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Michael Madigan on gay marriage and gaming: 'I'm for it'

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In the closing hours of the session, the elusive Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan walked out of his office and toward the House chamber, then turned back when an aide signaled he wasn't yet needed.

Madigan, who has been working behind the scenes and not very visible these past few days in the chamber over which he rules was asked if same-sex marriage would be called for a vote.

"I'm for it," he said wryly.

When pressed he would only repeat: "I'm for it."

Then asked about gaming he gave the same answer: "I'm for it."

He then turned his key in the door and disappeared.

Meanwhile, throngs of people are packed into the Illinois House gallery awaiting a vote on gay marriage -- or Senate Bill 10.

With just hours remaining in the session, no deal has been reached on pensions or gaming.

The legislature did send a concealed carry bill to the governor, however.

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