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Ironworker John Rukavina, 74, put a Romney banner on top of the Willis Tower. Photo by Stephen Brown

John Rukavina, 74, a Local 1 ironworker -- who claims to have put up "every antenna and tower in Chicago since Marina Towers in 1974," had a message for Barack Obama. A message at 110 stories.

"But I didn't tell anyone I was going to put up the Romney poster. I did that on my own and it was hard going. The wind was blowing like crazy that day. But I wanted to make that gesture the last thing I did.

"Hey, I'd jump off a building to get Romney elected."

Rukavina planted the campaign sign, briefly, in late September. Michael Sneed has the full story.

Rukavina is featured in a documentary on these high-flying ironworkers. Despite what your politics may be, take a look at this trailer for the movie "Cowboys of the Sky," and you'll find an appreciation for the man, regardless of your feelings for the message:

Rukavina and his nephew, Bob East, were on the Tower to install an antenna for Chicago's ABC-7. The ironworker and his nephew carried out the stunt without anyone else knowing Rukavina tells Sneed.