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Joe Walsh once called "Deadbeat Joe" ads "graceless." New child support questions surface.

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Former U.S. Rep. Joe Walsh once called his opponent's attack on his child support payments "graceless," and stood beside his older son at a news conference asking that an ad calling him "deadbeat Joe," be pulled from the airwaves.

But now the Tea Party Republican is no longer in office, he has asked a Cook County Circuit Court to modify his child support payments. According to his ex-wife's attorney, Jack Coladarci, Walsh is behind in payments.
Walsh says he is asking a court to modify his payments since he no longer has the job in Congress. He describes the filing as routine and said he has no intention of skipping on payments.

Walsh, who preached fiscal responsibility to other House members, had been behind $115,000 in child support payments back in 2011. He and his ex-wife, however, then came to an agreement and settled the matter.

Last week, Walsh announced over Twitter that he was filing papers with the Federal Election Commission to launch a new conservative SuperPAC aimed at rivaling Karl Rove.

Walsh also famously attacked Sandra Fluke for testifying before Congress that health insurance should cover contraceptives for women.
Said Walsh: "Go get a job!"

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