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romney.jpgAP Photo/Charles Dharapak

One of the storylines of the 2012 Presidential campaigns that will linger throughout history will be the Mitt Romney "47 Percent" video. Though Romney overcame the momentum that gave President Obama and made a tight contest of the race for a while, the video was one of several items that just gave Romney too high a mountain to overcome. And now it looks like the phrase "47 percent" may be forever etched next to Romney's name in an entirely different manner. As of earlier today, with vote reports - primarily absentee ballots - still trickling in, Romney stands at 47.84 percent of the popular vote. Some media outlets are still rounding up to 48 percent but as votes continue to trickle in and be tallied, there's a very good chance that Romney will remain in the 47 percent range and ensure that he will forever be linked to the phrase.

Sun-Times graphics guru Max Rust has put together some tremendous images that give us a great visual breakdown of yesterday's presidential vote (Florida excepted). Below, the Electoral College votes broken down by states and number of votes.


And below here is the breakdown of the candidates' respective margins of victories in 3,000 different counties across the nation, punctuating Obama's dominance in urban areas while Romney took a big chunk of the suburban and rural vote. [A full, high-res PDF version of the below map can be viewed here.]