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Disgraced former Gov. Rod Blagojevich has the president on his mind.

No, not necessarily the one who just got re-elected and whose vacated Senate seat he tried to sell.

Think back 150 years or so, his lawyer Sam Adam Jr. said Thursday.

"My father sends him two or three books a month, and it's always on the presidents," Adam said, updating reporters about his notorious client's activities these days.

"They've studied the presidents up to U.S. Grant. They're on Grant now, and so they're into Reconstruction."

Adam said his defense attorney father talks to Blagojevich up to two or three times a week while he serves his 14-year prison sentence in Colorado for corruption.

"Blago is the son my father always wanted. I'm the son he got," Adam said.

Adam said Blagojevich is doing "okay."

"He's staying strong" and he's "upbeat," he said.

-Rummana Hussain