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Ex-U.S. Rep Joe Walsh: "I'm not going away"

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Former U.S. Rep. Joe Walsh may have lost the election, but he's waging a new fight.

The conservative Tea Party Republican announced this week he's launching a new SuperPAC to battle what's considered the face of the Republican Party -- Karl Rove.

Walsh announced the effort over Twitter, saying: "I'm filing the paperwork to form a SuperPAC to support freedom-loving conservative alternatives" to Rove. Rove is a commentator on FOX News.

Walsh had the help of SuperPAC money in his race against Tammy Duckworth, to no avail. Duckworth beat Walsh soundly in a redrawn 8th Congressional district. The SuperPAC Now or Never poured millions of dollars into anti-Duckworth ads during the race.

Walsh arguably did himself in during the race because of his penchant for forceful declarations. Just before the November election, he told reporters that there was absolutely no case where an abortion was necessary to save the life of a mother.

In a rare move, he backpedaled, holding a news conference the next day.

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