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Halvorson accuses Preckwinkle and Hutchinson of "smear campaign"

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Debbie Halvorson accuses Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle of colluding with Toi Hutchinson in a "smear campaign" trying to falsely link Halvorson to voting against President Obama.

"Toi Hutchinson and Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle have begun a smear campaign by telling voters that while in Congress Debbie Halvorson voted 88 times against Obama backed bills," Halvorson says in a statement.

The same issue came up when Halvorson ran against Jesse Jackson Jr. in last year's primary.
Jackson incorrectly accused Halvorson of voting against Obama-backed bills. A Sun-Times analysis showed that Jackson actually voted against Obama more than Halvorson.

The Preckwinkle email, obtained by the Sun-Times, Preckwinkle asks for donations for Hutchinson, whom she endorsed in the primary race.

Here's text from the email:

"Dear Friends,

We have narrowed the gap! Early polls have shown Debbie Halvorson leading, but Toi Hutchinson is closing the gap. She and her campaign have been gaining momentum and endorsements by the day.

OUR BIGGEST DEADLINE OF THE CAMPAIGN IS MIDNIGHT! We are only $6,498.02 away from meeting our fundraising goal. Every dollar of support goes to electing Toi Hutchinson to office and being a strong advocate for the members of our community.

Will you help us cross that line?

Click here and support us in stopping Debbie Halvorson

Your support today will make us stronger over the final weeks. We are in a tough fight with Debbie Halvorson. She has voted against President Obama 88 times. We cannot allow this to happen; we must elect Toi Hutchinson to stand with President Obama and Democrats in Congress

Your support brings us one step closer to victory on Election Day, February 26th.

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