eric Montross and Indianapolis product who went to North Carolina.

In Indiana if you play at IU you are set for life. On the other hand if you go out of state you are shunned for life.

No one blamed Eric for going to Illinois with Mike Davis at IU. Now that IU has a ""real"" coach he would be crazy to play anywhere else.

Nothing against Illinois but an Illini basketball alumni is nothing in Chicago but an IU basketball alumni is always "" KING"" in Indianapolis.

The only mistake Gordon made was committing to Illinois to start with before seeing how the Davis saga would end.

Bam is a great recruiter and a good coach. This bothers ILL. fan base more than him. Life will go on without Eric as an Illini. The sun will come up tomorrow. Get over it Ill. fans. There is a lot of ball games in your life.

Nice...the kid changes his mind and now UI fan want him to land in the CBA because of it. And you have the nerve to speak about class, whatever kettle.

He is doing what he feels best for HIM, not the fans.

It's not so much the kid himself, as his father and especially coach Sampson - a man currently under sanctions for making hundreds of illegal phone calls to recruits, and hired acquaintences of the Gordon family to lure in a committed recruit. What a horrible, unethical, manipulative individual.

Who knows what else a man of Sampson's unscrupulous character would do. It's just too bad Miles Brand will turn a blind eye to any suspicion of wrongdoing at IU.

This whole situation is embarrasing

I don't get it...when a player verbals to a school within your conference isn't it an "out of a respect" issue that no coach within the conference recruits him? To Illinois and all other Big Ten teams, go after every recruit Indiana attempts for the next 5 years. Maybe then they will learn the lesson. I'm an avid Big 10 fan, but I do not see how you can cheer for an unethical team. Also, if I were Illinois I would be going after Indiana with allegations that Sampson recruited Gordon like the Deon Thomas thing years back.

As an Indiana fan this is just embarassing. I apologize to all Illinois fans. I hope Sampson gets fired because of this. He is a scoundrel and is not making being an Indiana fan easy. Us big 10 teams need to repect each other

I agree with Stephen. I too am an Indiana fan. But Sampson is pulling the tricks he pulled in Oklahoma. You don't mess with another's committed recruit out of integrity. Integrity to understand that committed recruits affect the scheme and course of recruiting in foresight of upcoming years and remaining scholarships. I'm upset because what goes around, comes around, and we have nothing but Sampson to blame. We will get ours. We started it.


What's unethical about this? If Gordon is unsigned and contacts a new coach at his home-state school, how can you call Sampson's ethics into question?

Granted, it would've been better had Gordon decommitted. But if Weber didn't see the writing on the wall with Gordon as soon as he indicated some IU interest, then he's no one to blame but himself.

There was nothing unethical here -- particularly considering the coaching change at IU.

Bilas has this right. Gibbons has it wrong.

Sampson was wrong to make all those calls, and he's wrong to tamper with another man's recruits.

But what do you expect from a guy who let one of his players play in the NCAA's after getting busted for dope a day earlier.

Indiana is now the University of Slime.

I wholly respect "Stephen" for his post. I know it took a lot to post it, but, unfortunately, he is very correct. This will haunt Indiana ..the butt of jokes for the next few years.

If the kid had that much doubt then he should have decommited in the summer and let the cards fall if either program wanted to recruit someone else. You don't have to bash on the kid (he did have others around him) to say that his process lacked class. To say that Sampson's hiring his dad's college coach was innocent, is completely ignorant though.

I am a diehard IU fan also,
however I also believe in ethics when it comes to recruiting. Personally I have never cared for the KS
hire and if this turns out to be a black mark against IU,and I think it will,then we can chalk it up to all the rest of the bad hires that the admin.has made in the past 5 yrs.

While this is great news for Indiana, I am disgusted as the way it has come about. I am embarrassed at the amount of people who will do whatever it takes to get the best players and win while throwing ethics out the window. We used to mean something...we used to do things the right way. This saddens me and excites me, if that is possible.

It's amazing that the people who are claiming that nothing unethical is involved here conveniently forget IU's two newest members of their fine, upstanding, ethical, NBA star producing coaching staff.

Doesn't really matter, as Gordon will be a one and done player for Indiana anyway, if the kid is as good as advertised.

Any Indiana alum who bad mouths Sampson and the way Gordon decided to come to IU can cram it in their purfidious hearts.

Have any of you been to Champaign-Urbana? The town is a pit, and that alone would be enough for someone to rethink going there... not to mention bars close at 2.

People want to say it's OK to recruit a kid who has verballed, but hasn't yet signed?

Then I guess you keep calling a girl for a date fater she's engaged, but not yet married?

Sampson was asking EG for a date as he was walking down the aisle.

NO other coaches in the Big Ten recruit kids who have given an oral commitment. Sampson apologists can pretend he did what any coach would do...but no other Big Ten coach has signed a kid who had verballed to another Big Ten school. NONE.

Sampson is already on probation for this stuff. But the NCAA "punishment" is not enough to deter him from continuing his sleazy ways.

Sultan, Bloomington, Indiana is not exactly a garden spot; decent campus area, but venture 5 miles in any direction and you're in the heart of Klan land. Think about that b/f you rip on C-U.

"Sampson was asking EG for a date as he was walking down the aisle." Uh, have you ready ANY of the media or legitimate accounts of what happened dude? Outside of a few angry Illinois fans and IU haters, everyone says EJ called IU after the coaching change, not the other way around.

"Sampson is already on probation for this stuff." For recruiting a 16-17 year old kid who a while back said he was going to play somewhere else but called you? No he isn't. Your facts are way off.

