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Bill Daley: Don't count me out for Illinois governor's race.

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Bill Daley -- the brother of Chicago's former longtime Mayor -- told the Chicago Sun-Times not to count him out on a run for Illinois governor.


Daley was trying to stamp out rumors that he was definitely out of the running for a March 2014 Democratic primary. When asked why he hadn't yet formed a campaign committee if he were serious, the former White House Chief of Staff and onetime U.S. Commerce Secretary said he didn't see money as an impediment to a run.

"That isn't a big deal in the scheme of things," Daley told the Sun-Times. "Look, I'm pretty confident that I can raise the money I need to raise."

The bigger question was regarding Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan and whether she was truly intent on making a move for governor, he said.

Lisa Madigan already has more than $4.3 million in the bank.

Daley said he hasn't seen a clear signal that Madigan is in. "How definite she is in doing it? That's the main (question). But money sure isn't," Daley said.

Does that mean he's out if Lisa Madigan is in? "I'm not saying that - harder, obviously, very hard, to win a three-way race," he said.

Gov. Pat Quinn has said he intends to run for another term. Lisa Madigan made an overture toward the governor's mansion earlier this year but has remained silent on the issue since.

She hasn't been silent when it comes to fund-raising, however, and donors have said she's expressed her intent to run.

An announcement is not likely until after the legislative session concludes.

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What is Daley and Madigan going to do that Quinn can't or isn't doing?

Now if they would agree to abandon Medicaid expansion and forget about the Obamacare state insurance exchanges, we may have something . But neither would have the guts to do that and save the Illinois taxpayer some money.

Sorry, Rodg, but these are potential candidates in the Democratic gubernatorial primary, not the GOP contest. We believe in the social safety net and affordable health care. You need to find your own candidates if you want to dismantle social programs.

You believe in bankrupting the country with unaffordable welfare schemes.

Why won't the Daley family just go away? Perhaps if they weren't all a bunch of dim witted, inarticulate, feckless and venal machine politicians overweight from eating at the public trough for decades on end, the idea of this Daley running wouldn't make me want to puke.

Go hang out with your brother and together the two of you can count the billions Richie lost to the Parking Meter companies against the millions it earned you two numbskulls.

Patrick Sullivan

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