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Cameras on school buses passes House despite Red-Light controversy

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In a 64 to 54 vote, Illinois House members gave a nod to outfitting school buses with cameras.

It sailed through the House with little debate compared to the sniping that erupted on the Senate floor when that chamber passed the bill last month.

Opponents have said the measure is only another layer of potential Big Brother fines tied to Red Light cameras.

Under the plan, school districts would be given the authority to partner with cities and counties in equipping school buses with the cameras, which would photograph vehicles and their license plate numbers if they go around a bus with its "stop" arm deployed as students are boarding.

Motorists would face a fine of $150 for a first-time offense and fines of $500 for any subsequent violations. Any motorists ensnared by the bus cameras wouldn't face moving violations as they would if a police officer witnessed them going around a stopped bus.

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