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President Obama in Mexico: 'I'm optimistic we're finally going to get comprehensive immigration reform passed.'

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In brief remarks from the Palacio Nacional in Mexico City on Thursday, President Obama said strengthening trade between Mexico and the United States would boost both economies.

Obama also said he was hopeful that "common sense" immigration reform would happen in Congress.

"I'm optimistic we're finally going to get comprehensive immigration reform passed," he said and mentioned he would talk more on the subject on Friday. He said he envisioned legislation in the U.S. "that lives up to our tradition of a nation of laws and a nation of immigrants."

He also had something to say in response to U.S. Sen. Mark Rubio's (R-Fla.) criticism of the current immigration bill.

Obama was quick to stress that security along our shared border has been more secure as it has been in years. That's something that Republicans have made clear they want as part of any reform bill.

In the question and answer session, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto brought the subject back to trade and the economy, saying that if North America wants to be a true world leading economy, the two nations must strengthen opportunities.

"We have emphasized trade and commerce during this visit because we have made a thorough analysis," Peña Nieto said. As for the border security, Peña Nieto said: "Under our new strategy, we're going to make it institutional, the channels are going to be very clear, we're going to use one single channel to make it more efficient, to get better results. They know why we are emphasizing violence reduction in our strategy."

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The question should be not what this country is doing to or for you but why are you leaving your country in the first place .

What a waste of a trip! The immigration reform should from Mexico. That country needs to prepare by committing tens of billions of dollars to re-patriate it's citizens in this country illegally.

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