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Jack Franks for Lt. Gov? State rep looking at statewide run -- undecided on gay marriage

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State Rep. Jack Franks (D-Marengo) confirmed Tuesday that he is setting his sights on a run for higher office, possibly for Lieutenant Governor.

"I'm certainly looking at statewide opportunities," Franks told the Chicago Sun-Times today. "I certainly am not interested in running for Lt. Governor with our current governor, I can tell you that."

Lt. Gov. Sheila Simon announced in February that she would not run with Pat Quinn in 2014 because she had her eye on another statewide office.

Franks said he hadn't had discussions with any other gubernatorial candidates to join up as a running mate, which now is necessary under law, and noted the shuffling of posts would only happen if Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan runs for governor.

Franks, who has been outspoken on reforming pensions, said he has not yet decided whether he will vote yay or nay on same sex marriage. Franks acknowledged he's feeling pressure from both sides of the issue.

As advocates work to persuade Republicans on the issue to get the 60 needed votes, Franks' decision carries more weight.

"It's an important issue, it ought to be addressed. But before we do anything else we need to fix this pension issue," Franks said.

As for his position on Lisa Madigan running for governor while her father is House Speaker, Franks said it was a non-issue.

"The Republicans ran their entire campaign on firing (Michael) Madigan and all it gave them was a (Democratic) super majority. So, I'm not sure it's an issue. It's certainly not illegal," Franks said. "I've known Lisa to be independent. I don't think she's beholden to her father at all. I don't really see it as an issue. I think the Republicans will try to make it an issue and I think it will fall flat like it did in the last election."

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1 Comment

Its nonsensical. Since they changed the law, candidates for Governor and Lt. Governor have to run TOGETHER in a primary.

Doubt that Quinn, Lisa, or Bill Daley want Jack Franks.

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