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Rep. Joe Walsh and Tammy Duckworth squared off again to debate eachother Thursday night, this time on WTTW's "Chicago Tonight" program. You can watch it in its entirety in this video.

More coverage off their latest encounter, the last debate before the election:

While the two candidates have waged one of the most heated congressional campaigns in the country, they were fairly tame in this faceoff, especially compared to their tilt last week, which included a particularly fesity crowd. Thursday's debate was in the relative calm of a studio.

In response to a Chicago Sun-Times story that ran today, Tammy Duckworth's camp released a statement on Wednesday taking issue with a source who told the paper that a SuperPAC was preparing to launch another round of ads in an attempt to "bury" Duckworth in the fray.

The campaign also said it was preparing to file a complaint with the Federal Elections Commission against Joe "Walsh for Congress, Now or Never, and Americans for Limited Government for illegal coordination."

Walsh has said he did not know who was funding the SuperPAC.
On Tuesday it was revealed that the biggest donor by far was Americans for Limited Government -- a group Walsh helped "launch" years ago, according to his own Web site.

The Now or Never SuperPAC has pumped $2 million in attack ads against Duckworth in the race, bolstered by $1.9 million donation in September from Americans for Limited Government.

A source said another $2.5 million was planned with just three weeks left in the race.

"New reports state that the secretly-funded Now or Never special interest Super PAC will be dropping $2.5 million to "bury" Tammy Duckworth - in addition to the $2 million they have already spent in misleading negative ads," a statement released by the campaign said.
According to the campaign, Duckworth responded to the report by saying, "I wasn't buried in Iraq and I won't be buried by Joe Walsh's Out-Of-State Right Wing Super PAC."

Duckworth is an Iraqi war veteran who lost both her legs in combat.

A video released to the Chicago Sun-Times shows Tea Party congressman Joe Walsh telling a group that now is the time for business owners to "energize" their employees.

They should do it, he said, by telling them they likely won't have jobs if President Obama is reelected or if the Democrats take the majority in Congress.

"If you run, manage or own a company tell your employees! What was the CEO this week that said, if Obama is reelected, I may have to let all of you go next year? If Obama's reelected, if the Democrats take Congress, I may not be able to cover your health insurance next year," Walsh told a crowd. "If there's ever a year where people who run, manage, or own their companies are going to energize their employees, it better be this year. We're up against it."

Walsh is in one of the most hotly contested contests in the nation -- running against Tammy Duckworth, an Iraqi war veteran who lost both her legs in combat. The two are competing in the newly redrawn 8th Congressional district. Walsh has repeatedly voiced his opposition to the Affordable Care Act, saying that it is too burdensome on small businesses.

The video is taken by CREDO, a SuperPAC that has been a thorn in Walsh's side of late. CREDO, which runs, is known to have video at various Walsh appearances. Inevitably, Walsh utters something controversial. That includes when Walsh told a group that Sandra Fluke should "go get a job!" -- that utterance made it onto a campaign ad against the congressman.
The SuperPAC has spent $165,437 in the district.

The video's release comes as a source with knowledge of SuperPAC strategy told the Chicago Sun-Times on Tuesday that a conservative group that had dumped $2 million in anti-Duckworth ads, was preparing to pump another $2.5 million in attack ad against the Hoffman Estates Democrat.

U.S. Rep. Joe Walsh, who is running for reelection in the 8th Congresional District, helped "launch" a group that is now the biggest contributor to the SuperPAC trying to take down his opponent Tammy Duckworth.

Americans for Limited Government has pumped $1.9 million into the Now or Never SuperPAC, a recent disclosure shows. Walsh says in his Web site that he helped launch Americans for Limited Government.

A 2009 New York Times article profiled the group saying:
"Americans for Limited Government does not specialize in nuance. A recent e-mail message labeled Mr. Obama "the biggest liar of all," and a piece on Mr. Obama's enthusiasm for the national volunteer service agency AmeriCorps suggested a parallel with Hitler Youth."

