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Lisa Madigan stays tight-lipped about a possible 2014 challenge to Quinn

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SPRINGFIELD-Democratic Attorney General Lisa Madigan continued to show the steeliness of a world-class poker player Monday by refusing to show her hand on whether she intends to challenge incumbent Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn next year.

Madigan said she still hasn't made up her mind about her up-in-the-air gubernatorial ambitions in 2014 but refused to take the bait about whether she thinks the unpopular incumbent has done a good job.

"I think I'm going to continue focusing on my job performance and making sure I'm the best attorney general in the country," Madigan said when asked to comment on Quinn's standing in polls that show him as one of the second-least popular governor in the country.

Pressed on why she thought voters had such a sour view on Quinn as he heads into a certain re-election bid, Madigan answered tartly, "You should ask the voters that."

Madigan has been on a major fund-raising kick and holds a commanding lead over Quinn in terms of the size of their respective campaign warchests. Earlier this month, she reported raising $751,815 during the first quarter of this year, giving her potentially $3.6 million in her campaign fund.

Quinn raised about $550,000 during the same period, adding to the $1.06 million he had on hand at the end of last year.

Madigan wouldn't say whether that infusion of new money would be devoted to running for a fourth term as attorney general.

"Right now, all of that is in my campaign account and gives me the opportunity to make a decision about what I want to do," she said after speaking to a group of Illinois Realtors in Springfield.

On that question, she refused to hint at a timetable for a decision on the 2014 governor's race.

"I am enjoying my job as attorney general right now, and when I'm ready to make a decision, I'll let all of you be among the first people to know," she said.

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