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Illinois House black caucus chair: Call gay marriage bill now if you want it to pass

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In the waning days of the legislative session, at least one Illinois House member is getting antsy over the lack of movement on gay marriage.

Illinois Legislative Black Caucus Chair Ken Dunkin (D-Chicago) said he's been urging the bill's sponsor to call it for a vote.

"He needs to do something. The longer he waits, I believe, the less likely he'll be to get a simple majority in our chamber. I also think he will pick up a few votes once people listen to the debate ... This bill will be passed. There's only 20 of us out of 118. It's not a Black Caucus issue. The Black Caucus is not responsible for the bill not getting passed. This is Downstater's issue, this is a rural area issue, a suburban issue."

Dunkin said he's felt the pressure from those who oppose gay marriage including from robocalls and Sunday church speeches.

"I've been taking it across the chin the last three weeks. Robocalls, pastors at church (saying): 'The head of the Black Caucus, what the heavens are you doing, in Jesus' name!'"

"I think Jesus likes all of us," Dunkin continues. "Jesus hung out with the pros and the 'hos and the gays and the hypocrites."

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