From the Duckworth campaign:

Largest Donors to Walsh's Super PAC Attacking Tammy Duckworth Belong
to Right-Wing Fringe

Joe Walsh was the only Congressman from Illinois to oppose the Transportation Bill and has received nearly $2 million in backing from an extremist group he helped launch that also opposed the Transportation Bill

ROLLING MEADOWS - Now or Never, a shadowy Super PAC spending millions on false, misleading negative ads attacking Tammy Duckworth, was forced to file a partial financial disclosure with the FEC. Now or Never'sfiling exposed the right-wing group Americans for Limited Government (ALG) as the primary funders behindNow or Never and Joe Walsh. ALG keeps the names of their donors secret, but their priorities are clearly in line with the Tea Party and extreme right.

In fact, Congressman Walsh helped launch ALG and is in line with their far right-wing, offensive, and often illegal agenda. ALG has a long history of saying and proposing outrageous ideas - similar to those advocated by Joe Walsh.

According to the Center for Public Integrity, ALG was forced out of Illinois for running afoul of the state's charity laws. The Illinois Secretary of State revoked ALG's authority to do business in the state.

"If you ever scratched your head and wondered why Joe Walsh would vote against the interest of his own constituency time and again - now you know why," said Duckworth for Congress Campaign Manager Kaitlin Fahey. "Joe Walsh has been bought and paid for by some of the wealthiest and right-wing fringe characters in America."

Americans for Limited Government and Congressman Walsh on the Issues

Side by Side

· Now or Never, funded by Americans for Limited Government, suddenly pours millions of dollars into negative ads against Tammy Duckworth.

· ALG opposed the transportation bill

· ALG called Social Security and Medicare "ponzi Schemes"'s-'ponzi-scheme'-diagnosis-is-accurate/

· ALG's Chairman calls for the elimination of the Department of Education

· ALG's Spokesman called the President Obama "Uncle Obama"

· ALG's Chairman called President Obama a "Nouveau Fascist"

· ALG's President said President Obama was "the greatest threat ever to Freedom and Democratic Rule"

· ALC Chairman "Skirted" Campaign Finance Limits.

· ALG compared carbon regulations to bombing Pearl Harbor and claimed data behind climate change was "manipulated and exaggerated".

· Congressman Walsh helped launchAmericans for Limited Government

· Congressman Walsh voted against the transportation bill

· Congressman Walsh called Medicare and Social Security "ponzi schemes"

· Congressman Walsh has called for the elimination of the Department of Education

· Congressman Walsh called President Obama "Son"

· Congressman Walsh called President Obama a "tyrant"

· Congressman Walsh called President Obama a "liar"

· Congressman Walsh does not believe in campaign finance limits.

· Congressman Walsh questions the science behind climate change.

Congressman Joe Walsh told the Chicago Sun-Times today that the campaign's internal polling numbers show his race against Democrat Tammy Duckworth in a dead heat, though the campaign has not released those numbers.

Meanwhile, Walsh said financial numbers due out later this month are likely to show he's raised $300,000 in the last quarter, meaning Duckworth has outraised him about 5 to 1.

Outside spending is another story, however, with a SuperPAC having pumped more than $1.7 million into Walsh's campaign in the form of a series of attack ads against Duckworth.

The internal polling disclosure comes in a week of wildly varying polls -- from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee showing Duckworth up by 10 points to a We Ask America poll showing Walsh up slightly with 47 percent of the vote vs. Duckworth at about 46 percent.
"Why is this election so close? She's had this district drawn for her," Walsh said, referencing the fact that the incumbent's district had been sliced up and redrawn to benefit Democrats.

When asked why he believed the race was so close when other polls -- aside from We Ask America -- had shown Duckworth with a large lead, he pointed to the campaign's own polling.
"Our internal numbers say this is a dead heat, it's really close," he said.

The race has become one of the most closely watched in the nation.
This week, Duckworth released numbers showing that she raised $1.5 million in the last quarter.

"It will be amongst the highest for challengers for congress in the country," said Anton Becker for the Duckworth campaign. "$1.5 million is an enormous amount.
It just shows how grass roots our campaign is."

The campaign reported this week that nearly 95 percent of the individual contributions Duckworth received were for $100 or less and the average individual contribution was $53.17.

