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Read David Gregory's full interview transcript from President Obama's appearance after the jump.

Sen. Diane Feinstein (D-Ca.) was on Meet the Press Sunday morning discussing the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary and said she plans to introduce an assault weapons ban the first day of the new Congress.

"It's being done with care, it will be ready on the first day, I'll be announcing House authors, and we'll be prepared to go -- and I hope the nation will be prepared to help," Feinstein said.

She said she believes President Obama will support it. Though Lynn Sweet wrote on Saturday that the prospects of presidential action are somewhat vague. Obama has promised bold action after these types of tragedy before and not much has come of it. But the age of the victims and the collective shock of the nation may be more of a spur to action this time. The president's own tearful reaction to the shooting may well be an indicator that he's ready to act more decisively.

The full interview:

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Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin took to Meet the Press Sunday morning to discuss, with Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Ca), the looming fiscal cliff, same sex marriage and Susan Rice's name in relation to the Secretary of State's office.

Durbin and McCarthy basically plumbed the same areas that have been dragged through the public back-and-forth on the fiscal cliff since the election in November - closing loopholes vs. increased tax rates for the wealthy vs. clamping down on entitlements - and managed to point the fingers of blame in the usual directions. The discussion:

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