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Robin Kelly says of Mayor Bloomberg, who spent $2.1 million on her race: "I don't know the man."

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kelly_feb19.jpgFormer state Rep. Robin Kelly said Monday night that she doesn't know the man who has been the biggest contributor to the 2nd congressional district race.

"It's ridiculous. I have nothing to do with what he's doing, I never did. So whatever people are saying is untrue and ridiculous. I don't know the man," Kelly said after the AARP debate in Matteson.

Southtown (Sun-Times Media) reporter Casey Toner was there reporting.

"I have no contact with him. I don't know him, never saw him, never been in the same room with him," Kelly said of Bloomberg, whose Super Pac just poured $700,000 in outside spending to boost her campaign. "I just think these are desperate measures."

Kelly landed Bloomberg's endorsement on Friday.

The discussion arose after one of Kelly's chief rivals, Debbie Halvorson, held a news conference Monday afternoon decrying Bloomberg's SuperPAC and its influence in the race. Halvorson has been pounded in TV commercials put on by Independence USA, Bloomberg's political action committee that targets congressional candidates who are out of step with President Obama's gun proposals.

Meanwhile, candidate Ald. Anthony Beale is raising questions about Kelly's gun record, arguing he has a more proven record opposing guns than Kelly. And another candidate, Joyce Washington, held a news conference today telling Bloomberg to stay out of the race.

Asked whether Bloomberg's money will be a deciding factor, Kelly said she would see after 7 p.m. Feb. 26 -- the day of the primary special election.

"I'm running my race. Regardless of Bloomberg, I'm running my race."

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