Numbers are due later this month, but Walsh on Friday said he believed his campaign had raised around $300,000 in that same time period.

However, there has been an enormous infusion of cash into Walsh's campaign by an outside SuperPAC called Now or Never.

Turns out, U.S. Rep. Joe Walsh would have won the bet.

Tammy Duckworth didn't take up the congressman on a wager he laid out at a Tuesday night debate involving Chicago Prime Steakhouse in Schaumburg -- but had she, it sounds like she would have lost.

Walsh insisted that the owner was concerned about how Obamacare affected his business. Duckworth said she also talked to the restaurant and accused Walsh of talking too much and not listening.

On Wednesday, the managing partner of Chicago Prime Steakhouse made it abundantly clear in an interview with the Chicago Sun-Times that he didn't have anything against either candidate.
"They're both welcome in my restaurant," he said. "There's no question, both of them have a sincere interest in understanding what is happening to me. They both were very, very adamant about it. They wanted to understand."

But after getting besieged with media calls today, Andy-John G. Kalkounos, said he thought he should release a statement to respond to the "high volume of reporters" from Washington newspapers to the Huffington Post.
"If I haven't taken 30 calls here, they just keep writing notes down," with phone calls.

The popular eatery in Schaumburg has won numerous awards and is routinely rated highly on Yelp and Open Table.

(It also was once the spot where Clint Eastwood's wife posed as a waitress and filmed an episode of "Candid Camera.")

Kalkounos said that speaking as a businessman, he had concerns about how Obamacare would affect his business. The issue came up at the Tuesday night debate in Rolling Meadows where Walsh and Duckworth gave different takes on what happened with the conversation they had with the owner.
Walsh challenged Duckworth to sit down with Chicago Prime next week to settle the matter and if he was wrong, he would donate $2,500 to her campaign.

"Based purely as a business owner, the (Affordable Health Care Act) would impose a significant
added expense without contributing any added revenue," Kalkounos said. "As it relates to AHCA, you ask me if my business is better off before it or after, the answer is obviously before. Both candidates agree with this and I am hopeful that this specific issue gets resolved immediately."

As it turns out, Walsh made a stop after the Tuesday night debate -- he headed to Chicago Prime.

Here's his statement:
"So that we do not have to respond individually to the high volume of reporters who have
contacted us in the last 24 hours, we thought we would just respond with the following

First, we would like to thank both Tammy Duckworth and Joe Walsh for attending and
mentioning our round table discussions held at our restaurant, Chicago Prime Steakhouse
in Schaumburg, Il, last evening during their spirited debate. My father George Kalkounos
and I appreciate your friendship, and both of you along with all of your supporters are
always welcome to our restaurant.

Allow me to preface my comments by sharing that I do not have a political axe to grind.
I am not speaking as a partisan, I am simply speaking a businessman, and concerned
citizen who has a business to protect, a wonderful family to provide for and a hard-
working staff to answer to.

The idea of health benefits for employees is a significant consideration that we take
seriously. Based purely as a business owner, the AHCA would impose a significant
added expense without contributing any added revenue.
Plainly speaking the Affordable Health Care Act, as I understand it to be written, is NOT affordable to this small
. The math is simple, these new rules are creating costs for businesses like our
own who already struggle in this economy and we have to treat it as any other expense
and attempt to curtail it as much as possible. I can say that I am assuaged by the fact that
both Ms. Duckworth and Mr. Walsh agree that our restaurant will suffer under the new
changes implemented by the AHCA and they both want to do something about it. It is
of great concern that government is imposing a penalty on businesses that may not be
able to afford health care. It burdens entrepreneurs like us that take the risk of leveraging
assets and sacrifice time away from their families to create, open and operate a successful
business in today's climate. The AHCA as written goes against supporting our business
growth. As it relates to AHCA, you ask me if my business is better off before it or after,
the answer is obviously before. Both candidates agree with this and I am hopeful that this
specific issue gets resolved immediately.

