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Special Session calls begin. Bill Brady says he's 'disgusted' over lack of pension reform

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State Sen. Bill Brady

Saying he is "disgusted" over the dismal display of inaction in Springfield, Assistant Senate Republican Leader Bill Brady is asking Gov. Quinn to call a special session to resolve the public pension crisis.

"I'm disgusted that we left Springfield Friday night with no resolution to the pension issue and a budget that spends $2 billion more than the current budget," said Brady (R-Bloomington). "Many of us, in both chambers and in both parties, have worked long and hard to bring some common sense to our pension funding, and the one-party Democrat rule has again failed the citizens of Illinois. Governor Quinn was missing in action much of the session, and the General Assembly's Democrat leaders played an eleventh-hour game of chicken that resulted in nothing being accomplished toward a solution that would put Illinois on stronger financial footing."

Brady is to hold a conference call at 1 p.m. Brady voted in favor of Senate Bill 1, the bill backed by House Speaker Michael Madigan that went up in flames in the state Senate last week.

On Friday, Gov. Quinn said only that he could call legislative leaders together this week to press the issue.

"There is something wrong in Illinois when the Speaker of the House and the President of the Senate could join together to propose a pension holiday for Chicago, yet they could not send a comprehensive pension reform bill to my desk," Quinn said in a Friday statement. "I have made pension reform the top priority for the state of Illinois for more than a year. Since I convened a pension working group in January 2012, I have proposed comprehensive solution after solution, worked across the aisle, called a special session, set deadline after deadline and released study after study on the dire impact of inaction on education and our economy. I have met at length, countless times, with the leaders and legislators on this issue."

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