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Road Trip to History: MLK Memorial

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The Fraziers at the Martin Luther King Memorial, L-R, Semaja (in purple), Asia, Brian, McKinley, and Pamela (in orange).

The Chicago Sun-Times is chronicling the journey to Monday's inauguration with the Frazier Family of Marquette Park, and blogging about it. Catch our first story in the series here.

We're now at Martin Luther King Memorial. OMG! It may as well be the inauguration, it's that many people out here! America's first black president is being inaugurated at the same time America is celebrating the MLK Holiday.
The American people have clearly turned out in D.C. to pay both men.
Somewhere in the crowd, "We Shall Overcome," is being sung.......One gets it.
National Park Services Ranger Kawther Elmi, explained about the inordinate crowds at the MLK Memorial: "It's only a year old, so it is already very well-visited, but the intersection of the inauguration & the holiday creates a lot of energy."
Pamela gets a call from her son Marquis Wright, 32, who flew into D.C. with friends on Friday. He's looking for them at the MLK Memorial. The search is on. Finally, he is spotted in the crowd. A needle in the haystack! Hugs and glee from the Frazier grandkids who clearly adore their youngest uncle! the
Grandkids are wide-eyed and awestruck by its massiveness, and by the lifelike nature of MLK statue. Lots and lots of photos are taken here.
It's dusk now. We reboard the bus, but five folks who had ventured to the Capitol to secure inauguration tickets from their Congressmen, are missing, having encountered massive traffic gridlock and roadblocks. Some 90 minutes later!!! we're finally headed back to Harrisburg.

Pamela's son Marquis, who flew in separately, surprisingly finds Pamela and the grandkids in the immense crowds

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