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Schakowsky, Robin Kelly say anti-gun SuperPAC flooding 2nd district combats NRA money

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More than $1.2 million poured into attack ads in the 2nd congressional district from outside sources is eroding the strong lead once held by candidate Debbie Halvorson.

The attack ads hit Halvorson hard on the gun issue, saying she's the wrong choice because of her NRA 'A' rating and her disagreement with some of President Obama's gun reform agenda. To a lesser extent state Sen. Toi Hutchinson has also been a target but she has changed her position, now supporting an assault weapons ban.

On Wednesday, Robin Kelly -- who is benefitting from the attacks because she has an F rating from the NRA -- said she has no control of the SuperPAC money that's immersing the airwaves with attack ads on her opponents.
Kelly said the fact that the money is coming from a group formed by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg simply points to the fact that gun violence is a national issue.

U.S. Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.), who endorsed Kelly on Wednesday, said she has spent years watching the NRA pour money into campaign funds, steering an issue because of the group's strong financial backing. The new SuperPACs essentially level the playing field, she said.

Schakowsky's endorsement meanwhile continues to boost Kelly, who is picking up momentum in the final weeks before the Feb. 26 special primary.
Schakowsky who in the past has put her support behind Halvorson, noted Kelly's agenda on guns is in line with President Obama's.

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