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Bruce Rauner's response to clouting daughter into Payton Magnet: 'It's all baloney.'

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In a recent phone interview, Bruce Rauner was dismissive of a [recent Crain's report ]( that said Rauner had clouted his daughter into the top-tiered magnet, Walter Payton High School but conceded it may have "partial truths" in it.

"It's all baloney," Rauner told the Sun-Times but did not elaborate. "It's just minor. It's stuff that doesn't matter, it may have partial truths in it. It's all part of the process of slinging mud early against someone who's doing really strong."

Last week, Greg Hinz reported: *According to multiple sources at Chicago Public Schools, Mr. Rauner in 2008 picked up the phone and called Mr. Duncan on behalf of his daughter, who was trying to get into Payton. Since this story is about the old man and not the kid, I'm not going to give her name.*

Rauner's $1.3 million in his campaign bank -- and ties to a group that launched scathing attack ads against U.S. Rep. Aaron Schock (R-Ill.) may have been enough to scare off Schock from pursuing a run for Illinois' Chief Executive spot. Schock, 31, formally announced his retreat last week, saying he instead wanted to pursue his career in the U.S. House. The two had publicly aired their differences in the past.

"Frankly, I scare politicians in both parties," Rauner told the Sun-Times. "Our state is controlled by special interests that - they've taken over pieces of the Republican party. If I run, I'm going to be out to transform our state government."

In an email sent out to supporters today, Rauner makes an apparent reference to the stories questioning school clout.

"Also, thanks to those of you who sent encouraging notes to Diana and/or me over the past week. Unfortunately, we know the political attacks are just beginning -- but they won't deter me from offering up major reforms for the state I love."

[Courtesy of WBEZ, here is a CPS Secret Clout list]
This is the first time the actual log has been made public. WBEZ obtained the redacted log through an open records request, with assistance from the Illinois Attorney General's Public Access Counselor. It took nearly a year to obtain.Names of parents requesting admission for their children are redacted. The only names not redacted are those of elected officials, high-level school or city officials, or other individuals who forwarded requests to Arne Duncan. Requests coming directly from Duncan appear as "AD" on the log. Petitions from Duncan's wife appear as "KD" on the log.*

CPS secret clout list by Chicago Public Media

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I think you meant that Schock wanted to continue his career in the U.S. House -- not IL House.

Bruce Rauner: "It's all baloney [but] it may have partial truths in it."

So it's like an olive loaf?

-- MrJM

Rauner knows he clouted his kid into a school that she did not make I to on her own, PERIOD. The guy has NO CHANCE to be Governor even if he buys the Republican primary. He is a JOKE

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