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Transcript: 2nd CD candidate Joyce Washington tells Bloomberg to get out of race

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Debbie Halvorson and Anthony Beale have asked Michael Bloomberg to stop pouring millions of dollars in outside money on the 2nd congressional district race. Now Second congressional district candidate Joyce Washington has done the same.
Today, she held a news conference to talk about Bloomberg's influence in the race.

"Good morning and thank you for joining us today. I'd like to thank Rev. Daniel for those kind words and the warm endorsement of the Ministers Alliance for Joyce Washington for Congress. I'm truly honored by your support in this very important election and I'm going to continue to work hard to serve our community and make all of you proud.

For far too long, voters in our district have been ignored. Streets aren't safe. Jobs are scarce. Families continue to struggle and all we want is security and hope that our children and grandchildren will have a brighter future. Our community's voices have been ignored.

The ministers who stand with me today know the voices. They are the single moms struggling to put food on the table. They are our seniors who worry about whether or not they'll be able to pay for their prescription drugs. They are hard working immigrants who fear being deported. They are young men who search endlessly for a chance for a good paying job. The voices are the same thing all over the district, from Hyde Park to Richton Park, from South Deering to South Holland.

The district - our community -- needs a leader to champion them in Congress. I have listened to their voices. I understand their struggles and I am ready to lead.

Unlike my opponents, I'm not a politician, just someone who spent a lifetime serving others. My father was a mechanic and my mother a schoolteacher -- both taught me to work hard and help others. I learned about true sacrifice working at Walter Reed Hospital serving our nation's veterans -- our heroes. And, throughout my life, faith has given me strength during the most challenging times.

Because of career politicians, we have underfunded schools with underpaid teachers. Safety is a luxury -- not a right. And, entire neighborhoods have no jobs, foreclosed empty homes and no spark of hope. Families are in the dark.

These experienced politicians have driven us in debt while making cuts that have impacted our families. Mental health programs have been decimated. There aren't enough police on the streets and no one is offering solutions to boost our economy and create more jobs.

Well, I am listening and I am prepared to fight for our families. Together, we can work for safer streets, give our economy a boost, help struggling families and ensure the promise of a greater future for our children and grandchildren. I will be your champion in Congress.

Now, our message has resonated with voters across the district and as a result, the career politicians are circling their wagons and pouring millions into this election. They want to buy this Congressional seat.

Wealthy billionaire.....New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is spending millions of dollars to support my opposition to quiet our campaign....Silence the voices of the families in our district. Yesterday, the Sun Times called the billionaire's ads "insidious." This Republican leader wishes to buy and choose our Democrat nominee for Congress. Well, I have a message to Billionaire Republican outsider Michael Bloomberg -- The families of the second district can't be bought. You may know New York, but you don't know Chicago.

As the only independent Democrat in the race, I cannot be bought. The families in our district don't need expensive and flashy television ads. They need a leader with proven experience, an individual who can make a difference and a Member of Congress who will be their voice. I will be their voice.

Mr. Bloomberg, I may not have millions to throw around in an Election, but I have the Ministers with me today and I'd take their support over your tv ads any day.

We have too many families struggling and it's a serious time. We don't need politics-as-usual, we need solutions. We don't need politicians, we need leaders. I'm Joyce Washington and I'm ready to be your champion in Congress.

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