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Michelle Obama tells 6,000 CPS students "it's on you!" to improve their health -- and lives

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At an event in Chicago aimed at boosting sports and physical education in schools today, First Lady Michelle Obama came back onto the stage in workout clothes and gave a spirited, passionate pitch to 6,000 Chicago Public School students about not only staying active, but eating right, working hard in school and telling them "it's on you!" to turn off the TV.
Michelle Obama told the students at the event that she, too, grew up on the South Side and knows what it's like to be them.
"I am you!" she screamed to them.
She told them she grew up without much money. Her family lived in a small apartment, she shared a tiny room in an apartment with her brother, Craig. She said it was so noisy sometimes, she couldn't think.
Mrs. Obama told the students it's their choice to eat candy and chips instead of fruits and vegetables.
"You gotta turn off the TV. Move away from the SCREEN!" the First Lady implored.
She told them she got to where she was because she worked diligently in school.
"You got one job at this age and that's to be the best student you can be," Mrs. Obama said. "Do your homework, not just when you feel like it."

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