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Lisa Madigan reacts to Quinn's speech, stays coy on run for governor

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SPRINGFIELD-After hearing Gov. Pat Quinn's 38-minute State of the State address Wednesday, Attorney General Lisa Madigan commended the speech but kept her cards close in regards to a 2014 primary run for governor against Quinn.

"I'll let you guys know when I have an opinion on that," Madigan told reporters after the speech. "If I made a decision you guys would know about it."

Since the presidential inauguration last month when she hinted at a gubernatorial campaign, Madigan has been on the radar of the handful of other potential candidates, though Quinn has not publically commented on the possible challenge.

The governor embraced Madigan and several others as he entered the House chamber to deliver his address, which Madigan, who had her own copy of the speech, said focused on the critical issue facing the state.

"I thought he focused on what was the most important issue facing the state, which is the pension issue," she said. "And obviously until that's resolved, everything else needs to be addressed, but it's really hard to move passed that."

Madigan wouldn't say whether she thought Quinn demonstrated enough leadership to find a pension solution, but she acknowledged he had at least identified the issue.

"The other issues that he addressed are obviously important issues, but, you know, the top three issues are pensions, pensions, pensions," she said. "And so until that's resolved, it's very difficult to move forward on any other issues that require revenue. And he seems to recognize that, and now the real issue is getting the work done and making that happen."

And does Madigan think the governor presented any fresh ideas to get the job done? Again, it seems the attorney general is keeping her cards close.

"Well obviously he's going to be working with the legislature to make those other things happen, but again making sure that everybody in the state capitol realizes that we have to address the pension issue - that's job one," she said. "And so I do think he talked about that. I do think he made that point. So I think that's a good day for him."

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