I love all these IU rationlizations. Sampson is purely an unethical slimeball, plain and simple. As for the Gordon family, how hard is it step up and say, "We are now considering both schools." As an Illini fan, I wouldn't have liked it, but I would've respected their decision. I read the elder Gordon's comments and I'm not buying. I don't believe his son was vacillating nearly to the extent he would like us believe. He wanted to paint his family in a much better light so he did a little damage control. My only question is did he have a little help,....?!

"Coach, they're roasting us. Any suggestions?!"

"Just tell them it was a very hard decision. You know, a back and forth kinda thing."

"Got it. See you tonight."

"Great. Gotta go. Just got a text from Derrick. Dang, I love these text things. Much better than phones,...."

indiana fans are saying things like: gordon is now playing for a "real" coach. well, if you call a guy who was president of the ncaa ethics committee and was found guilty of numerous violations a real coach, then it is very clear you are from indiana. not a lot of intellect or integrity ever came from that hole of a state and this puts it in the spotlight. be proud of your sanctioned coach and his shady undertakings. we will take our ethical coach and program. oh, and by the way, shall we compare the ui and iu program records over the past few years? no, you indiana fans are too short-sighted and only want to look ahead at your pending ncaa probation. good luck with gordon who won't even be able to play in the ncaa tournament because of shady sanctions. go illini!

Don't worry Illini fans we'll be okay, this will be hard to swallow, but in the end do we really want someone who doesn't keep his word, representing our great university? Coach Webber is a class act and we all should follow his lead and take the high road.

As far Indiana, when Coach Sampson was hired at IU (after they disgracefully forced Coach Davis out), the other schools in the Big Ten knew this was going to happen. Coach Sampson, left Oklahoma under a cloud and now he comes to IU and continues his shady ways. I do not blame Eric Gordon he like all high schoolers is young and impressionable. He fell under the influence of people with low moral eptitude, his father and the IU coaches. This is just the first step for us to see how Coach Sampson's will conduct himself.

The sad thing is this is the Big Ten, it is not the Big 12 or the SEC. Coach Sampson does not belong in the same club with the other Big Ten coaches. Historically, the Illini faithful were always very jealous of Bobby Knight, but we respected him the way he coached and the way his players conducted themselves. Unfortunately IU gave the league someone without the same class that is found throughout the conference. With low graduation rates, spotty character, and a questionbable past, I only hope that Coach Sampson does not ruin our great conference and bring us down to the level of Oklahoma and the Big 12.

As an Illini fan I can't help but be embarrassed by our fan base. It's these same whiny fair weather fans that probably caused him not to come here. So we lost Gordon, that's one player for one year. We're acting like Kansas fans, gather yourself and act like men, its ridiculous. Weber will rebound next year. And Sampson did nothing unethical, you all just look for a reason to bitch. 1/2 of this fan base makes me wish I was a SIU fan.

hey illini man, we don't need fans like you. if you can't see the shadiness and unethical behavior in a coach who was caught doing similar things already, than you my friend, are as sorry as these iu fans. go cheer for the salukis because we don't want or need fans like you.


Come on. "a coach who was caught doning similar things already?" What the heck are you talking about? You have the clarity of thought of a turnip. There are no similarities and you, BW, and every other coach in the B10 would have picked up the phone when the Gordon's called.

Give us a break, let the fog of anger clear from your mind and then open your mouth please.

David, you beat me to the punch. Good work!

At best Gordon is a liar. He said he was going to do something & didn't follow through. He could have saved some face had he said he was going to reconsider his oral commitment but that is not what he did, he said quite the opposite. As for Sampson, I live in Big 12 country & many of the coaches here have little good to say about him, other than good riddance. He is known for running a dirty program & that exceeds the hundreds of illegal (by NCAA standards) he made.

Hey JB98, I don't think Illinois is really that worried about facing IU during the B10 season. They haven't had any need to worry in the last few years. So I'm sure they are looking forward to seeing IU as well.

Ethics defined in the great state of Illinois sounds a like sour grapes..Face it you've lost the best guard in the country..and perhaps another Illinois kid is coming as well..
Ethics? a 17 year old kid makes a decision a year ahead of time..and things changed..and so did his mind..verbals are non-binding..and think about it a minute..he was 16 at the time..get over illini fans..We owe y'all some butt kicking..Weber has Indiana ties and gets much respect....Sampson coaches a lot like Knight..and we will play better d..rebound..and get the ball up the court..sorta like the past several Illini teams..I will miss Augustine this year..he was my favorite B10 player the past couple case you din't know..the Hoosier's are storming back..and we know the illini nations frets over that..'cause we do put banners up..and one is coming soon..mark it down..haven't been to your "hall" but have not yet seen an NCAA banner hoisted for basketball champion yet..sorta like listening to Purdue fans.. who claim they have No Championships At All (NCAA)..

"Indiana, Our Indiana"

Indiana, our Indiana
Indiana, we're all for you!
We will fight for the cream and crimson
For the glory of old IU
Never daunted, we cannot falter
In the battle, we're tried and true
Indiana, our Indiana,
Indiana we're all for you! I-U!

"Indiana Fight"

Fight for the Cream and Crimson,
Loyal sons of our old I. U.
Fight for your Alma Mater,
and the school you love so true.
Fight for old Indiana,
See her victories safely through,
For the glory of old I. U.!

Get real. Illinois is not even a basketball school. You had one good year. Go back to doing what you actually are good at. Oh yeah, NOTHING!

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