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Quinn may be in trouble with African-Americans, influential alderman warns

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Gov. Pat Quinn has his hands full with the state's pension crisis, but he may have a bigger problem when it comes to winning support from African-American voters who helped put him in office.

Ald. Carrie Austin (34th), powerful chairman of the City Council's Budget Committee, on Tuesday gave Quinn an "F" because of, what she called the governor's "broken promises" to her Far South Side ward.

They include pledges to contribute state funding to build Dunn Elementary School and the Ray and Joan Kroc Salvation Army Center.

"They were promised $15 million and they only delivered $5 million. I had to scrap and scrape to get the other $10 million [for the Kroc center]. He was supposed to build Dunn in the new capital bill. All of the sudden, it wasn't in the bill," Austin said.

"The governor has not really listened to some of our cries, me included....How much of a fight does it take for you to do things that will be beneficial to all communities--not just specific ones?...On a grading scale, he would get an `F' from me."

Austin noted that support from black voters is "how he got elected," but African-Americans are now searching for alternatives to Quinn in 2014, including Attorney General Lisa Madigan.

"A lot of African-Americans like Lisa Madigan. She's a down-to-earth person. She's a person you could touch. She's just like a regular school teacher mom. She's not this high-fallutin' individual," Austin said of the daughter of powerful Il. House Speaker Michael Madigan (D-Chicago).

What about former U.S. Commerce Secretary and White House chief-of-staff Bill Daley, the former mayor's brother?

"I've worked with him on several occasions. I need to hear his platform," the alderman said.

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I repeat, Chicago has become the laughing stock of every 3rd world country, because at least those people know they're being ripped off.

who isn't the Potatohead in trouble with? gee lets see only personally responsible for 11 of the 20 credit rating drops the state has suffered made a DeathSpiralSanctuaryState
caused business and people to leave taking their money and skills with them and doing nothing about it
so to answer the question EVERYBODY

Carrie Austin is dumber than a stick.

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