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Road Trip to History: Waiting With The Masses

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The Chicago Sun-Times is chronicling the journey to Monday's inauguration with the Frazier Family of Marquette Park, and blogging about it. Catch our first story in the series here.

By Maudlyne Ihejirika

Along the three-mile odyssey from RFK, we saa vendors selling everything Obama, from buttons and t-shirts to I-Phone covers and my favorite, a limited edition Obama dancing bear, grooving to James Brown's "I Feel Good."
We finally arrive at 7th Street, the designated general admission entrance for ordinary people without tickets.
In 2009, matriarch Pamela Frazier, an ordinary middle-class American, didn't worry about not being "connected" when she took nine members of her brood to witness the inauguration of the nation's first black president. And she didn't worry about it this time either, when she brought her four grandkids.
The Fraziers squeeze into a line hundreds deep. The waiting in the cold begins, and this is just to get into the gate onto the National Mall. We begin moving an inch at a time.
Ninety minutes later, the diverse crowd is getting antsy, nervous they won't be anywhere near enough to see Obama sworn in at 11:30. The grandkids are trying to entertain themselves in line, but as the wait drags on - it's now 10:30- bickering has begun. Pamela quashes it, masking her own disappointment in this slow process.
It wasn't like this last time.


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