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Obama first president to visit Argonne in more than a decade. Research hub faces funding cuts.

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***corrected ****
Matthew Howard, Director of Communications from Argonne National Laboratory corrected an earlier statement that a president had not been to the site for 21 years.
In fact, he said the last presidential visit happened in 2002 under George W. Bush.

Howard said Argonne faces funding cuts under the federal sequester.
"We're anticipating a 5 percent cut. We don't have specifics on how that's going to play out. We just don't know what the short-term effects will be from the Department of Energy, but our main concern is the freezing of new ideas and the slowing down of new projects while the rest of the world is racing ahead. There is a long-term effect that could really damage science in this country and innovation."
President Obama,who has touched down at O'Hare already, is expected to make public remarks at about 1:30 after he tours the facility.
Argonne is one of the Department of Energy's biggest national laboratories, managed by the University of Chicago.
A White House official said Argonne Labs was selected for the visit to showcase Obama's package of energy proposals because the scope of the research at the lab "is incredibly wide ranging but for decades now, they have been at the forefront of research focused on high-tech vehicle technology."

Obama is expected to lay out his energy policies today, something he's calling an Energy Security Trust.

A White House blog post today lays out the details:

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