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Apparently, everyone in Illinois wants a gun

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It seems that many in Illinois are falling prey to the NRA's faulty logic that the only way to combat the spate of mass shootings is by buying up more guns. According to CBS 2, so many Illinois residents are applying for Firearms Owner Identification cards that the State Police are dealing with a backlog of tens of thousands of applications. Complicating matters: budget cuts have left them understaffed to deal with these applications. It's just one big, "Thanks, Obama!"

Each month in 2013 has brought a record number of applications between new applications and renewals. Of course, the reason for the spike has mored to do with the repealing of the state's concealed carry law than with, say, the Newtown massacre which happened just days later. The state is supposed to reply within 30 days but they've blown through that deadline for thousands of applications thanks to the backlog.

Meanwhile, the NRA is, of course, up in arms about the entire ordeal with the association's Illinois lobbyist Todd Vandermyde threatening to sue the state police over the backlog but wouldn't comment earlier this week, according to the State Journal, citing a recent conversation with the NRA's attorneys.

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