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Illinois gun owners warned: 'The heat will be on this week' in Springfield

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The Illinois Rifle Association sent out another alert to its members today, urging them to call their representatives in Springfield urging for “shall issue” concealed carry legislation.

The Supreme Court has given the state until June 9th to come up with a constitutional concealed carry law. The state has asked for an extension.

From the Illinois Rifle Association warning:

“As June 9th grows nearer, a lot of attention will be focused on the General Assembly’s efforts to comply with the court order to enact concealed carry. As important as passing shall-issue concealed carry is, gun owners should not let the carry issue distract them from other efforts already underway to diminish their constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

Those of you who have been following the topic of gun control this year know that there are some key items on the gun-grabbers’ legislative wish list. Among the crown jewels are the ban and confiscation of semiautomatic rifles, pistols and shotguns; the ban and confiscation of standard capacity magazines; the registration of lawful gun owners; and the mandatory reporting of lost and stolen firearms. The gun controllers claim that these measures are necessary to protect public safety. Of course, firearm owners know that these measures are designed strictly for the purpose of punishing people who dare to own a gun.

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1 Comment

Typical biased reporting from a Chicago Media source. How about telling the facts, like the fact that the Cook County Jail is filled to capacity or that the CTA has just dumped all of its Security Force to save money or that there are over 150,000 Criminal Gang Members in Chicago or that the Mental Health Facilities in Chicago and other Cook County locations have been closed or that Convicts are being given early release to save money. Yet, with over 500 people being Murdered in Chicago last year and 2800 women being Raped... the government unable to provide safety and security for its citizens also deny's their Constitutional Right to provide their own! Just once, tell the truth and stop being the mouthpiece of the Chicago Political Machine.

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