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Beale campaign: We don't buy new Robin Kelly poll in 2nd congressional district

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Ald. Anthony Beale's campaign for 2nd Congressional District is rejecting a poll recently released by former state Rep. Robin Kelly that shows the 9th ward alderman with just 10 percent of the vote.
"There's no way that I believe this poll is accurate," said Beale campaign spokeswoman Delmarie Cobb.
The poll, just released hours ago, puts Kelly in the lead of top candidates in raw numbers and a statistical tie with Debbie Halvorson when the margin of error is taken into account. Previously, the Halvorson had led in every poll.
Cobb's argument is voter turnout will be greatest in the city and Beale is the only city candidate in a field of 16 Democrats. The 2nd congressional district stretches into Will and Kankakee counties.
"Forty percent of the vote comes from the city. Sixty percent of the vote comes from the South Suburbs. You've got, Toi, Robin, Debbie and everybody else running for the 60 percent. Anthony has ... - 98 percent of the 9th ward is in the 2nd congressional district."
Cobb broke it down like this:
- 7th ward: "We have friends in the 7th ward who are helping us."
- 10th ward: "Ald. Pope is staying neutral. We have friends in the 10th ward that are working very hard for us."
"He has the majority of the alderman in the City helping him. He's the only City candidate running. The 9th ward is already used to voting for him."
She accused Kelly as being a one-issue candidate and a "Johnny-come-lately" when it comes to gun violence.
"We have an equivalent of a Sandy Hook every year," in Chicago schools. "So it didn't take Sandy Hook to motivate Anthony ... he's not a Johnny-come lately to this issue and he's not a one-note singer. "

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