Arguably the most contentious congressional contest in Illinois was on full display Tuesday night in Rolling Meadows where hundreds of people packed in to hear Tammy Duckworth and U.S. Rep. Joe Walsh's debate over the 8th congressional seat they both think they deserve.
And battle they did.
Both Duckworth, a Democrat and Walsh, a one-term Tea Party Republican, wasted no time launching salvos at one another, each attempting to put the other on the defensive all the while.
"I never said she wasn't a hero," Walsh said, responding to a question about whether he was "too extreme."
That caused a major groan to wash over the Meadows Club auditorium.
"Yes you did!" someone shouted.
Walsh was also asked about his comment about Duckworth picking out an outfit to wear at the political convention when she should have been back in the district talking to people.
Walsh then held up a print out photo saying it was Duckworth shopping for a dress.
He couldn't even finish his remark because the crowd drowned him out in disapproval.
"What a dork!" said one man who was wearing a "No Walsh," sticker.
"I wear one color, it's called camoflauge," was Duckworth's retort.
Upon entering, both Walsh and Duckworth won standing ovations. Walsh won large applause on several points, including when he said he would end the department of education.
Walsh complained that all politicians wanted to do was get reelected.
Duckworth came back at him with that.
"The only person here who's trying to get reelected is Mr. Walsh," she said to laughs and applause.

U.S. Rep. Joe Walsh and Tammy Duckworth will go head-to-head tonight as the weeks close in on one of the most contentious races in the state -- if not the nation.

Walsh, a Tea Party Republican, and Duckworth, a Democrat, will debate beginning at 7 p.m. at the Meadows Club in Rolling Meadows. Paul Green of Roosevelt University will moderate.

Of the six most contested congressional races in Illinois, the 8th is the most likely to draw interest because of Walsh's unpredictability and as voters are still trying to feel out Duckworth. The flame-throwing Walsh has implored Sandra Fluke to "go get a job" and has called into question the hero status of his double amputee opponent, who was maimed on a mission in Iraq. However, Walsh has toned it down lately, taking on a more reasoned approach in recent interviews and appearances.

Democrats had written off Walsh in the 8th congressional race but it could be tighter than they believe. Walsh was recently the beneficiary of a huge media buy from a SuperPAC that poured more than $1.4 million into anti-Duckworth ads.

Roll Call has reported that a poll taken in mid-August by the Tarrance Group showed Walsh and Duckworth in a statistical tie. A We Ask America poll had Walsh at a five-point lead. Democrats have reported far wider margins, including releasing numbers Monday that Duckworth was 10 points ahead and an earlier poll that said she held a 14-point lead.

The barrage of TV ads in the highly contentious, nationally followed 8th Congressional District just took another turn with new ads from Tammy Duckworth as well as a pro-Joe Walsh ad from the National Republican Campaign Committee.
Duckworth's ad attacks U.S. Rep. Joe Walsh, calling him "too extreme" and "uncompromising" as a Tea Party member. The ad comes after a Republican SuperPac spent more than $1 million in two ads buys hammering Duckworth.

"I'm very disappointed Ms. Duckworth has decided to go negative more than a month before the election. It just shows that her campaign is desperate and she will say and do anything to get elected," Walsh said in a statement.

"Her accusation that I will raise taxes on the middle class is a complete lie," he added.

The Republican ad is not exactly soft. It lambasts Duckworth a tax cheat and shows slow-motion images of Rod Blagojevich, who appointed her to a state post.

Here's the ads

SuperPAC: Tammy Duckworth ad will run on all stations

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A pro-Joe Walsh ad made up by a SuperPAC that the Tammy Duckworth campaign had hoped to keep from airing has landed a spot "on all stations," according to a spokesman.

"The ad will run, at all stations, despite the challenge by Duckworth," said Tyler Harber, spokesman for Now or Never, a SuperPAC.

The SuperPAC spent $405,150 on the ad buy, according to campaign disclosures.

Harber said he is preparing to release more details. To date, the conservative SuperPAC has spent more than $1.2 million on pro-Walsh/anti-Duckworth commercials. Federal Election Commission disclosures show that the group has spent $2 million so far in the 2012 campaign cycle.

On Monday, the Duckworth campaign released a statement saying that a "source" had said that the ABC-owned WLS TV would not run the latest pro-Walsh TV ad. However, WLS President and General Manager John Idler said later Monday that was not true -- it was under review.