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In Chicago, we root for the Bears and Bulls. Fight over the Cubs and Sox. Hang our pride on an Original Six hockey team, support the Fire, Sky and myriad other pro and college teams.

But for many, the only real full-contact sport in Chicago is politics.

It's fitting, then, that New York public radio station WNYC has done the digging to find out which sports team owners are donating the most to Barack Obama, Mitt Romney and other political campaigns and organizations.

As for Chicago owners? Much like playoff dynasties for the home teams, the pickings are slim. Only William "Rocky" Wirtz of the Chicago Blackhawks, and a partial investor in the Chicago Sun-Times, donated to a presidential campaign - $1,000 to Tim Pawlenty according to records.

Times were tough for the Romney home team according to the WNYC post. The former Massachusetts governor and senate candidate, was not only snubbed by Robert Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots, who gave $17,900 to the Obama campaign and the Democratic National Committee, he also got no rooting from Boston Celtics owner Stephen Pagliuca. Pagliuca, who also happens to be a managing partner at Bain Capital, gave more than $66,000 to Democrats.

Mitt visits Harry Caray's

AP photo by Charles Dharapak

Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney hit Chicago and the suburbs Tuesday to continue raking in campaign cash.

After an event at Acme Industries in Elk Grove Village, where he talked welfare reform, Romney's motorcade headed downtown for a lunch roundtable targeted to manufacturers at Harry Caray's. Tickets for the Harry Caray's event were priced from $10,000 to $75,800 and Romney's campaign was aiming for a total $2 million haul for the warchest, reports Dan Mihalopoulos.

"There are the glasses, the famous glasses," Romney told Dutchie Caray. "Your husband -- what a guy. I sure miss him."


Mihalopoulos pool report from Harry Caray's below....