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Comedian Chris Rock adds to the odder celebrity endorsements rolling our of late with his choice of a president white America can believe in - Barack Obama. Or Barry, if that helps.

Rock offered his take on race relations in this piece for Jimmy Kimmel Live.

As endorsements go, Ron Burgundy's moustache - and the man behind it - says something. Stay classy, American presidential political system.

Not sure if this trumps Joss Whedon's Romney Zombie tale, but it at least adds some levity to the end of a long campaign season.

As if the prospect of another week of presidential campaigning - and ads - weren't scary enough, Joss Whedon has introduced zombies into the fray.

Whedon's may just have Clint Eastwood beat with this spot telling us that a vote for Romney is, essentially a vote for the inhuman walkin dead a Romney presidency would lead to. Maybe it's a side effect of Romnesia.

At least Whedon's getting into the halloween spirit. Though this guy may have stolen the thunder of the idea.